28 Best World Map Gift Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friend or family member who loves traveling more than anything else? If yes, you are in the right place! Buying a unique gift for a travel lover is not always easy but lucky for you there is one thing you can’t go wrong with: map themed gifts!

In this post, I collected all the best world map gift ideas from wooden maps to map themed passport covers, pieces of jewelry, and various home decor items.

You will be surprised how many cool map themed products are on the market! So go ahead, check out the list below and I’m sure you will find the perfect gift for the map lover in your life!

*Disclosure: This post contains a few affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through my link.*

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Best Home Decor World Map Gift Ideas

1. 3D Wooden Map

Let’s start with the most amazing world map gift you could ever get for someone: a 3D wooden map! Although you can find many different dupes on the market, the original design belongs to Enjoy The Wood, a Ukrainian family brand. If you want a premium quality wooden map, you can’t go wrong with them!

Each map is handmade from birch plywood and it comes in many different sizes and colors. You can choose from natural wooden colors to yellow, blue, aqua, berry, or even bubblegum colors so everyone can find their favorite color combination.

It’s also possible to choose from different packages, you can either order your map blank or you can opt for the basic package that contains the name of the countries and the states of the USA, Canada, and Australia.

It’s not a budget gift but if you’re looking for really amazing gifts for travel lovers that will make their home look super special and cozy, this is the one.

I’ve wanted to have a map like this since forever and we finally decided to buy one over the summer – best purchase ever! We have the natural multicolored version in the XL size and I couldn’t wish for a better home decor item than this. 100% recommended!

2. World Map Globe Desk Decor

If you love Enjoy The Wood but you’re looking for something smaller and more affordable than a 3D world map, why not buy an amazing world map globe instead?

It’s a super unique and very impressive decoration that will look amazing in every office, dorm room, library, or even in a living room or an entrance hall. All globes are handmade and they come in black and blue so you can choose which one matches better your loved one’s style.

You can even insert push pins anywhere on the globe so you can leave a lovely note or you can mark your past/future travels. Such a thoughtful and perfect gift!

3. 3D Wall Silhouette Metal Wall Decor

Metal World Map
Metal World Map by FirstRoom

This metal world map gift will be perfect for anyone who is looking for a minimalistic yet stylish home decor item. The map is made from steel so it’s very sturdy and it’s super easy to put up on the wall.

You can also personalize it by adding your own pictures around the map, it’s just like a family photo album on the wall! The frames and lines are not included in the standard package but you can buy them separately here.

4. Flower of Life World Map Decoration

Flower of Life World Map Decoration
Flower of Life World Map by MetalWorldMap

If you love minimalistic wall decorations but you’re looking for a bit more style, check out this metal wall decoration. It’s also made of steel but it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to hang.

The world map shape is achieved by overlapping circles that look like flowers. Such a unique piece of art!

It comes in 3 different dimensions so no matter the size of your living room or your office, you’ll surely find the perfect arrangement. The package also includes nails so you can hang your map within minutes after receiving it.

5. Pink World Map Canvas

Pink World Map Canvas
Pink World Map Canvas by YumaqDesigns

If you’re looking for a more affordable gift but you would still love to help your loved ones make their home look more stylish, you can surprise them with a world map picture!

There are so many different styles out there, I’m sure you will find something that matches the aesthetic of their home or office. My personal favorite is this pink world map canvas which looks amazing in every bedroom, entrance hall, or even in the office!

6. World Travel Map Shower Curtain

Ocean Map Shower Curtain
Ocean Map Shower Curtain by JamesPrintsBackdrop

Everyone knows that having a shower curtain in a bathroom is a must, but why would you use a simple one when you can have a map themed shower curtain as well?

It comes in 6 different backdrop styles and you can even customize your own! Such a quirky little world map gift idea.

7. World Map Pillow Covers

These world map pillowcases will undoubtedly transform any boring living room into a lively and cozy one! There are many different products on the market, you can basically find any styles from vintage and classic to modern, colorful, and chic.

Please note that most of these products are only covers so you will need to buy some actual pillows for them or if your loved ones already have a bunch of pillows, they can just easily replace the covers whenever they like.

8. Map Themed Wall Clock

Unique Design Metal Wall Clock
Unique Design Metal Wall Clock by DECOVIENO

Map themed wall clocks are one of the best world map gifts you can get for homeowners.

You can find many different pieces on the market but this metal wall clock is by far my favorite! It looks minimalistic yet super stylish and it comes in 2 different dimensions.

9. World Globe Christmas Tree Ornaments

World Map Christmas Tree Ornaments
Globe Ornaments by 43CollectiveHome

If you’re looking for the best map themed gift ideas for Christmas, why not buy a map themed ornament for your loved ones’ Christmas tree?

It’s super unique and I’m sure that not many people have something similar hanging on their Christmas trees!

Best World Map Gifts for Friends

10. Scratch Off World Map

Scratch off world maps are super popular among travelers so if your friend or family member doesn’t already have one, they will love you to the moon and back if you surprise them with a map like this for Christmas, their birthday, or any other special occasion!

It’s just so satisfying to scratch off another country when you return from your trip, right?

This world map gift will be perfect for literally everyone – digital nomads, traveling families, globetrotters, road trip lovers, and even for little kids who can easily learn geography with the help of this map.

There are literally hundreds of different products available on the market, you can choose from many different sizes and colors. I personally have a black-golden version but I also love this watercolor edition as well!

11. Leather World Map Journal

Leather World Map Journal
Custom World Map Travel Journal by KyivLeather

If you have a friend or family member who not only loves traveling but also likes to write down their travel memories, getting them a map themed journal as a gift is an amazing idea. This world map travel journal is made of high-quality leather and it looks absolutely amazing!

It’s available in 3 different sizes and you can choose from 8 different leather colors so you can easily create a unique world map gift. If this weren’t enough already, you can fully customize your travel journal by adding custom engravings such as names or initials and printing custom patterns or images on the pages.

12. Map Themed Passport Cover

Passport holders are super practical because they’re not only protecting your passport but they can also store your credit cards and boarding passes as well, all in one place. There are many different types to choose from and of course, you can find some super cool map themed passport covers as well!

It’s the perfect gift if you’re on a budget but you would still like to surprise your globetrotter friend or family member with something unique and practical. I’m sure they will appreciate it!

13. Map Themed Coffee To Go Cups

Do your friends like their coffee on the go? This bamboo coffee cup will be the perfect gift for them! It’s BPA free and it has a thermal drip-free lid so it’s suitable for hot and cold beverages as well.

Surprising your loved ones with a cup like this will not only make them very happy but you can also help reduce plastic waste. Such an amazing deal, right?

14. World Map Phone Cases

World Map Phone Case
World Map Phone Case Travel Print Cover by PlanetOfCases

Phone cases are one of the best ways to showcase our personality and our interests as our phones are always there with us every day, no matter where we go. So getting a world map themed phone case for your travel lover friend or family member for a special occasion is a fantastic idea! They are available for literally every phone type and they come in various colors and designs.

Stylish World Map Gift Ideas for Women

15. World Map Necklace

World Map Necklace
World Map Necklace by BYLIAJEWELS

If you’re looking for the best world map gift ideas for women, make sure to take a look at this beautiful world map necklace!

The necklace is handmade and it’s made of gold-plated sterling silver but you can also order it in silver if gold is not your color. It looks absolutely beautiful and it will compliment any outfit!

16. World Map Rings

World Map Ring
World Map Ring by Bubblebox

These world map rings will be an amazing gift for your girlfriend, wife, or sister if they’re obsessed with rings!

The rings are handmade with a distorted world map laser cut. You can choose from 6 different materials like brass, white rhodium plated or 925 sterling silver.

Each piece is made to order and the rings come in 2 sizes (S/M and M/L). Both sizes are adjustable and you can wear it as a stand-alone statement piece or you can even stack it with other rings. Such a cute and super unique piece!

17. World Map Bracelets

World Map Bracelet
World Map Bracelets by VagabondLifeShop

Trust me, every girl will love these super cute world map bracelets! The bracelets come in 3 different colors (gold, rose gold, and silver) so it’s easy to find a matching style.

They are made of hypoallergenic, lead-free, and tarnish-resistant stainless steel so they are very durable and also waterproof. As for the gold and rose gold pieces, they have a thick overlay of 18K gold on top of the stainless steel.

If you want to complete the look, you can also order matching world map necklaces from the same shop!

18. Golden World Map Mug

World Map Mug
World Map Mug by NichollsandNicholls

If your girl loves her coffee or tea, you need to surprise her with this beautiful gold and white world map mug! It looks super stylish and it will look absolutely amazing on her desk.

The mug features a geometric hand-drawn world map design on both sides so it looks good from every angle. There is no better way to start a morning than having a cup of coffee from a stylish mug, am I right?

19. Handmade Leather World Map Watch

World Map Watch
Leather World Map Watch by AyoBijou

This unique handmade leather watch is the perfect world map gift for every travel lover who likes to stand out from the crowd. It comes with a really cute personalized gift box so you don’t even need to take care of the packaging!

Every watch is made to order and you can customize the primary color (gold or silver) and choose from a genuine or faux band in more than 10 different colors.

Cool World Map Gift Ideas for Men

20. World Map Glasses

If your travel lover friend, college, or family member enjoys an occasional drink, they will love these world map glasses! You can buy them in a set of two or you can order a decanter globe set with 4 glasses.

Such a perfect gift for your father, brother, or boyfriend/husband. In case you want to win the best present ever award, pair it with their favorite drink, I’m sure they will appreciate it!

21. World Map Coasters

Are you tired of water rings on the table or drips on your kitchen counter? I know we are all! That’s why these world map coasters will make an amazing present for any map lover.

On top of the fact that they look super unique, they are very practical as well – and aren’t these the most important qualities of a gift? Pairing them with some world map glasses and a bottle of drink will make a killer combination!

22. Antique World Map Watch

Antique World Map Watch
Antique World Map Watch by GoodnightMrTree

If you’re looking for a super unique and stylish world map gift for your boyfriend or husband, take a look at this antique world map watch!

The watch is handmade and you can choose from a tan or black colored leather band when ordering. Every piece comes with a free gift box so the only thing left to do is surprise your loved one with this beautiful watch!

23. Quirky World Map Tie

World Map Tie
World Map Tie by WolfishThreads

Enough of the boring black ties, it’s time to spice things up a little bit! You will definitely stand out of the crowd with this vintage world map tie.

Each piece is handmade and it’s made of cotton fabric with a flannel lining which leaves you with a professional high-quality product.

24. Vintage World Map Print Cufflinks

Customizable Travel Themed Cufflinks
Customizable Travel Themed Cufflinks by GloriaMondayShop

Although suits and white shirts look really good on men, they can get quite boring after a while.

If you’re looking for the best world map themed gifts for men, why not get them some super stylish world map cufflinks so they can have a more unique look?

These cufflinks will be a perfect gift for your husband, father, or even grandfather, especially if they are wearing shirts on a daily basis.

25. Map Themed Socks

Funny and unique socks are really popular these days and I’m sure that not many people have world map socks in their closet! If you’re looking for a quirky world map gift, these socks will definitely do the job.

Best World Map Travel Gifts for Families

26. World Map Puzzles

Puzzles are so much fun, and not only for kids! The best thing about giving a world map puzzle as a gift is that you can put the puzzle together with your family right after exchanging gifts. Fun and quality family time, anyone?

These puzzles are especially good for kids who are struggling with geography as they can easily learn more about the world while having fun.

27. Cotton Travel Push Pin Map

Cotton World Map Travel Push Pin Map
Travel Push Pin Map by nestNbranch

If you’re looking for a thoughtful world map gift that the whole family will absolutely love, this travel push pin map was made for you! The map is printed on genuine cotton fabric and it’s mounted on foam board so you reposition your pins anytime.

The package already includes 50 push pins and the hanging hardware as well so you can easily install the map in your home.

28. World Map Wallpaper with Cartoon Animals

World Map Wallpaper
Educational Continent World Map Wall Mural by Wallphy

This world map wallpaper will look amazing in every nursery or kid’s room! It comes in various sizes and you can choose from 3 different base colors: cream, pink, and blue.

Thanks to the peel and stick technology, the map is super easy to install and you can easily reposition or remove it anytime.

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