37 Incredible Gifts for Travel Lovers You Can’t Go Wrong With

Are you looking for gifts for your friends and family who love to travel as much as you do? Or maybe even more! It can be really tricky to find something special and personal that showcases a love of travel, and it can be even trickier to know what to buy to help make traveling a little bit more comfortable and stress-free.

Therefore, I have put together a list of 37 incredible gifts for travel lovers where you’ll find something to suit every taste. The list features carry-on bags, travel gadgets, personalized travel gifts, and many more! Read on to find the best gifts for travel lovers.

*Disclosure: This post contains a few affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through my link.*

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Best Carry-on Bags for Travelers

1. Samsonite Omni 2

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly carry-on bag from a reliable brand, you will love the Samsonite Omni 2!

With sturdy wheels and a charging port for you to keep your electronics charged up on the go, this is a great gift for your travel-loving friend or family member. If this wouldn’t be enough, Samsonite provides a 10-year warranty for the suitcase so you can make sure your loved one can use it for a long time!

It’s available in a range of colors and as a bonus, you can also buy matching checked luggage as well, which is great if you have a bigger budget or you want to gift a complete set.

2. Kensie Alma

Another great carry-on case is the Kensie Alma, which comes in a really beautiful range of colors such as opal, rose gold, or midnight blue. If you’re looking for a unique carry-on to gift your travel lover friend, this is it!

With a hardshell case and 360 spinning wheels this carry-on ticks all the boxes but it’s available for an even cheaper price than most carry-on bags.

3. Lovevook Backpack with USB port

If you are looking for a gift that is also suitable for day-to-day use as well as travel, this Lovevook backpack is a perfect choice. It has a USB port so you can connect your power bank inside and your phone on the other side which is really useful while on the go.

This backpack is really stylish with gold metalwork and it’s available in a range of colors. If you don’t want to use it as a backpack there is also a handy carry handle so it can be slotted onto the top of your suitcase if you do take it traveling. There is an anti-theft pocket inside to keep your valuables safe.

This is a great gift for a digital nomad friend!

4. Asenlin Travel Backpack

This backpack is a really great sturdy backpack and also comes with packing cubes and compartments to keep all your items separated and well organized. It is also waterproof, so if your loved one is traveling somewhere prone to rain this is the best bag you can gift!

The size is compatible with airplane carry-on and can also be used as a standard day bag. It is made of reinforced material so if you can handle the weight, it can handle the contents!

Gift this to your friend who cannot travel light. 

5. Peak Design Everyday Totepack

Combining the neatness of a tote with the convenience of a backpack, the Everyday Totepack from Peak Design is the perfect gift for someone on the go. I personally use this bag as my carry-on when I travel and I absolutely love it!

You can wear this handsome bag as either a conventional backpack or carry it as a tote bag. The padded carry handles are fitted with a magnetic clasp and its roll-top design allows for additional storage.

Available in black or bone, the tote pack is weatherproof and designed to carry either a mirrorless camera body with 4-5 extra lenses or accessories or a DSLR with 2-3 lenses which makes it one of the best camera bags for women. The bag also has its own dedicated sleeve to fit a laptop.

This bag is the perfect gift for someone who travels with their kit a lot but it works as a normal everyday bag as well as a carry-on bag for flying. 

6. Roam Luggage

Do you have a loved one who likes to have something specifically created just for them? Then Roam Luggage is the perfect gift for them!

Roam is the first and only brand that allows you to fully color customize your luggage. You can choose a specific color for the front and back shell, zipper, wheels, carry-on handle, etc. so you can make the luggage of your dreams!

It’s available in 4 different sizes starting from a normal carry-on size that is compatible with most airlines to a huge checked-in suitcase. As a bonus, you can choose the expandable version if you feel like you need more space.

You can also add a monogram for free to the back of the suitcase which is a nice personal touch if you’re planning to gift this to your travel lover friend. However, it’s also totally understandable if you want to keep this to yourself (nobody will judge you!).

Useful Gifts for Travel Comfort

7 & 8. Inflatable Travel Pillow & Airplane Footrest

Have a friend or family member who hates the discomfort of flying? A travel pillow and footrest can solve all their seating problems!

Pillows can take up a lot of space and it’s not always easy to fit them in an already full carry-on bag, that’s where inflatable travel pillows come in handy! These can even fit in your purse and are a game-changer. I never leave for a long flight without having this in my backpack!

Combine with a footrest that clips underneath the seat in front, so you can hang your feet in a little hammock, snuggle into your pillow and snooze through the flight.

Your travel loving friend will surely think of you every time they get comfortable on a flight.

9 & 10. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Looking for gifts for travel lovers who take a lot of long-haul flights? Or even just friends who like to drown out the noise of others?

Headphones are a great gift and can be used to listen to music or watch movies on boring long-haul flights or train journeys. The key is to get noise cancelling headphones so you can completely block out outside noises.

As I mentioned in the article about our travel photography gear, I always have my own headphones in my carry-on whenever I am going on a trip! I know that some people prefer headphones while some prefer earbuds, so I have a recommendation for both.

The Beats Solo Pro is a great option for those who prefer headphones. As a bonus, it comes in 6 different colors so you can easily find the one that matches your travel loving friend’s style. If having noise-cancelling is not a priority, I also love the Beats Solo3, especially in rose gold color (I used to have this before switching to earbuds).

For something more compact and easy to carry around every day even when you’re not traveling, Apple Airpods Pro make amazing gifts for travel lovers. These can be easily kept in pockets and purses which is a top priority when trying to travel light.

11. Travel Blanket

Do you have a friend or family member who is always cold? Or have you noticed that planes are always really cold and want something for your travel loving loved ones to keep them cozy on their next flight?

This travel blanket is a perfect gift and super practical. It can be used as a pillow when folded up into the handy pouch or used as a cozy fleece blanket. It also has a hood so can be worn as a comfortable hoodie. The storage pouch also has a secure zip to keep your valuables close while napping on your journey.

This is the perfect gift for those travel lovers who feel the cold.

12. Passport and vaccine card holder

Unfortunately, nowadays you need a lot of paperwork to be able to travel and since it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon, it’s important to always have your documents ready.

This handy travel documents holder is one of the best budget-friendly gifts for travel lovers! By gifting this, you can make sure your loved ones can keep everything safe in one place.

It comes in a variety of colors and has RFID-blocking technology to keep the passports safe. As a bonus, it also has a pen holder so you are never caught short completing forms at the airport.

Gadgets for Travel

13. Wooden Docking Station for Nightstands

This docking station is a perfect gift for men who travel a lot and always have a cluttered nightstand. With a holder for your phone, watch, keys, and assorted other items, this really is a great space saver.

Not to mention, it looks really cool too! Every time your loved one wakes up and sees this stylish set up they will think of you.

14. Foldable Phone Stand

I think we all know how frustrating it is when you are trying to watch something on your phone on a plane and you can’t get your phone to stand at the right angle! This phone stand is the ideal solution and it folds easily away so it is easy to pack. As a bonus, it also holds tablets!

Your travel loving friend will appreciate this every time they watch a movie on a flight.

15. Zero Waste Travel Set

Do you have an eco-conscious friend or are you the person who wants to encourage others to be more environmentally friendly? Well, this zero waste travel set is the perfect gift!

With bamboo toothbrushes and a toothbrush stand, bamboo straws, and bamboo cotton buds this is a great way to work on your environmental impact. Everything comes in a handy carry case and is all sustainably made.

Zero Waste Travel Set
Zero Waste Gift Set by EnviroBamboo

16. Portable Projector

For those loved ones who like to be a little extra and watch movies on a huge screen this portable projector is a great gift. With its handy compact size, this projector won’t take up much space in your luggage and is also equipped with a built-in speaker.

Gift this to someone who likes to make full use of relaxing in their hotel rooms.

17. Customizable Luggage Tag

Custom Luggage Tag
Custom Luggage Tag by SpecialEventKeys

Perfect as a little stocking filler gift or to go along with your gift of carry-on bags, this customizable luggage tag is different from others as it has a strong cable rather than an easy-to-break strap.

The tag can be customized as your choice and it’s the size of a credit card – big enough to see and not so big to be obnoxious!

18 & 19. Personalised Travel Set and Keychain

Who doesn’t love a new piece of stationery? This personalized notebook looks super cute and it also includes a personalized pen and a keyring.

Just looking for the keyring? You can easily personalize this travel keychain by adding metal disks with all your most treasured destination names. Perfect as a gift you can keep adding to! 

Handy Gifts for Easier Packing

20. Packing Cubes

For your friend who is always cramming as much as possible into their luggage or losing things as they pack and unpack, these packing cubes are a perfect gift.

I seriously don’t know how I have lived without them before, they are super practical and help you organize your stuff easily so you can find what you need within seconds. A true game-changer! They are now a part of my carry-on essentials that I never leave without.

These are great inexpensive gifts for travel lovers and they come in sets of multiples with bags for bottles and waterproof pouches. Your friend will really thank you for these!

21. Travel Organiser for Tech and Cables

Anyone who has travelled with their tech knows how easy it is to tangle and damage wires or lose them in the bottom of a suitcase. This electronic organizer has elastic loops to hold your cables in places and a pouch for smaller items. All sections are expandable so suitable for most kinds of cables.

The organizer bag is made of durable and water-repellent nylon material so it offers amazing protection for all your accessories. It also has a hand strap so you can easily carry it around.

22 & 23. Jewelry Case

I think all girls will agree when I say that it’s so tricky to travel and not ruin your jewelry. Most things you can’t just drop into a little bag and hope for the best so a jewelry case is essential for your sparkle loving travel friend!

They are also a great way to store jewelry while staying in hotels and help to display everything you have.

Vlando has this small jewelry case with 3 compartments for all your favorite jewelry, and for shorter trips, they have this jewelry roll organizer with individual compartments for earrings and rings. They come in beautiful colors and almost look like little purses!

These jewelry cases also make perfect gifts for influencers who are on the road often.

24. Refillable Perfume Atomiser

Traveling without a spritz of your favorite perfume is so frustrating especially when you pass through the airport duty-free and all the complimentary spritz’s!

So this refillable perfume atomizer is the perfect gift for you or a friend! Easy to refill with your favorite scent and small enough to fit through liquids limitations in carry-on luggage.

25. Luggage Scale

Do you have a friend (or are you that friend) who is always overpacking and hitting the weight limits when checking in their luggage?

This compact luggage scale is perfect to take with you to check if those holiday souvenirs are weighing you down!

Travel Themed Gifts

26. Travel Themed Customizable Cufflinks

Customizable Travel Themed Cufflinks
Customizable Travel Themed Cufflinks by GloriaMondayShop

These travel themed cufflinks are the perfect gifts for travel lovers who wear suits or shirts on a daily basis. With a little map design and available in a choice of metals, you can also have them personalized!

You can select where the map locations are and have different ones for each cufflink.

Maybe your loved one has different places they call home, so these cufflinks are a thoughtful way to keep those places close to them.

27. Wandering the World Necklace

Wandering the World Necklace
Wandering the World Necklace by kikiyoscarves

This beautiful necklace is engraved as the world map and is the perfect gift for your favorite person.

Available in gold, silver, rose gold, and stainless steel, you can select the metal you love the most. Displayed on a cute card with a lovely message, this necklace is the perfect gift for your travel loving friend who loves jewelry.

28 & 29. Themed Treats Gift Boxes

For those friends who love the UK, these treat boxes are perfect to satisfy their travel needs without getting on a plane.

This London gift box contains English tea, delicious chocolates, and London-themed gifts. Or maybe your loved one prefers Scotland, if so this Scottish treats box contains Scottish sweets and biscuits, locally made soaps, and Scottish-themed gifts.

30. Engraved Notebook

Personalized Engraved Notebook
Personalized Engraved Notebook by decorBySoma

Looking for something travel themed but not finding quite the right message? This customizable wooden notebook is the perfect gift!

You can engrave it with a travel themed message or a map design, anything you want! Gift this to your travel lover friend to take with them on their travels and record every special moment in the pages of the notebook.

Map Themed Gifts for Travel Lovers

31. 3D Wooden Map

This 3D wooden world map is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for travel lovers you can ever get! It’s not a budget gift but if you’re looking for a really unique present for your loved ones that will make their home look super special and cozy, this is the one.

Each map is handmade from birch plywood and it comes in many different sizes and colors. You can choose from natural wooden colors to yellow, blue, aqua, berry, or even bubblegum colors so everyone can find their favorite color combination.

It’s also possible to choose from different packages, you can either order your map blank or you can opt for the basic package that contains the name of the countries and the states of the USA, Canada, and Australia.

We have the natural multicolored version in the XL size and I couldn’t wish for a better home decor item than this. Every guest we ever had loved it!

32. World Map Pillow Covers

Have a friend or family member who loves throw pillows? These world map pillowcases are perfect to transform their living room and show their love of travel.

There are many varieties available, from vintage and classic, to modern, colorful and chic. These are easy to gift wrap as they are just the cover so no bulky gift wrapping. Ideal if you have to post the gift to your loved one!

33. Globe Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments

World Map Christmas Tree Ornaments
Globe Ornaments by 43CollectiveHome

Great as a little stocking filler, these globe themed tree ornaments are a fantastic gift for travel lovers.

It’s super unique and I’m sure that not many people have something similar hanging on their Christmas tree!

34. World Map Themed Phone Case

Do you know someone who is always dropping their phone? A stylish phone case to showcase their love of travel is a great gift for those clumsy friends and family members. They are available for almost every type of phone and come in various colors and designs.

World Map Phone Case
World Map Phone Case Travel Print Cover by PlanetOfCases

35. World Map Rose

World Map Rose
World Map Rose by AlanaPhoenixandCo

Do you love to give the gift of flowers but would like something longer-lasting and travel-themed without having to get exotic flowers imported?

This rose flower is made from the pages of recycled maps and is really special! Sat on a curved base so it can stand freely, this world map rose is a beautiful and original gift idea. 

36. World Map Bunting

World Map Bunting
World Map Bunting by MasieandLou

Another beautiful and original gift idea that is perfect for travel themed home decor is this world map bunting.

It stretches 2 meters long and each piece is individually crafted so every design is totally unique. Available in light blue, beige, and grey, it suits a variety of room styles. Your travel loving friend will love this addition to their home!

It’s also super easy to transport so if you know someone about to take a long trip this could be a lovely gift for them to personalize their space as they travel!

37. Vintage Map Gift Bags

So now you’ve bought all these gifts, what are you going to wrap them in?! These gift bags are made from vintage maps and are the perfect way to gift wrap the wonderful travel-themed gifts for travel lover friends and family members!

If you’re interested in buying more gifts with world map designs, check out my post about the best world map gift ideas!

Vintage Map Heart Handled Gift Bags
Vintage Map Heart Handled Gift Bags by ThePathLessTraveled

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