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Welcome to She Wanders Abroad!

Hi, we’re Kriszti and Andras, a couple from Budapest who turned our wanderlust into both a way of life and a full-time career. With a decade of adventures across nearly 50 countries (and still counting!), we’re excited to share every step of our journey with you.

At She Wanders Abroad, our mission is to do more than just share our travel stories; we’re here to give you the insights and inspiration necessary for your own travels.

From essential travel tips to detailed destination guides and everything in between, our goal is to help you make the most of every trip.

Thank you for being here and joining us on this incredible adventure. We’re grateful for the opportunity to share our world with you and hope to inspire your next great journey!

How It All Started

We both grew up in Miskolc, a city located in the northeastern part of Hungary, and first met in 2013 when we began working at the same company. I was working in finance and accounting while Andras was a manager of an engineering team.

While I hadn’t traveled much before, Andras already had many experiences abroad, like visiting relatives in Canada when he was four, working in London for 8 months, or studying two summers in Stockholm.

Our first trip together was to London in November 2014. That journey was just the start; we found ourselves traveling more and more, fitting trips around our full-time jobs.

Our record year was 2018 when we managed to explore 15 countries and spend more than 90 days abroad, all while still having our full-time jobs.

It was during this time that we realized we wanted to pursue travel as more than just a hobby, so we started sharing our adventures through Instagram first, and a year later, we created our blog.

Taking the Leap 

The end of 2019 was a very important turning point for us. After much thought and careful planning, we decided to take the leap and try full-time traveling – but only for six months.

Andras managed to get a sabbatical but I wasn’t as fortunate. However, the desire to follow our dreams was stronger than any hesitation, making me quit my job to be able to travel.

We started our journey in November 2019, and needless to say, the next few months were absolutely life-changing. We traveled through 10 countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines, and had countless unforgettable experiences.

Unfortunately, our trip was cut short by the pandemic just after four months, and we had to return home unexpectedly.

Although the world was upside down, we decided to take another leap of faith and started to work on our blog even harder. I became a full-time travel blogger while Andras continued his work remotely.

Luckily our decision paid off, and Andras was also able to leave his job in the summer of 2021, allowing us to go on another life-changing trip – this time it was 3 months in Mexico and the US.

Now we are based in Budapest, but we are still spending roughly half of the year traveling and working remotely, continuously sharing our experiences and the beauty of the world through She Wanders Abroad.

What Sets Us Apart

At She Wanders Abroad, we take pride in offering more than just travel stories; our blog serves as a comprehensive guide filled with practical tips and advice to make your travels smoother and more enjoyable.

Our commitment to detail ensures that you as a reader will have all the necessary information to plan and execute your dream trips.

We have visited nearly 50 countries together, experiencing a diverse range of cultures, landscapes, and cuisines. This has given us a unique perspective on traveling and provided us with valuable insights to share with you.

We also believe that authenticity is key, and we strive to provide honest reviews and recommendations based on our personal experiences.

It’s really important to us to be a reliable source of information, and we take this responsibility seriously by only writing about destinations we’ve personally visited.

Photography is another passion of ours, and we are proud to share our stunning visuals from around the world with you. We believe that images can inspire and transport you to a destination, making them an integral part of our blog.

Join Us On This Journey

We invite you to follow along as we continue to explore the world, sharing both our favorite destinations and those yet to be discovered. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting out, we hope our stories inspire you to dream bigger and travel further.

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