19 Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy with Sea Views

Located by the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is truly paradise on Earth, so it’s easy to see why it’s a top-visited destination in southwestern Italy. For the absolute best time in this location, you’ll want to stay at one of the hotels in Sorrento Italy with sea views!

There are so many incredible things to do and see in Sorrento, like breathtaking squares, historic churches, museums, and even viewpoints. The best part? These landmarks are right next to the sea, an incredibly bright blue color. 

Why not be able to see the sea from your accommodation too? It’ll make your trip that much more memorable! 

Keep reading to learn all about the best hotels in Sorrento Italy with sea views.

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Quick Lockdown of the Best Hotels in Sorrento Italy with Sea Views


Hotel Belair

Situated on top of a cliff looking out to the water, it’s easy to see why Hotel Belair is the best. Rooms are air-conditioned and have all the essentials and then some. Guests have access to continental breakfast, a restaurant with views of the bay, and a swimming pool.

Below, find a few more great options depending on your preferences.

Best 5-Star Hotels in Sorrento with Sea Views

1. Bellevue Syrene

Bellevue Syrene
Photo credit: Bellevue Syrene

First on this list of hotels in Sorrento with sea views is Bellevue Syrene, with bright white organic rooms and pops of blue. It almost looks reminiscent of those traditional hotels you’d expect to find in Mykonos or Santorini!

Bellevue Syrene has panoramic views of the sea, which can be viewed from most rooms. Situated inside an old 18th-century villa, this place truly feels like paradise.

Guests can enjoy air conditioning, a restaurant, buffet breakfast, a private beach area, a swimming pool, and a gym by staying at the hotel. What’s not to love? It’s mainly a popular place to stay among lovebirds visiting Sorrento.

2. Grand Hotel Ambasciatori

Grand Hotel Ambasciatori
Photo credit: Grand Hotel Ambasciatori

Another of the great hotels in Sorrento Italy with sea views is Grand Hotel Ambasciatori. This has a paradise vibe to it, and all rooms feature bright blue pops of color and funky patterns that help add to the overall atmosphere.

It’s located in a beautiful area near the Tyrrhenian Sea on a cliff, so the views are incredible, and most rooms overlook the water. The rooms feature antique furniture, a balcony, and comfortable beds.

On-site is an incredible place to eat called Restaurant Le Muse, as well as three different bars, a private beach area, a gym, and a swimming pool.

3. Hotel Belair

Hotel Belair
Photo credit: Hotel Belair

Regarding the best hotels in Sorrento Italy with a view, Hotel Belair is our top pick for quite a few reasons. This hotel is truly luxurious, with clean, Italian-style decor and tons of natural lighting from its windows.

It’s situated on top of a cliff and is a short walk from the beach. Rooms are air-conditioned and come with a private bathroom, elegant furniture, and a minibar. Everyone who stays at the hotel gets access to a swimming pool, continental breakfast, bar, and a restaurant with views of the water.

Nearby, within 0.8 km (0.5 miles), are quite a few beaches, including Spiaggia Sorento, Salvatore Beach, and Leonelli’s Beach.

4. Hotel Lorelei Londres

Hotel Lorelei Londres
Photo credit: Hotel Lorelei Londres

For a stay at one of the best Sorrento hotels with sea views, look no further than Hotel Lorelei Londres. This hotel has a very classic yet clean atmosphere to it, with teal blue and gold accents to add some color.

It’s located right by Peter’s Beach and boasts tons of fantastic facilities for guests to enjoy, including free wifi, Italian breakfast, a private beach area, a restaurant, and even a garden.

Plus, the rooms have everything from a coffee machine to air conditioning. Book a night at Hotel Lorelei Londres for a peaceful yet romantic stay in Sorrento.

5. Parco dei Principi

Parco dei Principi
Photo credit: Parco dei Principi

Located right on the water’s edge, Parco dei Principi is one of the incredible hotels in Sorrento with best views. It has a very trendy yet stylish feeling to it, with rooms themed with white and blue colors and funky patterns.

Because of its closeness to the beach, many of the rooms have great views of the water. It’s located right on a cliff and was designed by an architect named Gio Ponti in Italy!

In addition to the beautiful rooms, guests get to enjoy a swimming pool, seasonal beach lift, continental breakfast, room service, and a gym.

6. Grand Hotel Royal

Grand Hotel Royal
Photo credit: Grand Hotel Royal

The Grand Hotel Royal is easily one of the best Sorrento hotels with sea views! This hotel has bright rooms with neutral colors and big windows that look out to the water.

They come with everything you could need, like comfortable beds, marble bathrooms, and even a balcony in some of the rooms.

On-site, guests get to enjoy an incredible restaurant with views of the water. There’s also a gym, private beach area, continental breakfast, swimming pool, and a spa.

The location is ideal because it’s 0.3 km (0.2 miles) from the train station, where guests can travel throughout the area.

7. Maison La Minervetta

Maison La Minervetta
Photo credit: Maison La Minervetta

Maison La Minervetta has a classic style that makes for a truly memorable hotel experience in Sorrento. They have a mix of rooms, some of which are neutral and others with a sailor-esque design with red, orange, and blue stripes throughout!

Most rooms offer floor-to-ceiling windows, and the corner rooms are covered in windows that look out to the water. Plus, the Junior Suite even features a few different balconies that offer breathtaking views.

Guests at the hotel enjoy access to a bar, a swimming pool, and a private beach. This is a stunning and unique hotel to stay at!

8. Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria
Photo credit: Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is one of the hotels in Sorrento Italy with sea views built for royalty. The rooms are incredibly lavish, with ornate gold detailing and over-the-top furniture.

The hotel is exquisite from the second you walk in. The hotel has much to enjoy, including a few restaurants, live music, continental breakfast, a swimming pool, a spa, and more.

Regarding the rooms, guests have access to free wifi, air conditioning, and even a balcony in some rooms that boast views of the water. This is an incredible hotel to book for a girl’s trip to Italy!

9. Grand Hotel La Favorita

Grand Hotel La Favorita
Photo credit: Grand Hotel La Favorita

With an old-style luxury vibe, Grand Hotel La Favorita is an incredible place to stay in Sorrento near the beach. Most rooms boast a scenic view of the nearby water or even Mount Vesuvius in the distance.

Each room has warm wood furniture, cool blue accents, and even a bathroom with comfy slippers. Those staying at the hotel wake up refreshed with a tasty Italian breakfast. Other great amenities at the hotel include a restaurant, gym, and swimming pool.

Near this 5-star property are quite a few incredible beaches. Within 0.5 km (0.3 miles), guests can also head to Piazza Sant’Antoniino and Sorrento Lingue, where they can brush up on their Italian skills.

Best 4-Star Hotels in Sorrento with a View

10. Grand Hotel Riviera

Grand Hotel Riviera
Photo credit: Grand Hotel Riviera

The Grand Hotel Riviera is a great place to stay, with stylish rooms boasting bright, bold colors. This 4-star property is situated on a cliff, so the sea views are impeccable. Plus, guests who don’t have a view from their room can enjoy the view from the pool!

What makes the hotel so great is that it has tons of incredible facilities. In fact, guests can even enjoy a restaurant serving incredible food and a buffet breakfast in the morning. There’s also a private beach area, bar, and free wifi.

Guests who want to get out and enjoy more of the area will be happy to know that there are also local bus stops right near the hotel, which they can take to enjoy more great spots in Sorrento.

11. Hotel La Tonnarella

Hotel La Tonnarella
Photo credit: Hotel La Tonnarella

For a more traditional style hotel that feels charming, consider staying at Hotel La Tonnarella, one of the hotels in Sorrento Italy with sea views. The rooms are rather large and are situated in a peaceful area, so it’s relatively tranquil compared to other spots.

The hotel is historic because it’s located inside an old summer residence for a local family. It has a private beach, terrace dining, and a great breakfast. The rooms have antique furniture but are still super comfortable. Be sure to look out for the beautiful old-style mosaic tiles!

Getting to the beach at this hotel is super easy with a private beach area. Guests can get to it with lift access.

12. Grand Hotel President

Grand Hotel President
Photo credit: Grand Hotel President

Another of the hotels in Sorrento with sea views is the Grand Hotel President. This hotel is super comfortable and looks like a resort from the outside. This is the perfect place to stay if you want an all-in-one getaway.

The rooms are comfortable with necessities like a balcony and air conditioning. The hotel also features an Italian restaurant, pool with a bar, spa with Turkish baths and massages, and even breakfast in the mornings.

Within 1 km (0.6 miles), there are five different beaches. So, there’s tons to do in the area for a true vacation.

13. Hotel Continental

Hotel Continental
Photo credit: Hotel Continental

The Hotel Continental is truly one of the best hotels in Sorrento Italy with a view featuring scenic panoramic looks that genuinely can’t be beaten. It’s located right on the sea’s edge and has top-notch facilities, including a swimming pool, spa, and a bar.

The rooms are modern with wooden furniture and lots of natural lighting from the large windows. Some rooms even have a balcony too, where guests can enjoy the view themselves.

Right at the hotel, there’s an incredible Italian restaurant called Restaurant La Terrazza. It’s super easy to get to the beach from this hotel as a private lift is available for guests.

14. Hotel Bristol

Hotel Bristol, Sorrento
Photo credit: Hotel Bristol

The Hotel Bristol is one of the hotels in Sorrento with best views that you won’t want to miss out on. It’s set on a cliff with panoramic views that look out to the water, and many rooms have that same sea view from the window.

The rooms are super stylish with patterned flooring, colored bathrooms, and lots of white space, which makes it feel peaceful. They have air conditioning and other amenities, but some even have a private jacuzzi!

Hotel Bristol boasts a swimming pool, bar, gym, and continental breakfast. In the warmer months, guests can even enjoy their meal on the rooftop while looking out at the view.

15. Hotel Regina

Hotel Regina
Photo credit: Hotel Regina

When it comes to hotels in Sorrento Italy with sea views, the Hotel Regina is a great option. This hotel has a more historic feel to it because it’s in the historic area of Sorrento.

The rooms are comfortable and feature free air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, a minibar, and a view of some type.

This property features a unique fitness area that’s outdoors, which is unlike other hotels in the area. It also has a buffet breakfast, a swimming pool, a bar, and a continental breakfast.

There are also some great restaurants in the area in case guests get hungry. The beach is basically right out the front door of this hotel, so it’s truly in an ideal location.

16. Imperial Hotel Tramontano

Imperial Hotel Tramontano
Photo credit: Imperial Hotel Tramontano

The Imperial Hotel Tramontano is one of the hotels in Sorrento Italy with sea views that has a traditional southern Italian feel to them! Even the bathrooms feature beautiful ceramic tiling that will remind you of where you are.

The rooms here are lavish with beautiful colored themes, a minibar, and of course, even a view of the water, depending on the type booked. On-site, an incredible Neapolitan restaurant offers unbeatable views of the sea.

Other unique parts of this hotel include a lift that goes down to one of the beaches and even an old historic chapel from the 16th century.

17. Hilton Sorrento Palace

Hilton Sorrento Palace
Photo credit: Hilton Sorrento Palace

The Hilton Sorrento Palace may just be the most modern hotel in Sorrento! It has a very sleek feel to it, with airy rooms that feature patterns and blue accents, which makes them feel lively. Rooms also feature a private bathroom and a minibar, among other amenities.

There are two different swimming pools, a bar, a fitness center, and a tennis court right at the Hilton Sorrento Palace, one of the hotels in Sorrento Italy with sea views. There’s also continental breakfast provided in the mornings. 

For an unforgettable time, be sure to book one room with exclusive lounge access. This will grant access to a rooftop area!

18. Villa La Terrazza Suites

Villa La Terrazza Suites
Photo credit: Villa La Terrazza Suites

One of the vibrant hotels in Sorrento Italy with sea views is Villa La Terrazza Suites! This accommodation will make you feel like you’re living in a movie. Some of the rooms even have beds with beautiful arches above that feature accents like vines.

Each of the accommodations at this property feels relatively spacious and has big windows overlooking the area. They have marble floors and air conditioning so you can stay calm if you visit in the summer.

Even though it’s in a historic building, there are still excellent facilities at this accommodation, including a swimming pool and a bar. It’s a beachfront property too, so there’s easy beach access for all guests who stay here.

19. Villa Silvana Relais

Villa Silvana Relais
Photo credit: Villa Silvana Relais

Last but certainly not least of hotels in Sorrento Italy with sea views is Villa Silvana Relais! This accommodation truly feels like a villa, as the name suggests. It’s beautiful from the outside and is a bed and breakfast, so it feels very charming.

The rooms are comfortable and bright with modern furniture and amenities. They’re mostly black and white with some patterns to add depth. Overall, the rooms help you truly feel like you’re in paradise. 

This villa feels exclusive and offers fantastic amenities like free wifi, continental breakfast, and a garden with a terrace. It’s a perfect place to stay for those wanting a more one-of-a-kind experience.

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