158 Best Arizona Quotes & Captions for Instagram

Known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage, Arizona is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States.

From the Grand Canyon to Sedona’s red rock formations and the Saguaro National Park, Arizona offers a wealth of opportunities for capturing Instagram-worthy moments. But sometimes, finding the right words to accompany those pictures can be a challenge. That’s where we come in!

In this post, we have compiled a list of the best Arizona quotes and Arizona captions for Instagram. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these quotes and captions will help you showcase the beauty and uniqueness of Arizona in your social media posts.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Best Arizona Captions

1. “I left my heart in Arizona.”

2. “Arizona, you are breathtaking.”

3. “Desert days and Arizona nights.”

4. “Arizona is calling and I must go.”

5. “Damn it, Arizona, you’re too pretty!”

6. “The sun never stops shining in Arizona.”

7. “Today’s good mood is sponsored by Arizona.”

8. “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of Arizona.”

9. “There’s Arizona…and then there’s everything else.”

10. “Happiness is not a state of mind, but a trip to Arizona.”

11. “Welcome to Arizona, where the heat is sick of the heat.”

12. “Somewhere between living and dreaming, there is Arizona.”

Best Arizona Quotes

13. “Arizona, our beautiful state, was built on mining.”- Jan Brewer

14. “There’s something wonderfully healing in Arizona air.”- Zane Grey

15. “Arizona is gorgeous. The sunshine in Arizona is a gorgeous red.”- Cecilia Bartoli

16. “The people of Arizona, they’ve been very warm and welcoming.”- Tyrann Mathieu

17. “In the empire of the desert, water is the king and shadow is the queen.”- Mehmet Murat İldan

18. “The morning was, like nearly all Arizona mornings, clear and beautiful.”- Edgar Rice Burroughs

19. “Arizona is now recognized as a premier place in which to locate, expand, and grow a business.”- Jan Brewer

20. “My idea of heaven is being in Arizona, stuck up a mountain – somewhere where there are no phones.”- Gavin Esler

21. “Arizona is a magnificent state. With something for everyone. I realize that no poem, song, picture, or words could ever do justice to Arizona.” – Rick Harris

22. “Arizona is a state generously endowed with spectacular scenic beauty, gorgeous sunsets, lavishly colored landscapes, and impressive cloud formations.”- Raymond Carlson

23. “Well, the trip from then on across Arizona and east of Los Angeles was just one Oasis after another. You can just throw anything out and it will grow there. I like Arizona.” – Will Rogers

24. “Arizona is young and daring. She is not tied to precedent, to the convention, to other states’ ways of doing things. She is bent on making her own ways, and in her own way. Her mistakes will be her own, and her triumphs likewise.” – George Wharton James

Short Arizona Captions

25. “Arizona vibes.”

26. “Living the Arizona life.”

27. “If lost, return to Arizona.”

28. “Nice to meet you, Arizona.”

29. “Keep calm and love Arizona.”

30. “Once upon a time in Arizona.”

31. “There’s no place like Arizona.”

32. “I love you to Arizona and back.”

33. “Arizona? Yes, but It’s a Dry Heat.”

34. “Arizona: A rich man’s New Mexico.”

35. “Dear Arizona, I’ll never get over you.”

36. “Arizona, we’re always on the same page.”

Short Quotes About Arizona

37. “The summer in Arizona is too hot.”- Ben Howland

38. “Arizona is a red state, and we’re going to keep it red.”- Jan Brewer

39. “In Arizona, there are mountains behind my house.”- Brian Urlacher

40. “I’m very optimistic about my home state of Arizona.”- John Mccain

41. “Arizona is really cool but I couldn’t stay there for too long.”- Dar Williams

42. “Arizona… a land where a good spring is far better than a gold mine.”- E.E.A

43. “The Arizona desert takes hold of a man’s mind and shakes it.”- David W. Toll

44. “The only way to get around Arizona is by small private plane.”- Cindy McCain

45. “I often say that Arizonans should decide what’s best for Arizona.”- Jane D. Hull

46. “In Arizona, you can hike among cactus as tall as office buildings.”- Mike Coopsen

47. “Arizona is known for five ‘Cs’-copper, citrus, cotton, cattle, and climate.”- Kathleen Derzipilski

48. “Arizona has a very, very special place in my heart. I love the people of Arizona.”- Donald Trump

Best Arizona One Liners

49. “Made in Arizona.”

50. “Arizona dreaming.”

51. “Arizona, I’m yours!”

52. “You had me at Arizona.”

53. “Arizona hair, don’t care.”

54. “My soul lives in Arizona.”

55. “Take me back to Arizona.”

56. “Meanwhile, in Arizona…”

57. “Sand, sun and Arizona fun.”

58. “In an Arizona state of mind.”

59. “Arizona – The show me your papers state.”

60. “Arizona: The Grand Canyon State welcomes you.”

Hilarious Arizona Puns

61. “Stop Mesa‘n around!”

62. “Arizona, Yuma favorite state.”

63. “Arizona? More like Arid-zonea.”

64. “Arizona: serving you just deserts.”

65. “I’m in Arizona. Canyon believe it?”

66. “I can’t wait to meteor you, Arizona.”

67. “Arizona, we’re always on the same Page.”

68. “Is it Tucson to make a joke about Arizona?”

69. “In Arizona, you’ll find everything from A to Z.

Funny Arizona Quotes

70. “Arizona changes its state motto to Damn, it’s hot.”- Greg Proops

71. “You know you’re an Arizona native when you take rain dances seriously.”- Skip Boyer

72. “You know you’re an Arizona native when a rainy day puts you in a good mood.”- Marshall Trimble  

73. “You know you’re an Arizona native when you hug a cactus only once in your lifetime.”- Nancy Dedera

74. “I ain’t movin’ to Arizona! Dammit, there is nothin’ there but gravel and scorpions.”- Mary Doria Russell

75. “Almost everyone in the world knows something about Arizona, and some of it is even true.”- Jim Turner

76. “The great Arizona desert is full of the bleaching bones of people who waited for me to start something.”- Robert Benchley

77. “In Arizona, shade trees are your best friends and occasionally the basis of small civil wars over parking.”- Terri Guillemet

78. “I hate Arizona. It always eight hundred degrees outside and everybody’s always saying, ‘But it’s a dry heat!’ So’s the inside of my microwave.”- John Rivers

79. “You’re not going to believe this, but, there are things you can collect in Arizona that are neither illegal, poisonous, or taxable. Fossils are one such item. Please don’t tell the legislature.”- Rick Harris

Humorous Arizona Captions

80. “I’m in Arizona. No, I haven’t melted yet.”

81. “Welcome to Arizona, where summer spends the winter.”

82. “Arizona – Where temperatures are higher than test scores.”

83. “Arizona is so hot that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk!”

84. “In Arizona, we have two types of weather – hot and a little less hot.”

85. “Any boredom you might have will evaporate in the heat in Arizona.”

86. “In Arizona, we have two types of weather – hot and a little less hot.

87. “You know you’re from Arizona when you feed your chickens ice cubes to keep them from laying hard-boiled eggs.”

88. “You know you’re from Arizona when you drive two miles around a parking lot looking for a shady place – even in the dead of winter.”

Meaningful Arizona Quotes for Instagram

89. “Nowhere on this planet is the desert as fascinating as it is in Arizona.”- Joseph Stacey

90. “It was a scary moment. I’d gotten used to living in Arizona; it was home.”- Daniel Anaya

91. “Somebody said I am the most popular person in Arizona because I am speaking the truth.”- Donald Trump

92. “Things in Arizona don’t just die; they bake and fry in the heat until there is nothing left.”- Jeffry R. Halverson

93. “Arizona – I’ve only spent a few days there, but it’s inspired me the most. It’s so peaceful.”- Benjamin Clementine

94. “By working together, we can make Arizona a place where everyone has an opportunity for a better life.”- Doug Ducey

95. “Although Arizona is still a young state, its varied cultural traditions have created a rich and colorful history.”- Peter Massey

96. “Arizona may be the only state in America where mothers don’t tell their children that someday they can grow up and be president.”- John McCain

97. “She was actually learning to love Arizona. The beauty and color and solitude, the vastness of it had called to something deep in her. First, she had complained of the dust, the wind, the emptiness, the absence of people. But she had forgotten these.”- Zane Grey

98. “The Arizona desert to us is starkly beautiful at all times, but when touched by the magic of spring it becomes a land of enchantment. The weirdly beautiful cacti that dominate the landscape strangely resembles the vegetation of a past era, millions of years ago.”- Raymond Carlson

99. “And the sunshine, too, of Arizona is equal to the atmosphere. It is direct, positive, unadulterated. The clarity of the air allows it to reach the man and the earth just as it was divinely intended it should, and the result is it brings healing, strength, and power on its wings.- George Wharton James 

100. “Among all the geographic areas of the United States, the Southwest in general and Arizona, in particular, is blessed with a panoramic beauty that almost defies description. Only a limited number of poets, painters, and photographers have been able to do justice to her splendor.”- Marshall Trimble

Inspirational Arizona Instagram Captions

101. “Arizona is my therapy.”

102. “Arizona is my happy place.”

103. “Sunsets are just better in Arizona.”

104. “If you need me, I’ll be in Arizona.”

105. “Any day is a good day in Arizona.”

106. “Arizona: peace, love, and desert dust.”

107. “All the great pleasures of life are in Arizona.”

108. “Thank you Arizona for making me feel so alive.”

109. “I’m not the same since seeing the sunset in Arizona.”

110. “Arizona…. I’m already looking forward to next time.”

111. “My favorite part of winter is watching it from Arizona.”

112. “Follow your heart, even if it takes you all the way to Arizona.”

113. “Arizona – Land of extremes. Land of contrasts. Land of surprises. Land of contradictions.”

Stunning Arizona Sayings

114. “Arizona road trip.”

115. “Meet me in Arizona.”

116. “Postcard from Arizona.”

117. “Let’s get lost in Arizona.”

118. “Arizona is the place to be.”

119. “Just another day in Arizona.”

120. “Arizona is always on my mind.”

121. “Gone to Arizona, be back never.”

122. “It’s always sunnier over Arizona.”

123. “Greetings from the Grand Canyon State.”

124. “Arizona, also known as the Sunset State.”

125. “If you are looking for sunshine…go to Arizona.”

Motivational Phoenix Arizona Quotes

126. “The culinary scene in Phoenix is incredible.”- Clive Cussler

127. “You know you live in Phoenix when the cold-water faucet is hotter than the hot-water faucet.”- Unknown

128. “You know you live in Phoenix when the four seasons are: tolerable, hot, really hot, and are you freakin’ kidding me?”- Unknown

129. “I never tire of the drive from Phoenix to San Diego, and it is mostly desert, obviously, but you get different varieties of desert terrain.”- Rob Halford

130. “Phoenix heat survival tip: drink plenty of water and repeat to yourself: the cost of living is low and the winters are spectacular”- Unknown

131. “New York is the Mecca of style in America, but don’t knock Phoenix – it’s not as big, but there are lots of people with style there.”- Amar’ e Stoudemire

132. “I think Phoenix is a place where people see the potential. They see the young core that we have. They see the fan base, the wonderful city.”- Devin Booker

133. “Phoenix weather alert: There will be a light, gentle breeze accompanied by perfect temperatures and scattered sunshine. Please dress appropriately for these harsh weather conditions.”- Unknown

134. “Phoenix is an interesting example. Drive around and see the golf courses everywhere, and you see people’s big green lawns. And you live in a desert! I’ve always remarked about the capacity of human beings to look at somewhere and move there because of its uniqueness and its beauty and then change it.”- Philippe Cousteau, jr.

Astonishing Arizona Captions for Instagram 

135. “On a date with Arizona.”

136. “Life is better in Arizona.”

137. “But first, let’s go to Arizona.”

138. “The beauty of Arizona is unmatched.”

139. “Taking in the stunning views of Arizona.”

140. “Arizona, a state full of culture and history.”

141. “Feeling grateful for the beauty of Arizona.”

142. “Chasing my dreams all the way to Arizona.”

143. “Arizona, a state with endless possibilities for exploration.”

144. “Finding adventure and inspiration in the landscapes of Arizona.”

Amazing Grand Canyon Instagram Captions

145. “I believe in science and evolution. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon.”- Bill Walton

146. “With what you don’t know about me, I could just about fill the Grand Canyon.”- Kevin Smith

147. “There’s not a single person in Arizona today who would say the Grand Canyon was a mistake.”- Stewart Udall

148. “Politicians wanted to mine the Grand Canyon for zinc and copper, and Theodore Roosevelt said, ‘No.”- Douglas Brinkley

149. “The Colorado River did not form the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was formed as the flood went down.”- Kevin Hovid

150. “The wonders of the Grand Canyon cannot be adequately represented in symbols of speech, nor by speech itself.”- John Wesley Powell

151. “There will never be a photograph of the Grand Canyon that can adequately describe its depth, breadth, and true beauty.”- Stefanie Payne

152. “The elements that unite to make the Grand Canyon the most sublime spectacle in nature are multifarious and exceedingly diverse.”- John Wesley Powell

153. “In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world.”- Theodore Roosevelt

154. “The Grand Canyon is living evidence of the power of water over a period of time. The power may not manifest immediately. Water can be very powerful, like a tidal wave.”- Frederick Lenz

155. “The astonishing sense of connection with that river and canyon caught me completely unaware, and in a breath I understood the intense, protective loyalty so many people feel for the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.”- Ann Zwinger

156. “I can still remember my first experience of standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and looking into it. It was so awesome, it took a fair amount of restraint to prevent me from jumping into it, because I was certain I could fly.”- Mark Goulston

157. “Well, once you’ve been in the Canyon and once you’ve sort of fallen in love with it, it never ends…it’s always been a fascinating place to me, in fact I’ve often said that if I ever had a mistress it would be the Grand Canyon.”- Barry Goldwater

158. “The glories and the beauties of form, color, and sound unite in the Grand Canyon – forms unrivaled even by the mountains, colors that vie with sunsets, and sounds that span the diapason from tempest to tinkling raindrop, from cataract to bubbling fountain.”- John Wesley Powell

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Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading these inspirational Arizona quotes and that you had a great laugh at all the Arizona puns and funny quotes about Arizona.

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