22 Amazing Cinque Terre Hotels with Sea Views

Filled with history, colorful architecture, and incredible food, it’s easy to see why Cinque Terre is one of the most visited places along Italy’s coast. One of the best ways to enjoy this incredible location is to book one of the Cinque Terre hotels with sea views!

With so many different hotels through Cinque Terre that claim to have the best water view, it can truly be challenging to choose the perfect one to stay at. There are five different villages and selecting the ideal location can take a lot of research time.

Luckily, this post of the best hotels in Cinque Terre with a view was put together to help an eager traveler like you. No matter your budget or the type of traveler you are, you will definitely find the perfect accommodation for your vacation in this guide.

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Top Cinque Terre Hotels with Sea View



Located right in the heart of Manarola, the most beautiful village in Cinque Terre, Arpaiu is a must-stay. With budget-friendly large rooms, ocean views, and rustic yet minimalistic rooms, a stay at this property is a no-brainer.

Short on time? Don’t worry! Here are the best Cinque Terre hotels with sea views split into different categories so you can book quickly.

Best Hotels in Riomaggiore with a View

1. Sergeant First Class Riomaggiore

Sergeant First Class Riomaggiore
Photo credit: Sergeant First Class Riomaggiore

Sergeant First Class Riomaggiore is one of the ideal Cinque Terre hotels with sea views because it’s a short walk from Canneto Beach and is fully equipped with every amenity that you could possibly need.

Unlike some other accommodations in the area, guests have access to an entire apartment just for themselves by staying here.

Each room consists of a private kitchen, bathroom, and even a balcony with an ocean and landmark view. There’s air conditioning, a dishwasher, and free wifi available to guests.

In addition to being near Canneto Beach, this accommodation is also near Riomaggiore Beach, the Amedeo Lia Museum, and great local restaurants like Dau Cila, La Lampara, and Rio Bistrot. This is one of the absolute best hotels in Cinque Terre with a view for couples.

2. Al castello

Al castello
Photo credit: Al castello

Al castello is yet another of the Cinque Terre hotels with best views that are located in Riomaggiore with only a short walk to the beach. In fact, Canneto Beach is only 1.7 km (1 mile) and Riomaggiore Beach is about 250 meters (820 feet) away from this beautiful hotel.

Guests love staying at this hotel because of the incredible amenities included, especially in the Deluxe Apartment. If you want a sea view, make sure to book this room type since the Double Room option only has a city view.

Amenities here include air conditioning, a kitchen, a dishwasher, free wifi, and a terrace with one of the most breathtaking views of the nearby ocean. Al castello is one of the best Cinque Terre hotels with sea views for travelers in pairs who love the beach.

3. The Sunset Line

The Sunset Line
Photo credit: The Sunset Line

Look no further than The Sunset Line in Riomaggiore for an incredibly modern stay in a historic village. It’s another one of the popular Cinque Terre hotels with sea views for couples (or those on a two-person vacation).

While most accommodations in Cinque Terre tend to have an overall historic vibe and feel, The Sunset Line is incredibly sleek and modern. The rooms feature minimalistic decor and furniture with dark wood accents.

Rooms come with air conditioning, a spa tub, kitchen essentials like a minibar and coffee machine, and a terrace with a beautiful view of the sea. The terrace is also equipped with outdoor furniture so you can relax and take in the scenery in style.

4. Agave Room Rental

Agave Room Rental
Photo credit: Agave Room Rental

Book a stay at the Agave Room Rental in Riomaggiore for classic Italian villa accommodation. It’s only 100 meters (350 feet) from the beach and is a short walk from the center of the village, making it perfect for those who like to be in the center of everything while traveling.

The great thing about this accommodation is that guests can enjoy an ocean view whether they book a room with a balcony or not. However, rooms with a balcony can allow guests to enjoy the beautiful weather while also taking in the view, which is truly an incredible experience.

The rooms at Agave Room Rental are minimalistic but beautiful. There are wooden and gold accents along with linear elements throughout. Amenities include a coffee machine, mini bar, and free wifi. The deluxe room also includes a pool with a view.

5. Ai Pesci Room Rental

Ai Pesci Room Rental
Photo credit: Ai Pesci Room Rental

One of the best things about staying at Ai Pesci Room Rental is that all of the rooms feature sea views! Guests don’t even have to book a room with a balcony to enjoy the bright blue ocean out their windows.

Ai Pesci Room Rental is designed in the classic Cinque Terre style. It features bright pastels, wooden detailing, and tons of windows that allow natural light throughout the accommodation.

The balcony rooms also feature outdoor seating and a great view of Riommagiore in addition to the water.

Of course, guests enjoy many amenities by staying at Ai Pesci Room Rental, one of the top Cinque Terre hotels with sea views. There’s air conditioning, a private bathroom, free wifi, a coffee machine, flat-screen TV, and more.

6. Cinque Terre Coast to Coast 

Cinque Terre Coast to Coast
Photo credit: Cinque Terre Coast to Coast

With incredible views of both a garden and the sea, you can’t go wrong with booking a night’s stay at Cinque Terre Coast to Coast.

This excellent accommodation makes guests feel like royalty by melding modern and historical: the furniture is minimalistic, while the walls often feature exposed brick.

Amenities at this property are abundant, with breakfast in the room, free wifi, a flat-screen tv, and even a drying rack for bathing suits after spending a day at the nearby beaches. Plus, some of the rooms have small kitchen areas with essentials like a fridge and toaster.

Of course, the sea view rooms are absolutely breathtaking and incredibly scenic. Most of them overlook Riomaggiore in addition to the sea and feature outdoor furniture. This is the perfect spot to eat breakfast in the morning with a view.

Monterosso al Mare Hotels with Best Views

7. La Casa sul Mare

La Casa sul Mare
Photo credit: La Casa sul Mare

Another of the top Cinque Terre hotels with sea views is La Casa sul Mare, a beachfront property popular among couples visiting the area. It’s right near Monterosso Old Town Beach, and Fegina Beach is just steps away from the entrance.

Rooms at La Casa sul Mare are pretty spacious and feature all the essentials. The interiors are very modern and some rooms even feature a desk or sitting area in case guests have to get any work done during their stay.

The best rooms at La Casa sul Mare have a balcony that features outdoor furniture and overlook the water. Guests often love enjoying snacks and refreshments on the patio, but the balconies are also great for relaxing and having a mid-afternoon nap.

8. Albergo Degli Amici

Albergo Degli Amici
Photo credit: Albergo Degli Amici

Located right in the historic area in Monterosso al Mare, Albergo Degli Amici is one of the most scenic Cinque Terre hotels with sea views.

However, it’s not necessarily from the room like others on this list. Instead, all guests at this accommodation will have access to an entire rooftop garden offering some of the best views of the Ligurian Sea!

The rooms are basic but clean, featuring some pops of color and simplistic decor, and some rooms also have balconies. Each room also has a window offering views of Monterosso al Mare or the sea.

Breakfast is available and often receives high ratings. It features all local food like cheese, meat, and pastries. Guests can also enjoy the fun activities at the accommodation, like foosball and ping-pong, which have great views of the water.

9. SoleMare

Photo credit: SoleMare

For a Cinque Terre accommodation with sea view that’s run by a family, consider booking a stay at SoleMare. It’s another property with a short walk to the beach, and it features a fantastic rooftop terrace with some of the area’s best views.

Rooms are straightforward yet clean with blue accents throughout. The overall feeling of these accommodations is cozy and comfortable, just what guests want when visiting Monterosso al Mare.

For an unforgettable experience, consider booking a stay in one of the rooms with a balcony. They come with the same amenities as other rooms, like air conditioning and free wifi, but also feature a private balcony overlooking the area.

10. La Cabana Cinque Terre Monterosso

La Cabana Cinque Terre Monterosso
Photo credit: La Cabana Cinque Terre Monterosso

Have a bit of a larger budget? Then the La Cabana Cinque Terre Monterosso would be a perfect choice if you’re looking for one of the Cinque Terre hotels with best views. It’s less than ten minutes away from Fegina Beach and features all of the amenities to boot.

Guests can enjoy air conditioning, a fridge, a television, free wifi, and more. Some of the rooms also feature a scenic terrace offering sweeping views. There is also an excellent continental breakfast.

The two best room options at La Cabana Cinque Terre Monterosso include the Junior Suite and the Suite, with sea view options. This gives a beautiful view right out of guests’ windows. The main difference between the two is the size of the room, but both feature a queen bed.

11. Affittacamere Da Flo 

Affittacamere Da Flo
Photo credit: Affittacamere Da Flo

Truthfully, nobody can go wrong with a night’s stay at Affittacamere Da Flo. Even the rooms that some may say to have “bad views” still feature a side view of the sea, meaning everyone can see it!

This property may be the closest to the beach out of every accommodation on this list in Monterosso al Mare, as it’s just one minute away. Rooms feature amenities like a shower, free wifi (depending on the room), and breathtaking views.

The rooms themselves feature a bright pop of color to bring that vacation atmosphere inside. Most rooms feature aquamarine or neon orange with fun decor throughout. Book a room with a balcony for an unforgettable experience.

Cinque Terre Hotels with Sea Views in Vernazza

12. La Casa dell’Eroico Vino

La Casa dell_Eroico Vino
Photo credit: La Casa dell’Eroico Vino

Easily one of the best Cinque Terre hotels with sea views is La Casa dell’Eroico Vino, located right in Vernazza. It’s a short walk from Monterosso’s Old Town Beach, Guvano Beach, and Vernazza Beach.

La Casa dell’Eroico Vino stands out amongst other accommodations in the area because it is an entire one-bedroom apartment. It has a private kitchen, terrace, free wifi, and more. Plus, there are epic views of the nearby sea.

Up to four guests can stay in a one-bedroom apartment at La Casa dell’Eroico Vino at a time, making it perfect for larger groups traveling in the area. It’s also perfect for a romantic getaway as Vernazza is known for being romantic.

13. Solemagia 

Photo credit: Solemagia

Solemagia is one of the most amazing Cinque Terre hotels with sea view that’s located basically on the beach. It’s also only a short walk from Vernazza Station, making the rest of Cinque Terre National Park just a short ride away for guests.

Rooms come with various amenities, like air conditioning, a private bathroom, and free wifi. Some rooms also offer a sea view and a view of the inner courtyard. Just be sure to research the view your room will have before you book it, especially for one of the unforgettable sea views.

The interior of the rooms at this property are simplistic but have a fun color pop, depending on the room you book. Some rooms have a bright wall with neon orange or a chill lilac.

14. Affittacamere Elisabetta

Affittacamere Elisabetta
Photo credit: Affittacamere Elisabetta

Affittacamere Elisabetta is a beautiful place to stay if you’re looking for Cinque Terre hotels with sea views. This is yet another beachfront property in Vernazza that’s a short walk away from all the top places to visit in the village.

It’s also worth noting that Affittacamere Elisabetta does have a quadruple room option, perfect for those traveling with more people during their visit to Cinque Terre.

Each room at this accommodation feature a sea view balcony, though some rooms may have a better view than others.

Amenities at this property are excellent and include free wifi, a coffee machine, air conditioning, a shower, and more. Like many other hotels in the area, this accommodation is popular among couples.

15. Cadè Ventu

Cadè Ventu
Photo credit: Cadè Ventu

Cadè Ventu is a must-stay property for travelers looking for an accommodation that feels comfortable, almost like home. In particular, the views at Cadè Ventu are known for being incredibly scenic and even jaw-dropping.

There are many room types available at this accommodation which make it perfect for all budgets. For a more luxurious stay, consider booking the One-Bedroom House, which can host up to four guests and features both an ocean and garden view.

Of course, amenities at Cadè Ventu are excellent, with terraces, free wifi, private kitchens (depending on the room type booked), and more. Each room is soundproof to ensure guests get a great night’s sleep.

Best Hotels in Manarola with Sea Views

16. La Torretta Lodge

La Torretta Lodge
Photo credit: La Torretta Lodge

One of the most unique Cinque Terre hotels with sea views is La Torretta Lodge. It’s located inside an old Medieval tower that has been converted into the beautiful accommodation it is today.

Each room comes equipped with everything guests would need, even including an iPod docking station for listening to music. Each space is very serene with its decor, making it feel like a vacation getaway.

For a great stay, book one of the rooms with sea views. This way, guests can enjoy the view from the comfort of their room.

17. Arpaiu 

Photo credit: Arpaiu

Arpaiu offers luxurious yet rustic accommodation right within the heart of scenic Manarola. The interior of the rooms features white walls with warm wooden accents and simplistic decor hanging up to add to the ambiance.

Rooms feature an abundance of amenities like air conditioning, coffee machines, and free wifi, and most of them are even soundproof! Breakfast is also available for a small fee for guests who would rather eat at the property.

Many of the rooms at Arpaiu feature a great view of the sea which is truly unbeatable. Those who do opt to get breakfast at the property will be treated to a grand view of the deck of the ocean.

18. Affittacamere San Giorgio

Affittacamere San Giorgio
Photo credit: Affittacamere San Giorgio

Affittacamere San Giorgio is located right along the waterfront, making it a beautiful place for guests who want to stay at Cinque Terre hotels with sea views. Rooms come with everything a guest could want, including a minibar and air conditioning.

The rooms themselves are decorated with style, including fun printed comforters and photos of Cinque Terre on the walls. There are also some unique rooms, including ones with fish and starfish hanging from the ceilings.

For an incredible stay, consider booking one of the rooms with a balcony to enjoy the sea view in style. This way, guests can also enjoy the fantastic weather that Cinque Terre offers.

19. Cà du Nilo

Cà du Nilo
Photo credit: Cà du Nilo

Cà du Nilo offers a refreshing stay in Manarola. It’s a short walk from both Corniglia Beach and Riomaggiore Beach with amenities like air conditioning, sea views, private bathrooms, and even soundproofed walls.

The interiors of the rooms at Cà du Nilo are impeccable and all feature brightly colored walls. Some rooms are even a classy minty green or vibrant sunny yellow. Nautical decor and artifacts line the walls.

Guests should opt to stay in a terrace room for one of the best sea views in Manarola. The terrace rooms have ample outdoor furniture so guests can relax while taking in the sound and view of the sea.

Corniglia Hotels with a View

20. AMARE IL MARE Affittacamere

AMARE IL MARE Affittacamere Corniglia
Photo credit: AMARE IL MARE Affittacamere

Guests who want to stay at one of the Cinque Terre hotels with sea views and nautical-themed rooms should opt for AMARE IL MARE Affittacamere. It’s a short walk from Corniglia Beach and Guvano Beach.

Each room comes equipped with everything a guest could want, including air conditioning, coffee machines, a minibar, and even free wifi. Some rooms also have a patio with outdoor furniture, the perfect spot to relax while watching the sea!

The interior of the rooms is very bright and clean, featuring pops of blue and yellow to match the beautiful village buildings throughout Cinque Terre. 

21. Corniglia Dreams

Corniglia Dreams
Photo credit: Corniglia Dreams

For panoramic views, look no further than Corniglia Dreams! Every guest gets access to these breathtaking sea views from a shared balcony that overlooks the water. It’s lovely in the early morning at sunrise.

Rooms have the basics like complimentary toiletries, a desk, and a private bathroom. There’s also a shared lounge that all guests have access to, which features a dining room table and many armchairs for resting.

The rooms at Corniglia Dreams are very bright, with simple walls and pops of color brought through the bedding and decor. In addition to being right near Corniglia Beach and Guvano Beach, guests can also enjoy being near the train station.

22. Corte Del Gallo

Corte Del Gallo
Photo credit: Corte Del Gallo

Less than ten minutes from the beach, Corte Del Gallo is one of the excellent Cinque Terre hotels with sea views for guests visiting the area. It’s located right in the heart of Corniglia, a short walk from the beach.

Rooms come equipped with everything from air conditioning to televisions. Guests will also have access to a serene garden with outdoor furniture to enjoy the beautiful Cinque Terre weather during their stay.

The design of the rooms is very cozy, with warm bed frames and comfortable sheets. Each room has its decoration theme so they each feel unique. Corte Del Gallo is perfect for those who wish to stay in a quieter location in Cinque Terre.

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