Top 15 Most Beautiful Instagrammable Places in Mykonos

Mykonos is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Greek islands and it’s a true paradise for photographers. Mykonos Town is like a real maze and although I saved so many photos from Instagram before visiting, finding the photo spots without the exact locations was quite hard.

I ended up getting lost more times than I could count but I honestly didn’t mind it because I found so many cute little gems this way!

In this post, I collected all the most instagrammable places in Mykonos together with their exact locations on a map so it will be super easy for you to find them in case you don’t want to get lost (which I totally understand). So let’s get into it!

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Most Instagrammable Places in Mykonos

1. #Happiness Store

I’m sure you’ve already seen thousands of pictures with the #HAPPINESS sign on Instagram. It’s one of the most instagrammable places in Mykonos and it’s easy to see why – this little shop looks so cute! It’s actually a clothing store owned by a local family so if you’re planning to do a little shopping take a look inside as well!

The Happiness Store is located quite close to Little Venice in Mykonos Town and if you know the exact location it’s impossible to miss. If you want to take some photos without the crowds, go there early in the morning when the streets are still empty!

Location on Google Maps: #HAPPINESS Store

2. Mykonos Windmills (Kato Mili)

Windmills are one of the most iconic landmarks in Mykonos, currently, there are 16 windmills scattered across the island. You can find 5 of them standing in a row near Little Venice, this location is often referred to as ‘Kato Mili’.

This is one of the most popular sunset spots in Mykonos and while sunsets are really magical from there, it gets crazy crowded in the evening (and all day long as well, to be completely honest).

If you want to have some amazing Instagram shots with the windmills, wake up early and go there for sunrise when no one is around. Just a little head’s up the windmills are being there for a reason as the locations usually get quite windy. So be prepared for some wind!

Location on Google Maps: Mykonos Windmills

3. Little Venice

I’ve already mentioned Little Venice twice in this article so you might wonder, what is it exactly? Little Venice is basically a neighborhood composed of small colorful houses along the waterfront in Mykonos Town. It looks a lot like the Italian city of Venice – hence the name.

You will find many cafes, bars, and restaurants in the area so it’s not only one of the most instagrammable places in Mykonos but it’s also a great spot to grab some food or drink and just enjoy the view.

Being one of the most popular areas in Mykonos, Little Venice is a very lively neighborhood during the day and the night which can be amazing to experience the true Greek vibe, but not so much for the photos.

The best time to visit for pictures is early in the morning and since it’s really close to the windmills I recommend coming here right after you finished shooting with the windmills!

Location on Google Maps: Little Venice

4. Boni’s Windmill

As I mentioned before, there are many windmills on the island and although the 5 windmills at Kato Mili are the most popular ones, my favorite one was Boni’s Windmill. This windmill is located a bit out of town but it’s still easily accessible, you can just simply walk up there in like 15 minutes from Mykonos Town.

Not only it’s a lot less crowded than the Kato Mili ones, but you can get an amazing panoramic view over Mykonos Town as well. It’s a great location basically any time of the day but sunset is undoubtedly the best time for photography.

The colors are just out of this world and together with the view, it grants an unforgettable experience!

The photo opportunities are basically endless here and since it’s not so touristy I’m sure you will be able to get many amazing pictures for your Instagram.

Location on Google Maps: Boni’s Windmill

5. Hidden Mykonos Viewpoint

If we’re talking about amazing viewpoints, I have to share another location with you. For full disclosure, I would have probably never found this spot if it weren’t for the lovely Siobhan from @agirlwhoblooms who shared a screenshot about this location in her Instagram stories.

This place is located near the popular 180º Sunset Bar but it’s basically on an abandoned road so don’t expect anything fancy. It’s quite far away from Mykonos Town by foot but if you’re determined it’s still doable. That being said, it’s better to do it with a rental scooter/ATV/car.

Location on Google Maps: Hidden Mykonos Viewpoint

View of Mykonos Town in Greece

6. Cute turquoise door with flowers

This cute little turquoise door is another popular Instagram spot in Mykonos. There is nothing much to say about it, since it’s in a quiet alley you can basically shoot here any time of the day. I had a very hard time finding it first but you just have to click on the location below and you will know exactly where to look!

Location on Google Maps: Cute turquoise door with flowers

7. Street with a huge bougainvillea tree

If you have finished shooting with the cute turquoise door, just around the corner you will find another great Instagram spot.

The street itself is really charming as well and it’s very lively during the day but what makes it more special is the huge bougainvillea tree in the middle! If you’re visiting Mykonos from May to late September, the tree will be full of pretty pink flowers which gives a really great backdrop to every photo.

Location on Google Maps: Street with a huge bougainvillea tree

8. I Love Mykonos stairs

I almost missed this great photography spot in Mykonos because it’s a bit hard to notice if you don’t already know that it’s there.

On the same street where the pretty bougainvillea tree is located, you will find a cute little stairway with an I Love (or Heart) Mykonos sign. It screams for an Instagram photo, right? It leads up to an actual shop so be quick with your photo and don’t block the stairs for a long time!

Location on Google Maps: I Love Mykonos Stairs

Girl in a red dress sitting on the I Love Mykonos stairway

9. La Maison de Katrin Restaurant

The La Maison de Katrin restaurant is probably the most beautiful restaurant in Mykonos thanks to the huge bougainvillea tree on its roof. If you want to shoot some great photos here come early in the morning when the restaurant is still closed and the tables are not on the street yet.

We didn’t try the restaurant and it has quite a mixed-up review on TripAdvisor but feel free to check it out if you’d like!

Location on Google Maps: La Maison de Katrin Restaurant

Girl in a pink dress sitting in front of La Maison de Katrin Restaurant which is one of the most instagrammable places in Mykonos

10. Cute souvenir shop with the pictures on the wall

This cute little souvenir shop was one of my favorite Instagram spots in Mykonos. I just loved the look of the painted stairway, the colorful pictures on the wall, and the cute little souvenirs together!

Since this is an actual shop, be quick with your photo, and if you’re planning to do some shopping check out the inside of the store as well!

Location on Google Maps: Cute souvenir shop

Girl sitting on a stairway in front of a cute souvenir shop in Mykonos

11. Chora Store

If you’re looking for one of the most unique shops in Mykonos, check out the Chora Store! The name is a little bit confusing as sometimes the whole Mykonos Town is referred to as Chora, but I included the exact location of this shop below so you will be able to find it easily.

The same applies here as well, don’t block the way for too long because it is an actual shop. And don’t forget to go inside, I’m sure you will get obsessed with all the unique items as well!

Location on Google Maps: Chora Store

Girl sitting in front of the Chora Store which is one of the best Instagram spots in Mykonos

12. Mamalouka Restaurant

Speaking of the most beautiful restaurants, Mamalouka is undoubtedly one of the most instagrammable places in Mykonos. It looks really cute with the pink flowers and the painted pathway so I can totally recommend taking some photos there, but the restaurant itself is very expensive and I’ve read some terrible reviews about it so I wouldn’t recommend actually trying it.

Location on Google Maps: Mamalouka Restaurant

Girl in a pink dress standing in front of Mamalouka Restaurant in Mykonos

13. Blue street in front of the Muse Art Shop

I found this blue street by accident and I fell in love with it immediately! The white walls with the turquoise door and the gates grant a really great backdrop for every photo. Wearing a red dress was just a bonus, it created a really great contrast with the blue. Do you agree?

Location on Google Maps: Muse Art Shop

Girl in a red dress standing in the middle of a blue street in Mykonos

14. Hibiscus Fruit Parlor

Some yummi crepes or ice cream, anyone? The Hibiscus not only sells delicious sweets and sandwiches but its front is so cute that you just can’t leave without having a photo here. It’s also a great place for some people watching as it is located in a very lively street.

Location on Google Maps: Hibiscus Fruit Parlor

Girl in a purple floral dress sitting in front of the Hibiscus Fruit Parlor in Mykonos

15. Mykonos Harbour

Last but not least, Mykonos Harbour is another great photography spot that you just simply can’t miss. The white-washed houses on the cliffside and the boats and yachts on the water create a really amazing backdrop for every photo!

Location on Google Maps: Mykonos Harbour

Girl in a purple floral dress standing in front of the Mykonos Harbour

Map of the Most Instagrammable Places in Mykonos

On the below map you can find all the best Instagram spots in Mykonos covered by this article. If you’re reading this on your phone, simply click on the bracket in the upper right corner to open and save it to your Google Maps app! Super convenient, right?

Where to Stay in Mykonos

If you’re planning to visit Mykonos for the first time, one of the best places to stay in Mykonos is Mykonos Town itself. It’s full of great hotels, amazing restaurants, and cute little shops and it has the best nightlife as well.

Although there is no beach in Mykonos Town, the best beaches are located nearby and buses run regularly from Mykonos Town so it’s best to stay in one place and go on some day trips to the nearby attractions.

Below you can find my top picks for staying in Mykonos for every budget.

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos
Photo credit: Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

LUXURY – Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxurious vacation in Mykonos, look no further than Cavo Tagoo Mykonos. This stunning property is located in close proximity to Mykonos Town and features an infinity pool and sea-view rooms.

Hotel Alkyon
Photo credit: Hotel Alkyon

MID-RANGE – Hotel Alkyon

Featuring an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the sea, Hotel Alkyon is located only a 10-minute walk from Mykonos Town. There is also a pool bar on-site and guests can enjoy the views from the spacious rooms with balconies.

Island Mykonos Suites
Photo credit: Island Mykonos Suites

BUDGET – Island Mykonos Suites

Island Mykonos Suites offers accommodation with a garden and air-conditioned rooms. It’s located close to Mykonos Town but the area is quiet enough to relax.

Planning a trip to Mykonos?

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