Top 20 Most Beautiful Islands in the Philippines

With more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines, it can get quite overwhelming to choose which one would be the best fit for your travel plans. If you’re planning to visit the Philippines but don’t know where to start, don’t worry – I got you covered!

Here’s a complete list of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines including tips about how to get there, what are the best things to do, and how long to stay there. Let’s dive right in!

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Most Beautiful Islands in the Philippines

Are you looking for the best places to visit in the Philippines? Don’t worry, I got you covered! In this article you will find all the most beautiful islands in the Philippines together with a bunch of useful recommendations about the best things to do on each island, how much time to spend there, and lots of other insider tips.

On the below map you can see all the islands mentioned in this article with their retrospective number. The numbers don’t reflect any ranking order, they are just simply there to make it easier for you to find all the most beautiful islands in the Philippines on the map!

You can also save this map to your Google Maps app on your phone if you click on the bracket in the upper right corner.

1. Coron

The view of the blue sea and the lush green mountains at Coron, Philippines

Recommended by Lee from The Travel Scribes

It’s been voted the world’s most beautiful island, a fitting accolade for what is undoubtedly the jewel in the Philippines’ crown: Coron.

A short flight or a speedy ferry ride from El Nido, Coron is technically a municipality within the province of Palawan made up of parts of Busuanga Island and Coron Island as well as some small outcroppings and remote islets. It’s these islets, alongside the charming town of Coron itself, that make this a must-see destination.

Best enjoyed by hiring a private boat, you can spend your days just skipping from one beach or utopian outpost to the next, snorkeling to find bright blue corals, diving to Skeleton Wreck, or just snoozing on the front of your boat while the captain cooks your freshly-caught fish on the ship’s grill.

You’ll need at least three days to properly visit all the best tourist spots in Coron, diving into the crystal blue waters at Kayangan Lake, swimming in the Twin Lagoon, or going in search of deserted beaches like Malcapuya, Bulog Dos Island, or even Banana Island (where there isn’t a banana in sight!).

Even if you’re tired of island-hopping, you can spend your time in Coron Town at their legendary hot springs, hiking up to the viewpoint, or just chilling in one of the great cafes and restaurants sprinkled around the city.

One of the globe’s most breathtaking destinations, Coron is undoubtedly top of the Philippines bucket list, one of those islands you have to see to believe.

2. Dimakya Island


Recommended by Marie from Our City Travels

Pristine white-sand beach, an island you can explore for half a day, food served fresh from the sea – it is indeed paradise. An apt description of its name – Club Paradise, the only resort in Dimakya Island in Palawan, is the perfect place to get away for a much-needed break from the busy city life.

Dimakya is just a one-hour plane ride away from Manila to Busuanga airport in Coron. From the airport, it takes an hour traveling by jeep through the mangroves and then a boat direct to the island’s shores. It’s worth spending at least 3-4 nights on Dimakya to enjoy having such a paradise all to yourself!

Being a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Dimakya serves as a sanctuary for green sea turtles which you can see if you dive the azure waters around the island. There are a few diving tours you can book where an ample amount of colorful fish, manta, and eagle rays, even the dugongs will swim with you.

If you don’t know how to dive, you can opt to learn it with an instructor at Dimakya. The waters being shallow but full of corals, it is appropriate and safe for beginners.

The whole island is about 700 sqm, so you can explore the whole of it for less than half a day. You can even go up the peak of the smallish mountain in less than an hour!

There are also island-hopping activities you can book. For example, an island called Island Walang Tao (no man’s land) is a smallish island of pure white sand with some rock formation in it – it’s the perfect island to have for yourself.

3. El Nido, Palawan

Aerial view of El Nido, Philippines

Recommended by Wendy from The Nomadic Vegan

El Nido is in the northern part of the Palawan mainland, about a 7-hour bus ride away from Puerto Princesa. Just off the coast of El Nido lies the Bacuit Archipelago, a series of mountainous, jungle- and limestone cliff-clad islands reminiscent of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Krabi in Thailand.

The best way to experience this stunning scenery is by taking some of the island-hopping boat trips around the archipelago. Tour operators generally offer four set routes, all of which are worth doing.

Along the way, you’ll visit many coves, beaches, and lagoons, swimming or climbing through holes in the rocks to discover further lagoons, and snorkeling with the local sea life, including sea turtles if you’re lucky. The fabulous swimming locations will likely be some of the most beautiful you’ve ever swum in.

El Nido was an undiscovered gem until recently, but its popularity with European tourists has exploded in recent years. So far, the local government has been doing a pretty good job of protecting the fragile environment that is facing increased pressure.

And with El Nido’s newfound popularity comes amenities that didn’t exist before, like some great restaurants and nightlife spots. The Philippines definitely doesn’t have one of the most vegan-friendly cuisines of Southeast Asia, but in El Nido, you can even find fully vegan restaurants.

4. Matinloc Island

Cliffs and blue water on Matinloc island, Philippines

Recommended by Deb from The Visa Project

While the Philippines has a bevy of islands that can rival each other in beauty, Mationloc island in Palawan is probably the one that takes away your breath. It is the biggest of the 45 islands in El Nido.

The island is very rich in marine animals with crystal blue water and powdery white sand. It’s home to the Matinloc Shrine, Secret Beach, and Hidden Beach – all these covert beaches are concealed by El Nido’s iconic limestone formations.

Matinloc island used to be a spiritual and adventurous haven and has an interesting history. When you enter, you can see abandoned sculptures of Jesus and Mother Mary.

The tour guides would escort you to the Matinloc Shrine that offers some of the best panoramic views in the area but you can also go snorkeling and scuba diving off the island.

Matinloc Island is part of El Nido’s Tour C package. A lot of tour companies drop off here for lunch, each person needs to pay 100 PHP ($1.80 US) to visit it.

There is an option to stay on the island as well, although Matinloc Resort is the only resort on the island. If you choose to stay there, you can do kayaking, snorkeling, and hiking for free. They also organize spa sessions, romantic dinners, bottom fishing, and sunset cruises with reasonable fees.

The Philippines is an amazing country for tourists, digital nomads, and retirees. If you want to stay longer in the Philippines, check out the Philippines visa requirements and visa types.

5. Bohol

Recommended by Kriszti from She Wanders Abroad

Famous for its Chocolate Hills and the cute-looking tarsiers, Bohol is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. Since it’s the 10th largest island in the country the list of things to do is practically endless.

If you want to properly explore the island you’re gonna have to rent a scooter or hire a private driver to show you around so that you can do some amazing day hikes in Bohol.

Bohol is a little bit different than the other neighboring islands, it’s more about jungle life and waterfalls than beaches and snorkeling.

The Chocolate Hills are known as one of the best tourist spots in Bohol thanks to their unique shapes. There are more than 1,200 hills in the area and in the dry season, the greenery of the hills turns into a milk-chocolate color, hence the name.

Another unique thing to do in Bohol is visiting the tarsiers. These tiny, monkey-like creatures are really sensitive emotionally and they can’t really survive on their own, that’s why they’re living in a Tarsier Sanctuary.

In the middle of the island, you will also find many gorgeous rice paddies, lush green mountains, and epic waterfalls. The Dimiao Twin Falls are probably the most famous ones but if you’re looking for a little adrenaline rush, you should visit the Ingkumhan Falls where you can jump into the water from a rope.

It’s worth spending at least 3 days in Bohol to discover all the beauty the island has to offer. If you’re looking for some beach time, you can easily visit Panglao island that is attached to Bohol by a bridge, where you will find plenty of white sandy beaches.

You can also take some interesting day trips from Bohol and go for some island hopping – in this case, you can easily spend up to one week in Bohol.

6. Panglao Island

Alona Beach on Panglao Island, Philippines

Recommended by Sharon from Dive Into Philippines

One of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines is Panglao. This small island is attached to the more famous Bohol by a bridge, and it is easy to combine a visit to Panglao with a visit to Bohol or nearby Cebu.

Panglao is famous for its white-sand beaches and diving and you will definitely want to experience both of these on your trip here. The most popular beach is Alona which is worth checking out for the vibe, food, and drink choices and to book your diving adventures.

However, there are better beaches elsewhere. Try out Dumaluan Beach (although note that only a small part is open to the public), Momo Beach, or Doljo beach. My best tip? Hire a motorbike and visit as many of the beaches as you can.

The next stop is to definitely experience some of the underwater life. Sign up for a diving or snorkeling tour.

If you prefer to stay above the water, you can go island hopping and dolphin viewing instead with trips to Balicasag and Isola de Francisco islands. There are also all the usual water sports like jet skiing, banana boats, kayaks and you can try kite surfing.

Back on dry land, you should also check out Bohol Bee Farm. Here you will find an organic farm, bees, a craft area, restaurant, and shop. You can do tours of the farm or have a wander around by yourself. I especially recommend trying some of the most delicious ice creams in the world which you can buy in their shop!

A few days is enough time to experience the best of Panglao, but if you are someone who likes chill beach time, you can easily spend a lot longer.

7. Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island from an aerial view in the Philippines

Recommended by Ara from Diver Bliss

Just a 30-minute boat ride away from Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol, the tiny island of Balicasag awaits you. With white sandy beaches and aquamarine waters, it sounds like every other island in the Philippines.

However, if you’re willing to dive right in and explore its deep waters another magical world will astound you.

With countless turtles feeding on seagrass and colorful fishes playing in the reef, it is not surprising why Balicasag Island is considered to be one of the best places to snorkel and scuba dive in the Philippines. Declared as a marine sanctuary, it has become a haven for many sea creatures.

If swimming with sea turtles is on your bucket list, there’s a good chance of spotting one or maybe even 10 in Balicasag Island. Another favorite among divers is the massive school of jacks often found hanging around the island. And if you’re lucky a whale shark might just happen to pass by and say hi!

Because of the popularity of Balicasag, the local government has limited the number of people who plan to snorkel and dive in Balicasag. There are many dive shops or tour groups in Panglao that can get permits on your behalf. So make sure you plan ahead, especially during the peak season from November to April.

Although there is one resort and some restaurants in Balicasag itself, a day trip is more recommended to enjoy what the island has to offer. If you plan to do a day trip, you can simply bring your own food and enjoy a picnic by the beach.

After a day of fun, you can head back to Panglao where there are more accommodations and restaurants to choose from.

8. Pamilacan Island

Aerial view of Pamilacan Island, Philippines

Recommended by Julie from The Bamboo Traveler

There is a stunningly beautiful and little-known island off the coast of Bohol called Pamilacan, where the sand is white and powdery, the water a beautiful turquoise blue, and the wildlife of sea turtles, tropical fish, and dolphins just a short swim away from shore.

It’s nothing like the tourist saturated El Nido and Coron – chances are it’ll just be you, a handful of other lucky tourists, and locals on the island.

To get to this magical island though, you’ll need to pay a local fisherman a few hundred pesos to take you. If you’re planning to arrive from Bohol, you can either take a small public boat that leaves the town of Baclayon for 250 PHP ($4.50 US) or you can also take a boat from Alona beach for 1,000 PHP ($20 US).

The water and beach on Pamilacan are absolutely lovely and the sand-colored ruins of a Spanish fort on the beach make the island even more magical.

The coral garden is really colorful and you can swim with sea turtles off the coast, but the areas are protected so you need to hire a guide for 250 PHP ($5 US). There are no dolphins right off the coast per se, but you can go out on a boat tour for 1,000 PHP ($18 US) to see them go on their tuna runs in the morning.

If you’re in Bohol, you should take at least two or three days out of your itinerary to stay on Pamilacan island. You won’t regret it!

9. Cebu Island

Kawasan Falls in Cebu, Philippines

Recommended by Nick & Val from Wandering Wheatleys

Cebu Island is one of the most beautiful and diverse islands in the Philippines and offers lots of unique adventures. You can easily spend a week there scuba diving, hiking, and swimming in waterfalls.

Most travelers choose the quaint little seaside town of Moalboal as their base to explore the island. Famous for its colorful reef and marine life, you’ll find dozens of dive shops in Moalboal offering daily dives where you’ll have the opportunity to see sea turtles, thresher sharks, and maybe even a whale shark!

The one dive you must do in Moalboal is the sardine run, where you be surrounded by thousands of tiny sardines all swimming in unison.

About an hour south of Moalboal you’ll find the world-famous Kawasan Falls. This waterfall has become one of the most iconic Instagram locations in the Philippines thanks to the picturesque turquoise water and rustic bamboo rafts anchored in the pool beneath the falls.

The real adventure at Kawasan Falls, however, is the canyoning tour. You’ll start with a motorbike ride through the jungle and to the top of the canyon that feeds Kawasan Falls.

You’ll then work your way back downstream – swimming through caves, sliding down natural waterslides, and jumping off cliffs into the pools below. The tour ends in a final hair-raising 40-foot leap from the top of a waterfall! But don’t worry, you can take the path down if you’d rather not jump.

In fact, you’ll find dozens of waterfalls on Cebu – all dotted along the west coast of the island. Aguinid Falls, Dao Falls, and Inambakan Falls all offer fun hiking experiences where you’ll be scrambling over rocks and wading through rivers while surrounded by tropical jungle.

And for a truly unique adventure, head to the town of Oslob on the southern tip of Cebu where you’ll be able to snorkel with massive whale sharks that feed just off of the coast. You’re sure to have an unforgettable adventure on the Island of Cebu!

10. Sumilon Island

Tourists swimming in the crystal clear blue water at Sumilon Island, Philippines

Recommended by Reshma from The Solo Globetrotter

A 20-minute boat ride from the town of Oslob in Cebu will take you to Sumilon Island, one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, and probably one of the country’s best-kept secrets.

The beaches in the Philippines need no introduction about how stunning they are, but what makes Sumilon unique is its remote location and the fact that you can easily add it for a city break. It is the best island if you are looking for a quiet, lovely beach vacation.

Although a tiny island, there are plenty of things to do here. The most popular is deep sea diving and since it was the first protected marine park in the country it’s also among the top diving destinations in the Philippines.

The marine reserve is home to crystal clear waters with abundant coral and marine life. You can try diving in one of the four sites – Coral Landscape, Nikki’s Wall, Julie’s Rock, and Garden Eel Plaza.

Another popular attraction is the Sumilon Island sandbar, which offers stunning views of the sunset. There is a ladder that you can climb if you want to jump off the rock. You can also try snorkeling and swimming, or kayak in the nearby Sumilon Island Lagoon.

If you want to stay overnight, the only accommodation option available is Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort, which houses a fabulous infinity pool and offers spots for excellent views of the coast. You should spend a day in Sumilon at least, or maybe two days if you have time or want to enjoy diving.

11. Siquijor

Recommended by Kriszti from She Wanders Abroad

Although the small, charming island of Siquijor is located quite close to the southern coast of Cebu and Bohol, it’s not so popular among tourists therefore it’s the perfect island if you want to escape the crowds. It takes only 1.5 hour to reach Siquijor from Bohol by ferry so it’s worth combining a trip to both islands.

Pristine beaches, dramatic waterfalls, beautiful corals, and friendly locals are just a few of the many highlights Siquijor has to offer. Cliff diving in Salagdoong Beach is one of the most popular things to do on the island, where you can jump from 10 meters high into the crystal clear water.

If you’re looking for the most beautiful beach in Siquijor, head over to the white sandy Paliton Beach which is also one of the best sunset spots on the island.

Another must-visit is Cambugahay Falls – a three-tiered waterfall offering many pools to swim in and ropes and swings to let your inner child out. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful places in Siquijor but since it’s the most famous one as well, it can get quite crowded during the day. It’s better to get there early to have the place all to yourself!

With Siquijor being so small, you can easily explore all the best places on this island in just 2 days in Siquijor. But if your looking for a laid-back vacation with plenty of time to relax then I would recommend staying here for at least 1 week.

Most of the tourist spots in Siquijor are located on the southern coast so it’s best to book a hotel in this part of the island. All in all, Siquijor is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines and it’s definitely worth putting it on your Philippines bucket list!

12. Camiguin Island

White Island near Camiguin, Philippines

Recommended by Ruben from Gamin Traveler

Located in the province of Mindanao, the little island of Camiguin is not so well known as Palawan or Siargao. It’s easily accessible by ferry from Bohol or by plane from Cebu.

There are countless amazing tourist spots on Camiguin from beautiful islands to visit, places for snorkeling to even hiking. The White Island is only a 5-minute boat ride away where you will find a beautiful sand bar in the middle of the ocean.

Another must-visit spot is Mantigue Island which is a beautiful place for snorkeling with many colorful fishes around the seashore. You will also find white sand and very clear water everywhere and the island is so small you can walk around it in less than 30 minutes.

Both places can only be visited for a day trip and it’s not allowed to stay there overnight.

On Camiguin island, you can also go for a hike on Mount Hibok Hibok. You will need around 5-7 hours to complete the trek which is quite hard and it can only be visited with a guide.

You will get an amazing view of the island from the top so it’s definitely worth it! Arden Hotspring with its beautiful blue water is the best place for relaxing after the trek and it’s open until late evening.

You should stay at least 3 complete days in Camiguin Island to be able to enjoy the snorkeling spots, sunsets, islands, and delicious food. The best way to move around is to rent a motorbike but there are also tricycles and jeepneys available around the island.

13. Siargao

Aerial view of Sugba Lagoon in Siargao, Philippines

Recommended by Taylor from Taverna Travels

Siargao is a must-visit on any trip to the Philippines. The laid-back island is filled with more palm trees than you could ever imagine!

There are plenty of fun things to do on the island if you’re looking to do more than just chill out on the beach and island-hop (which are great options in themselves as well). You should stay at least 3-4 days on Siargao to be able to properly explore the island.

Siargao is best known for its surfing, but there are tons to do whether you surf or not. The best way to explore Siargao is by scooter and spending a day cruising the roads through the endless palm tree roads is a really amazing experience.

One of the best things to do in Siargao is to swing on the coconut trees. If you’re making your way from General Luna up towards Magpungko Pools or Pacifico, you’ll pass over a bright red bridge. You’ll likely find a bunch of kids hanging around – let them lead the way to this fun spot! It is free to swing there but feel free to tip the kids for their assistance.

Another fun option is a day trip to Sugba Lagoon. Sugba Lagoon is a small lagoon located on Caob Island, just off the northwest side of Siargao. It is a fun day trip to spend a day on the water, boating, SUP boarding, swimming, and more!

14. Samal Island

Samal Island, Philippines

Recommended by Arabela from The Spicy Travel Girl

Located just off Davao, Samal Island is the perfect getaway for anyone visiting Mindanao’s largest city. The island is easily accessible from Davao City via regular ferries and boats organized by resorts and after half an hour of a bumpy boat ride, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of the island.

Samal Island is somewhat of a hidden gem. It’s rich in natural beauty but lacks the crowds of more famous islands. If you ever get bored of sunbathing on empty white-sand beaches and swimming in the crystal-clear calm ocean, explore the island on a motorcycle!

Start with an adventurous ride up hills covered in green coconut palms all the way to the top of the island to enjoy an amazing view while eating lunch at a viewpoint restaurant.

Afterward, visit the famous Monfort Bat Sanctuary. The cave is home to around 1.8 million Geoffrey’s Rousette fruit bats, making it the largest bat colony in the world.

And if you feel like you might suffer a heat stroke under the scorching tropical sun, take a dip into the Hagimit Falls! These beautiful waterfalls are not only an amazing place to cool down but also to take some stunning shots to rock your Instagram. Of course, all this is best done with the help of a friendly local guide.

15. Boracay

Aerial view of Boracay, Philippines

Recommended by Mark from VogaTech

Boracay is not just one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, but in the whole world as well. It is located near the island of Panay and belongs to the Philippine region of Aklan. It was discovered only in the eighties of the last century.

Mount Luho with its 100 meters height is the highest point on the island where you can get an amazing panoramic view. There are two main beaches on Boracay that are worth mentioning: White Beach and Bulabog.

White Beach is named after the fine, white sand that makes the crystal clear blue water and the green rainforest stand out even more. Bulabog is located on the other side of the island. The windy season runs from November to April and in this period the beach is very popular with tourists who like surfing or kitesurfing.

It is possible to rent diving or sailing equipment on the beaches and generally, all water sports are present. For those who like to enjoy a good meal or a cocktail, there are many hotels, bars, and restaurants located along the entire coast.

The nightlife in the Philippines is fantastic and you will definitely have an unforgettable time.

Talipapa Market is another must-visit where you can find many local fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs made by locals. There are also many caves and smaller beaches on the island that can be visited by boat.

You should stay at least 7 days in Boracay but even that might feel too short and you might have a hard time separating yourself from this beautiful island!

16. Seco Island

The beautiful elbow shaped Seco Island in the Philippines

Recommended by Aleah from Solitary Wanderer

Choosing one from the many islands of the Philippines, especially without finding thousands of tourists there already can be quite hard. Your best bet is to choose a province that remains off the regular tourist map.

One such province is Antique (pronounced An-ti-ke). It’s adjacent to Aklan, the province of the world-famous Boracay Island.

If you do check out Boracay (and you should!), make sure to head to a lesser-known island in Antique that is just as beautiful: Seco Island. It is small, elbow-shaped (hence its name, Seco, which means “elbow” in the local language), and uninhabited.

One reason for it not being inundated with tourists is that it takes 2 hours to get there from the mainland. You have to leave before sunrise, so you can go back before it gets dark.

Like many well-known islands in the Philippines, Seco has very fine white sand, spectacular views, clear aquamarine waters, and rich marine life. While it’s not a diving destination, it is more than just for swimming and beachcombing, as it is also great for other watersports like snorkeling and kitesurfing.

Most of the visitors who go there for a day trip are actually kitesurfers coming from Boracay.

So if you want to spend a day on a pristine island sans the tourists, head to Seco Island. Bring a mat and a picnic basket and enjoy one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines!

17. Kalanggaman Island

Aerial view of the long sandy beach on Kalanggaman Island, Philippines

Recommended by Veronika from Travel Geekery

The beauty of Kalanggaman Island is beyond words. Located about an hour away by boat from Palompon town, Kalanggaman is a tiny pristine islet – just a pile of sand with gorgeous palm trees in the middle of nowhere.

Kalanggaman’s long sandbank is what attracts visitors the most. It stretches far out into the ocean. You can walk quite far on it too until the waves connect and the ocean takes over once again. Apart from swimming in the crystal clear water and lounging on the bright white sand, it’s mostly about relaxation on the island.

Walking its perimeter takes less than half an hour of pleasant strolling along its shores and through the greener part of the islet with swaying coconut palms. As for tourist infrastructure, there’s hardly anything in the little area, which makes it even more appealing.

A few huts have been built, but hardly anybody spends the night. On and off, you can come across a rental of snorkels and other water equipment, but it’s best to bring your own if you want to engage in water sports.

Make sure to also bring food and plenty of water with you. Whatever trash you produce on the island, you’ll have to take it back with you.

I recommend anyone to visit Kalanggaman when in this part of the Philippines. Boat rides can be arranged via Palompon Tourism Office. Alternatively, boats depart also from Malapascua Island.

Spending at least half a day is vital but, if time allows, opt for a full day in paradise and rejuvenate just with the power of nature.

18. Malapascua Island

White sandy beach and palm trees on Malapascua Island, Philippines

Recommended by Megan from Red Around the World

Malapascua is a tiny, carless island a few hours by bus then boat from Cebu City. It’s a diver’s paradise since it’s one of the best places in the world to see Thresher Sharks. Don’t dive? Don’t worry! There are still plenty of things to do in Malapascua to stay busy, though it is a beach island, so it’s great for just relaxing.

Most people spend three or four days here, depending on how much time you have overall for your Philippines trip. I spent a week there (as a non-diver) and could have stayed longer. If you do dive, you could easily spend a couple of weeks here doing dives and courses.

Of course, one of the best things to do is dive, but you can also go snorkeling and island hopping, walk around the island, drink mango juice (so good), read on the beach, look for the lighthouse and watch the sunset there.

If you happen upon it, try out the funnel roulette game in town at night! All in all, Malapascua island is a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.

19. Leyte

Whale shark on Leyte, Philippines

Recommended by Aaren from What Do You Sea

If you’ve been scrolling through endless amounts of content on the Philippines, there is an enormous chance that you’ve never heard of this island, known as Leyte Island. It’s dotted along the eastern side of the Philippines and makes for a fantastic couple-day pit stop between Cebu and Siargao Island.

What makes this island so much different and special than other islands in the Philippines, is that no one really comes here. Yes, really! This means you will have an entire island to explore and you get the white sand beaches all to yourself. Sounds too good to be true, right?

If you’re eager to etch this place into your Philippines itinerary, then you should set aside at least 3-4 total days here since transit times are very long.

This island is a great fit for adventurers since the top things to do here include swimming with whale sharks in Sogod Bay, diving in the Napantao Fish Sanctuary, taking in the rays at Tangkaan Beach, and hopping on a boat to explore San Pedro and San Pablo Islands!

To maximize your time and not waste a lot of time driving, you should stay in Southern Leyte (the southern part of the island near Sogod Bay). It is quite a trip to get there, but it’ll be one of the most memorable stops on your trip.

After the fast pace of some other well-known islands, this is the perfect place to dig your toes into the sand and relax for real!

20. Caramoan Islands

Caramoan islands, Philippines

Recommended by Roshni from The Wanderlust Within

The hidden gem region of Bicol in the Philippines is home to the tropical and deserted Caramoan Islands. This off-the-beaten-track destination is characterized by pristine white beaches, jagged limestone rocks, and crystal clear waters.

This remote cluster of islands in the Camarines Sur peninsula is an ideal destination for island hopping from one deserted island to the next.

Spend three days going in search of hidden coves, secret beaches, and quiet snorkeling spots, and unlike the rest of the country, it’s unlikely you’ll come across any other people apart from a few fishermen.

This is just one of the reasons why these tropical islands have been used to film the hit US TV show, Survivor.

The Caramoan islands have stayed one of the most untouched regions in the Philippines because the journey from Manila is not for the faint-hearted. After flying one hour to Legazpi City in Bicol, you must drive three hours to Sabang Port, followed by two hours on a bumpy speed boat to the Caramoan peninsula.

However, the inaccessibility ensures that the stunning white beaches remain that way, and Caramoan stays as a destination for the adventurous.

Planning a trip to the Philippines?

Then you might want to take a look at all our other travel guides about the Philippines. I promise, they are just as awesome as this article was!

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