Hotel Review: Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng

We spent one week in Laos during our 4 month long Asia trip and it’s no secret that Vang Vieng was my favorite place in the country! We stayed at the Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng for 3 nights which made our visit even more memorable.

If you’re looking for an amazing hotel with the most beautiful views over the mountains, this is your place! Here’s my complete review of the resort.

Disclosure: *This post contains a few affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through my link. Please note that we were invited to stay at Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.*

Basic Information

Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng

Address: Ban Viengkeo, PO 360, Vang Vieng,
Vientiane Province, Laos
Phone: +856 (0)20 569 55511
Instagram: @riversidevangvieng

Arriving at Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng


The Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng is located in the heart of the city on the banks of the Nam Song River. Whether you want to explore all the amazing places Vang Vieng has to offer or you want to relax in peace, this resort will be a perfect choice for you!

Luckily, with the completion of the Boten-Vientiane railway (which is the Lao section of the Lao-China Railway), getting to Vang Vieng now is a breeze. You can just easily board a train at either Luang Prabang or Vientiane, and in one hour, you’ll arrive at Vang Vieng.

Another option is to rent a car for a road trip. In this case, you can easily park in front of the resort.

Lobby & Check-in process

The parking lot is located right in front of the entrance. We entered through the door and immediately found ourselves in the stylish lobby, where we were greeted with a delicious juice.

Like every other room in the Riverside Boutique Resort, the lobby is also decorated with exotic wood and rattan furniture that reflects the traditions of the Lao ethnic groups and authentic art and craftwork by local artists. There is a small gift shop right next to the lobby if you want to buy some traditional Lao artwork.

One of the things I loved the most about the Riverside Boutique Resort is the staff. Everyone was so respectful and polite and we were always greeted with a big smile.

It was no different when we arrived either, we instantly felt welcomed. The check-in process was quick and smooth and after that, we were escorted to our room through the beautiful garden.

Outside gardens at

Rooms & Suites

The rooms at the Riverside Boutique Resort are located in five different two-story buildings around the pool. There are 2 Riverside Suites, 28 Deluxe Rooms, and 4 Classic Rooms in total.

We stayed in one of the Deluxe Rooms located in the LL building that faces the pool and the mountains directly.

Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng
Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng

Our room was located on the top floor and it was beautifully furnished. The king-sized bed was super comfy and we were greeted with a sweet welcome message placed on top of the bed.

The whole room design reflected the wealth and beauty of the traditional Lao ethnic groups, I absolutely loved it. The warm earth colors made us feel at home instantly. 

The private bathroom had a mixture of grey stone and wooden design. It featured a bathtub and a shower over the bath, a toilet, and a wash sink with a wooden mirror. We also received toiletries produced by “les Artisans Lao” from natural tropic plants.

Bedroom at Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng

The room had a big, private balcony overlooking the pool and the mountains on the other side of the river. The view was incredible!

Waking up to this view every morning felt like a dream. Since the sun sets behind the mountains we could watch the sunset from our balcony as well!

Terrace at Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng
View from the terrace at Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng

Service & Facilities


I think it’s safe to say that the pool is definitely the crown jewel in the Riverside Boutique Resort. Since all the rooms are located around the pool, all of them have an amazing view over this beautiful area.

The pool is located right next to the Nam Song River and offers a panoramic view over the mountains on the other side.

It’s the perfect place to unwind and relax after a busy day of exploring Vang Vieng. To make your time more memorable, you can order some cocktails and tapas to your sun lounger from the Nam Song Bar while watching a beautiful sunset.

Pool area at the Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng
Pool area at the Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng


We tried the Riverside Sala Spa on our last day before leaving Vang Vieng and it was the perfect ending to our wonderful stay.

The Spa is located in a remote area inside the Riverside Boutique Resort, right next to the Nam Song River. The ambiance of the place is very quiet and relaxing and it offers an amazing view over the mountains.

We both chose the 60 minutes long traditional Laos massage and it was so great! This type of massage is based on the body’s pressure points and the masseuses use their own body weight to add force to the rhythmic repetition.

The treatment usually starts with foot reflexology and then moves up to the legs, back, arms and head.

The 60 minutes long session costs 200,000 kip ($12 US) per person which is a very good price for the value. You can find all the information about the different treatments together with the prices on the Spa’s website.


There are two different places in the Riverside Boutique Hotel if you would like to grab something to eat: the Nam Song Bar and the Restaurant du Crabe d’Or.

Both are located in the same building right next to the pool. The Bar is on the ground floor while the Restaurant is on the upper level.

Restaurants at Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng

Nam Song Bar

The Nam Song Bar features a series of artwork from local artists and the whole style of the bar reflects the traditional Lao values. The bar is open from 9 am to 10 pm and it’s the perfect place for grabbing a cocktail or a coffee during the day.

At lunchtime, you can also order a light snack from the menu. There is a happy hour between 5 pm and 7 pm when you can get wines by the glass or cocktails with 50% off.

Nam Song Bar in Vang Vieng
Lunch at the Nam Song Bar in Vang Vieng

Restaurant du Crabe d’Or

Breakfast is served at the Restaurant du Crabe d’Or between 7 am and 10 am. The buffet-style breakfast is served inside the restaurant but you can choose to sit outside the terrace as well.

The view from the restaurant is absolutely amazing, on one side you have a view over the pool and on the other side over the river. There is a wide selection of food in the buffet and there is an egg station as well where you can order any type of egg.

Terrace at the Restaurant Crabe d'Or in Vang Vieng
View from the Restaurant Crabe d'Or over the pool at the Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng

Besides the breakfast hours, the restaurant is also open between 11.30 am and 9.30 pm so it’s perfect for lunch or dinner as well.

In fact, the Restaurant du Crabe d’Or is currently the nr. 1 restaurant in Vang Vieng according to Tripadvisor and I got to tell you, it totally lives up to the expectations!

On our first night, we tried the Lao degustation menu which is composed of 5 different dishes served at the same time. Although the menu contains fish and meat, if you’re a vegetarian like I am, they can offer you another type of dish to try like tofu or stir-fried vegetables.

We loved this restaurant so much that we ended up having dinner there every night. My ultimate favorite dish was the roasted eggplant with tomato and goat cheese but the fried noodles with vegetables and the mango sticky rice were also super delicious.

The vegetarian dishes were clearly marked on the menu which was a big help for me!

Dinner at Riverside Boutique Resort Vang Vieng 5

Final Thoughts

Staying at the Riverside Boutique Resort truly made our Laos trip even more memorable. The hotel and the surrounding area are absolutely beautiful, I loved the peaceful and quiet vibes of the resort. I will never forget how amazing it was to wake up to the gorgeous view over the pool and the mountains!

If you’re planning to visit Vang Vieng I can definitely recommend staying at the Riverside Boutique Resort.

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