Where to Stay in Naxos: 6 Best Areas & Hotels

Looking for the best places to stay in Naxos? You’re in the right place!

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades family and is home to the highest mountain, Mount Zas. Not only is this beautiful island famous for its pristine beaches, but it’s also known for its Greek mythology, lush meadows, and island-hopping day trips.

With so many sites to see, it may seem impossible to decide where to stay in Naxos. However, this guide is going to go through the six best areas to stay in Naxos to help you make your decision.

You’ll get an overview of each area, the pros and cons of staying there, and the top hotel choices for every budget. 

So, let’s dive into the best places to stay in Naxos!

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Overview of Where to Stay in Naxos

As Naxos is part of the Cyclades Island group, you’ll find the popular islands of Santorini, Mykonos, and Ios nearby.

Naxos may not be as well-known as these ‘bucket list’ islands but it has so much to offer including beautiful beaches, great food, and architectural sites. 

The island still attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year and can be reached by plane or ferry. The National Airport of Naxos receives direct flights from Athens, but you won’t find any international flights landing here.

If you choose to get the ferry you’ve got a lot more flexibility. Ferries run from Athens regularly, and routes also run from other islands in the Cyclades including Mykonos, Paros, and Santorini.

Once you’re on the island there are plenty of ways to get around. The public buses are by far the easiest and cheapest way to travel as they serve villages and beaches all across Naxos.

However, you can also hire a vehicle if you want a bit more flexibility. Options include cars, motorcycles, and ATVs. Taxis, water taxis, and private transfers are also available but these can be costly and often need to be booked in advance.

When you’re deciding where to stay in Naxos make sure you take into consideration transport links, nearby attractions, and of course, your budget. 

Whether you’re looking for luxury hotels in Naxos or want to keep the costs low – the island has plenty of choices. Generally, you’ll find that most areas have a variety of accommodations for every budget so you won’t be restricted to one or two areas. 

Now, of course, one of the main things to consider is the nearby attractions. There are plenty of beautiful beaches on Naxos, and lots of awesome archaeological sites. It’s always a good idea to decide where you want to visit first before choosing a base. 

If you don’t have time to read the article right now, then you can take a look at the below table. It covers the best areas to stay in Naxos and a quick breakdown of what each one offers.

AreaRecommended Hotel
Chora (sightseeing, transport links, first-time visitors, culture )Argo Boutique Hotel
Agios Prokopios (family-friendly, beach, food, relaxation )Margaret of Naxos
Agia Anna (budget-friendly, relaxation, family-friendly, beach)Cycladic Islands Hotel & Spa
Stelida (relaxation, beach, family-friendly)Kavos Boutique Hotel Naxos
Plaka (food, beach, family-friendly, transport links)Valena Mare Suites & Apartments
Mikri Vigla (beach, relaxation, budget-friendly, watersports)Oasis Studios

Best Areas to Stay in Naxos

If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide on where to stay in Naxos – I’ve got you covered. As the island is full of incredible places to visit, choosing a base isn’t easy.

To make things simpler for you, I’ve researched the best places to stay in Naxos. Along with my personal experiences, this guide is going to help you make that decision!

You’ll get to learn about each area, see who it’s generally best for, and browse the best hotel choices ranging from luxury to budget stays.

Without further ado, let’s take a look into each area and decide which one is most suited to you. 

1. Chora

Chora (otherwise known as Naxos Town) is the capital of the island and the most well-developed area on Naxos. It’s where the main port is located so if you’re traveling to the island by ferry, this will be your entry point. 

Chora is the historic heart of the island and you’ll find an endless amount of sites to visit, interesting landmarks, and narrow, winding alleyways. 

Some of the most popular places here include the old town, the Temple of Apollo, Kastro, and the Archaeological Museum of Naxos.

However, one of the highlights has to be Agios Georgios Beach. With its long stretch of golden sands, crystal clear waters, and scenic views, it’s one of the best beaches in Naxos. It’s ideal for relaxation, but you can also try out lots of water sports here too!

Not only does Chora have plenty of attractions to visit, but it’s also perfect for transport links. The main bus stop of Naxos is located here and routes run all across the island to other popular villages and beaches. That makes getting around and exploring super easy!

You’ll also find a variety of accommodation options here, ranging from 5-star hotels to cheap studio rooms.

So if you’re looking for plenty of sites to see, great transport links, and a beautiful beach, then Chora has to be one of the best places to stay in Naxos.

Pros and cons of staying in Chora


  • Great transport links 
  • Lots of attractions to visit


  • Can get very busy, especially during the summer months
  • The views aren’t as scenic compared to other areas of Naxos

The best places to stay in Chora

Nissaki Beach Hotel
Photo credit: Nissaki Beach Hotel via Booking.com

LUXURY – Nissaki Beach Hotel

Nissaki Beach Hotel is located right by Agios Georgios Beach and is only 200 meters away from Chora. Boasting stunning views of the Aegean Sea, this hotel also has plenty of great facilities including a swimming pool, an on-site restaurant, and a bar. Not only that, but many of the suites have a private balcony.

Argo Boutique Hotel
Photo credit: Argo Boutique Hotel via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Argo Boutique Hotel

Argo Boutique Hotel is situated in a quiet area within Chora and is just 50 meters from the beach. The rooms are beautifully decorated and incredibly spacious and are the perfect base for exploring the capital. You’ll also find plenty of on-site facilities including a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a restaurant.

Hotel Sphinx
Photo credit: Hotel Sphinx via Booking.com

BUDGET – Hotel Sphinx

Centrally located in Naxos Town, Hotel Sphinx is only 50 meters away from several traditional taverns, shops, and cafes, 150 meters from Agios Georgios Beach, and a 10-minute walk from Naxos Port. The Deluxe suites are really spacious, and worth the upgrade.

2. Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios is located just 3.5 km (2.2 miles) from Naxos airport. It’s only a small village but is a popular holiday destination for those traveling to the island.

It’s one of the best places to stay in Naxos as it’s just 5 km (3.1 miles) from Chora and is great for families. The waters are shallow here, there are plenty of food options, and there is even a water park to keep the little ones entertained. 

You’ll also find one of the island’s most popular beaches here – Agios Prokopios Beach. With its long stretch of golden sands, crystal clear waters, and sheltered location it’s no wonder that this beach has been awarded Blue Flag Status.

If you fancy a walk, you can head down to the beach until you come to the small chapel and salt lakes at the end.

Aside from that, there isn’t too much to do here making it the perfect place to relax. However, if you’re looking for something to do you can catch the bus to Chora, or walk to Agia Anna which will take around 15 minutes.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Naxos and you’re looking for a relaxing getaway – this is your place! 

There are also endless accommodation options for every budget, so you don’t have to worry about costs here. 

Pros and cons of staying in Agios Prokopios


  • Home to Agios Prokopios Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Naxos
  • Very family-friendly 


  • Not many attractions
  • If you want to catch the bus to other parts of Naxos, you’ll have to head back to Chora first

The best places to stay in Agios Prokopios

18 Grapes Hotel
Photo credit: 18 Grapes Hotel via Booking.com

LUXURY – 18 Grapes Hotel

This 5-star hotel boasts plenty of facilities including an outdoor pool with sea views, a restaurant, a bar, and a fitness center. There is also a spa on-site too if you’re looking for a bit of relaxation. The rooms at 18 Grapes Hotel are simply beautiful and come with an array of amenities including free WiFi, air conditioning, and a TV.

Margaret of Naxos
Photo credit: Margaret of Naxos via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Margaret of Naxos

Margaret of Naxos is situated in a great location to explore Agios Prokopios and is just a 1-minute walk from the beach. It offers a variety of guest rooms and suites, and some of them even have a private balcony with sea views. Car and bike rentals are also available at this property.

Agios Prokopios Hotel
Photo credit: Agios Prokopios Hotel via Booking.com

BUDGET – Agios Prokopios Hotel

Agios Prokopios Hotel offers plenty of double rooms for a great price. It’s located just a 2-minute walk from the beach and there is a bus stop just 150 meteres away. Not only is this hotel budget-friendly, but it has plenty of great amenities including a swimming pool with hydromassage facilities, a pool bar & snack bar, a children’s playground, and a tennis court. 

3. Agia Anna

If you’re wondering where to stay on Naxos island then Agia Anna is a popular choice. It’s home to a beautiful beach, has plenty of restaurants & bars, and is incredibly family-friendly.

The only thing you’ll need to be mindful of is the coastal road as it passes right by the beach, so don’t leave your little ones unattended by the beach’s edge.

Agia Anna is one of the most picturesque spots on the island with a quaint fishing harbor, turquoise waters, and traditional Greek houses. This beautiful village is a favorite with photographers, and it’s not hard to see why! 

Although you won’t find much to do in Agia Anna itself apart from relaxing on the beach, boat trips to other parts of the island are available daily from the jetty.

This is a great way to get around and will allow you to see the island’s beauty from the Aegean Sea. You can even catch the bus back to Chora or walk to Agios Prokopios which is just up the coast. 

Agia Anna is one of the best areas to stay in Naxos, especially if you’re traveling on a budget. They have plenty of great aparthotels offering cheap studios and rooms so you’ll have lots of choices.

There are also plenty of dining choices including Faros Stou Chiou, Akrogiali Restaurant, and Gorgona Greek Tavern.

Pros and cons of staying in Agia Anna


  • Plenty of budget-friendly options
  • Perfect for a relaxing getaway 


  • Very little to do apart from relaxing on the beach and going on tours
  • Only a small village but it does get very popular in the summer months

The best places to stay in Agia Anna

Cycladic Islands Hotel & Spa
Photo credit: Cycladic Islands Hotel & Spa via Booking.com

LUXURY – Cycladic Islands Hotel & Spa

This luxury hotel is just an 11-minute walk from the beach and offers beautiful sea-view studios. You’ll also find plenty of bars, restaurants, and vehicle rental offices in the area. During your stay, you’ll have access to the on-site swimming pool, the bar, and a spa & wellness center.

Naxian Breeze
Photo credit: Naxian Breeze via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Naxian Breeze

Naxian Breeze is located right by Agia Anna beach, and you’ll find plenty of bars, restaurants, and supermarkets nearby. They offer sea-view studios and apartments that sleep up to four people, which is great for small families. Each unit comes equipped with a kitchenette, a TV, and a balcony.

Naxos Mare
Photo credit: Naxos Mare via Booking.com

BUDGET – Naxos Mare

Naxos Mare is one of the most budget-friendly options in Agia Anna with a variety of sea-view rooms available for a great price. You’ll have a private kitchenette, a private bathroom, and a balcony (in most cases) where you can enjoy the views. Not only that, but there’s a seasonal outdoor pool available, a fitness center, and a bar on-site.

4. Stelida

The area of Stelida isn’t often thought of when people are choosing where to stay in Naxos. However, it’s really close to the beautiful Agios Prokopios Beach and is the perfect place to relax. 

This area hasn’t started to gain huge popularity yet, as much of the accommodation here has only been built within the past couple of years. Not only does this make Stelida incredibly peaceful, but it’s also the perfect place to stay if you want to escape the crowds.

This part of Naxos is also a great area for families as it’s really quiet, but dining options and bars are limited unless you wander further along the beach.

Stelida is a protected area and you’ll often find many archaeological digs taking place here. Many of the exhibits on display at the Archaeological Museum of Naxos have been found in Stelida which is pretty cool! 

Although you won’t find much to do in Stelida, there are plenty of places nearby. Agios Prokopios is just a 25-minute walk, while the capital of Chora is just 5 km (3.1 miles) away.

If you’re looking for somewhere quiet and crowd-free, then Stelida is one of the best places to stay in Naxos.

The only thing to consider is the accommodation. Choices here are more limited compared to other areas on the island, so you may have to book in advance. 

Pros and cons of staying in Stelida


  • Very quiet so perfect for families 
  • Beautiful beach 


  • Limited choice of accommodation compared to other areas
  • Not much to do here other than head to the beach

The best places to stay in Stelida 

Kavos Boutique Hotel Naxos
Photo credit: Kavos Boutique Hotel Naxos via Booking.com

LUXURY – Kavos Boutique Hotel Naxos

Kavos Boutique Hotel Naxos is just a 10-minute walk from the beach and is the definition of luxury! You’ll find an array of facilities at this hotel including an outdoor swimming pool that offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Guests will also have access to the sun terrace, fitness center, and the on-site ‘Stelida Restaurant’ which serves tasty Mediterranean cuisine. 

Kouros Art Hotel (Adults Only)
Photo credit: Kouros Art Hotel (Adults Only) via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Kouros Art Hotel (Adults Only)

Kouros Art Hotel is located just 400 meters from Stelida Beach and you’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars nearby. There are also lots of awesome facilities here including a swimming pool, a hot tub, a restaurant, and a bar. Guests can also request massage and beauty treatments.

Lianos Village
Photo credit: Lianos Village via Booking.com

BUDGET – Lianos Village

Lianos Village is one of the best budget options in Stelida. It has plenty of great facilities including a swimming pool, a bar, and a continental breakfast is included with your stay. Their rooms are designed beautifully and many of them have a private balcony or terrace. You’ll also have access to free WiFi during your stay and the rooms come with a fridge too! 

5. Plaka

Plaka is one of the best areas to stay in Naxos, especially for families and couples on a romantic getaway. With its pristine beach, incredible food, scenic views, and fiery sunsets it’s no wonder this area is so popular.

You won’t find much to do here other than relaxing on Plaka Beach, so if you’re looking for a chilled getaway – this is a great option.

The beach itself is beautiful with endless stretches of white sand, turquoise waters, and plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas. It’s even been awarded Blue Flag Status! 

Plaka is also a great place to snorkel so grab your action camera and wonder at Greece’s colorful marine life.

If you’re looking to take a few trips out of Plaka then you can catch the bus to Agios Prokopios or Agia Anna. 

When it comes to food, you’ll have plenty of great dining options available including the Petrino Beach Restaurant, the 3 Brothers Restaurant, and Nikos & Maria Restaurant.

Not only that but there are several beachside bars along Plaka beach where you can grab a drink and relax. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy one of the area’s beautiful sunsets. 

So, if you’re wondering where to stay on Naxos island then Plaka is one of the most popular choices. 

Pros and cons of staying in Plaka


  • Home to Plaka Beach
  • Plenty of beachside tavernas and restaurants


  • Not many attractions here aside from the beach
  • Can get busy during the summer months

The best places to stay in Plaka

Ammothines Cycladic Suites
Photo credit: Ammothines Cycladic Suites via Booking.com

LUXURY – Ammothines Cycladic Suites

Ammothines Cycladic Suites is located just 100 meters from Plaka Beach, and both Mikri Vigla Beach and Orkos Beach are within 1.9 km (1.2 miles). You’ll find plenty of incredible facilities at this hotel including a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and a terrace area. A buffet breakfast is included with your stay and all the rooms have a balcony with sea views.

Valena Mare Suites & Apartments
Photo credit: Valena Mare Suites & Apartments via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Valena Mare Suites & Apartments

Valena Mare Suites & Apartments is set just 200 meters from Plaka Beach and you’ll find plenty of tavernas, minimarts, and a bus stop nearby. Although the rooms and suites here are beautiful, this aparthotel has lots of other facilities to offer. They have BBQ facilities, a swimming pool, a bar, and currency exchange services too.

Acti Plaka Hotel
Photo credit: Acti Plaka Hotel via Booking.com

BUDGET – Acti Plaka Hotel

Acti Plaka Hotel is just a few steps away from Plaka Beach and boasts an outdoor swimming pool that offers spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. There are currently two studios and apartments available at this hotel and each one has a private balcony. The units are beautiful and there’s a bus stop just 400 meters away so it’s in a great location to explore the island.

6. Mikri Vigla

Mikri Vigla is situated just 2 km (1.2 miles) from Plaka Beach and is one of the best places to stay in Naxos if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday.

You’ll also find a couple of beachside tavernas and restaurants here including Mikri Vigla Restaurant, Kontos Taverna, and Victoria Cafe.

The only thing about staying in Mikri Vigla is that there aren’t really any attractions nearby. Although wind and kite surfing are extremely popular here!

However, if you’re looking for something else to do, then Plaka Beach is just a 30-minute walk away. You can also head to the island’s capital which is found nearby.

You can even take a trip out to Panagi Parthen Island which is located just off the coast of Mikri Vigla. There is a beautiful church standing alone on the island, and you’ll also find some great snorkeling opportunities here.

If you’re looking for a luxury getaway then you might be better off choosing another area to stay.

Accommodation choices in Mikri Vigla are limited and primarily consist of studios, apartments, and cheap hotel rooms. However, this does make it one of the best areas to stay in Naxos for budget travelers. 

It’s also not a lively area, so if you’re after nightlife or late-night tavernas – I’d recommend staying in Chora instead which is only 11 km (6.8 miles) away.

Pros and cons of staying in Mikri Vigla


  • Quiet and peaceful
  • Great for watersports 


  • Limited accommodation options compared to other areas in Naxos
  • No nightlife or lively atmosphere, so not suitable for people who are after this

The best places to stay in Mikri Vigla

Oasis Studios
Photo credit: Oasis Studios via Booking.com

LUXURY – Oasis Studios

Oasis Studios is within walking distance to several beaches and offers spacious self-catered studios and apartments. Many of them even have a private balcony offering stunning sea views. Guests will also have access to the on-site swimming pool, pool bar, and library. There is even a hot tub available to use! 

Depis Sea Side private Villas
Photo credit: Depis Sea Side private Villas via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Depis Sea Side private Villas

Depis Sea Side Private Villas is located just 100 meters from the beach and sleeps up to 8 people. There are plenty of awesome facilities on-site too including an outdoor hot tub, a BBQ, and free WiFi. Bike hire is also available and there are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.

Victoria Studios & Apartments
Photo credit: Victoria Studios & Apartments via Booking.com

BUDGET – Victoria Studios & Apartments

Victoria Studios & Apartments is located just 20 meters from Mikri Vigla Beach and offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea. They offer a variety of units sleeping between 2-4 people and each one is equipped with a kitchenette, private bathroom, and free WiFi. There is also a snack bar on-site.

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