21 Imerovigli Hotels with Caldera Views You Can’t Miss

Those visiting Santorini should consider booking a stay in Imerovigli, the most elegant and upscale village! This is one of the most scenic parts of all of Santorini, and there are panoramic views everywhere. There are many Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views that shouldn’t be missed.

Each of the hotels throughout this list has been carefully selected, and they vary in budget and traveler type. No matter what kind of holiday you’re looking to have, you’ll surely find a hotel on this list worth staying at.

Here are all of the best Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views!

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Quick Lockdown of the Top Hotels in Imerovigli with Caldera View


Remezzo Villas

The most breathtaking place to stay in all of Imerovigli is Remezzo Villas. It’s situated in a historic building that was restored to resemble the classic architecture of the area, and each room has a light airiness to it, perfect for vacation. 

If you don’t have a lot of time, check out our quick list of top picks for hotels in Imerovigli with best views.

Best Imerovigli Hotels with Caldera Views

1. Cavo Tagoo Santorini

Cavo Tagoo Santorini
Photo credit: Cavo Tagoo Santorini

Price range: $$$

Cavo Tagoo Santorini is one of the best Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views for those visiting the area with a larger budget. It’s an exclusive hotel with sunset views, excellent services, and luxurious rooms that guests will love.

One of the huge advantages of staying at this hotel is that guests can easily arrange boat trips with the help of Cavo Tagoo Santorini. This can include cruises or even boats to nearby islands that guests want to visit.

Rooms are elegant yet sleek with black and white furniture and decor. There are ample windows for enjoying the breathtaking view outside. For an unforgettable stay, book the Cavo Tagoo Suite with Pool.

2. Oyster Luxury Suites

Oyster Luxury Suites
Photo credit: Oyster Luxury Suites

Price range: $$ – $$$

Couples visiting the area will absolutely love Oyster Luxury Suites, one of the hotels in Imerovigli with best views. Its location is fantastic because it’s only 2.9 km (1.8 miles) from the beautiful Exo Gialos Beach.

The hotel rooms are super bright and airy, with high ceilings. The rooms feature all-white walls, archways, lots of windows for natural lighting, and warm wood pops of color. All guests at the hotel can visit the swimming pool, garden, and on-site bar.

Amenities at this hotel are what make it go above and beyond. Some rooms even feature private spa baths. Breakfast is also available in the morning to make the vacation experience easy for guests.

3. White Pearl Cavalieri

White Pearl Cavalieri
Photo credit: White Pearl Cavalieri

Price range: $$ – $$$

White Pearl Cavalieri may just be one of the most unique Imerovigli hotels with caldera views! It’s a cave hotel, meaning the rooms were built into the mountain. Various room types are available for guests depending on a traveler’s budget.

This property is over the top with its incredible amenities. There’s an infinity swimming pool, perfect for an Instagram photo shoot. There’s also an all-day bar and room service available to all guests at the hotel.

The rooms are very naturalistic in style compared to other Imerovigli hotels with sea view. The rooms have organic shapes, and there are exposed stones throughout. Most of the rooms are cream with pops of maroon to add some color.

4. Nobu Hotel Santorini

Nobu Hotel Santorini
Photo credit: Nobu Hotel Santorini

Price range: $$$

Nobu Hotel Santorini is one of the most underrated Imerovigli sunset view hotels. It’s got some of the best services you can get on the island, and everyone who stays is genuinely given the royal treatment.

Rooms are very clean and spacious with sleek dark furnished elements and decor. Guests can enjoy private terraces, free wifi, and more. Some of the rooms even feature entirely private pools.

This is one of the most popular neighborhoods to visit on the island, making this an incredible place to stay. It’s only 2.4 km (1.5 miles) from Skaros and is also near lots of restaurants, bars, churches, mountains, and even the beach.

5. Cocoon Suites

Cocoon Suites
Photo credit: Cocoon Suites

Price range: $$$

The Cocoon Suites offer incredible Caldera panoramic views. There are also great spots to overlook the Aegean Sea at this property. Travelers with a larger budget who want more of a natural stay will love staying at the Cocoon Suites, one of the hotels in Imerovigli with best views.

The rooms feature imperfect, organic shapes and arches, giving the accommodation a handmade feel. Lots of the pieces inside the rooms were also created with natural materials like driftwood and even rocks, among other things.

Amenities are abundant at this hotel and include breakfast served in the suite (or balcony), massage sessions for a fee, mattresses with sleep technology, and even bathrobes with slippers for extra comfort.

6. Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort
Photo credit: Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

Price range: $$ – $$$

For those who want a serene stay, book a few nights at the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort, one of the top Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views. The rooms are incredibly minimalistic but genuinely make the guest feel like they’re on vacation.

It’s serene because it’s located on a hill looking at the Mediterranean Sea. Guests can enjoy tons of spa treatments to put them at ease and help them relax. There are a personal trainer and yoga classes available upon request too.

Rooms come with luxurious furniture, private swimming pools, a living room, and a private bathroom. Some of the beds are also circular, which helps upgrade the room from the traditional rectangle shape.

7. Caldera’s Majesty

Caldera’s Majesty
Photo credit: Caldera’s Majesty

Price range: $

Travelers visiting the area with a lower budget do not have to miss out on any Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views because Caldera’s Majesty is a perfect fit! The property is self-catering and still has the unique minimalistic accommodation atmosphere that other properties have.

Suites at Caldera’s Majesty don’t skimp on great amenities. Rooms feature flat-screen televisions, balconies, seating areas, and breakfast in the mornings. Some also have private hot tubs for guests to relax in peace.

The rooms are simple but feature warm wood accents and fun light fixtures. For those wanting to stay at any Imerovigli sunset view hotels, this would also be a great option, with terraces that offer beautiful sunset views at night.

8. Honeymoon Petra Villas

Honeymoon Petra Villas
Photo credit: Honeymoon Petra Villas

Price range: $$ – $$$

The Honeymoon Petra Villas is one of the best Imerovigli hotels with sea views. It’s another of the hotels in the area that’s technically in a cliff, so there are some cave-themed rooms, like the Traditional Cave House with Caldera View.

Guests can enjoy air conditioning, balconies with Caldera and Santorini Bay views, and air conditioning. Certain rooms also have other extras that you can’t find in others. All guests also have access to a steam bath, rooftop pool, piano bar, and BBQ facilities.

The location alone really sells this property! It’s 0.08 km (0.5 miles) from Skaros but is also near great restaurants, cathedrals, museums, and beaches. The property can also help with any boat or yacht rentals that guests need to spend a day out on the water.

9. Kasimatis by La Perla – Adults Only

Kasimatis by La Perla
Photo credit: Kasimatis by La Perla

Price range: $ – $$

One of the best ways for adults looking for peace and tranquility on their trip is to book an adults-only hotel like Kasimatis by La Perla – Adults Only! It’s built in the traditional Cycladic style of architecture that Greece is known for.

As one of the top Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views, guests can’t go wrong by booking a stay here. The rooms are very modern with all white walls and grey accents. The beds face the balcony, which offers sweeping views of the Caldera and the sea.

Rooms also come with air conditioning, a kitchenette, and a television. Select rooms also include a spa bath. However, all guests can head out to the swimming pool to cool off or the library for some relaxing reading.

10. Kapari Natural Resort

Kapari Natural Resort
Photo credit: Kapari Natural Resort

Price range: $$ – $$$

The Kapari Natural Resort property is so breathtaking that it looks like a painting. Various room types are available for travelers depending on budget, making it an ideal place to stay in Imerovigli.

Each room is incredibly neutral and features high ceilings and organic shapes throughout. Rooms feature cave-like rooms, making the accommodation feel extremely comfortable and cozy for a night’s stay.

Kapari Natural Resort has excellent amenities, including American breakfast, the Kapari Wine Restaurant, HDTVs with movie collections, 24-hour reception, and 24-hour room service with a select menu. The restaurant, in particular, is incredible, featuring dishes made with all fresh local ingredients.

11. Whitedeck Santorini

Whitedeck Santorini
Photo credit: Whitedeck Santorini

Price range: $ – $$

The Whitedeck Santorini is a classic Imerovigli hotel featuring great views that should not be overlooked. The rooms are very bright and have a unique ambiance. The suites are truly luxurious and include views of the Caldera and the nearby Venetian castle ruins.

Rather than serving American breakfast like many other accommodations on this list of Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views, Whitedeck Santorini features a classic Greek breakfast with all local ingredients.

Guests at the hotel have access to an abundance of different amenities. There’s a hot tub, bar, air conditioning, flat-screen televisions, free wifi, and minibars.

12. Krokos Villas

Krokos Villas
Photo credit: Krokos Villas

Price range: $

The Krokos Villas are a beautiful place to stay in Imerovigli, located right on Main Street. They’re located on the side of the cliffs overlooking the breathtaking and scenic Caldera. Rooms are spacious with high ceilings and naturalistic decor.

Each room is styled primarily white (which is classic here) with grey and black accents. The minimalism of the rooms allows for the focus to be on the breathtaking view. The beds are situated to face the view so that guests can take it in the second they wake up in the mornings!

Amenities at the hotel are excellent, and feature balconies, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, free wifi, and some rooms even have private kitchenettes. Rooms can accommodate anywhere from two to four people depending on the booked suite type.

13. Remezzo Villas

Remezzo Villas
Photo credit: Remezzo Villas

Price range:

The Remezzo Villas are breathtaking and large, perfect for those visiting the area with larger groups. Rooms can accommodate two to four people, and rooms vary with different budgets.

These rooms are unlike others in the area. Most of them are classic white with lots of bright lighting coming from the windows, but others have dark features, almost like they are situated in a cave. It provides a unique accommodation stay.

The highlight is that the accommodation is historic, dating back to the 1800s. It was fully restored and turned into what it is today. The architecture is incredibly historic with natural curved edges. Guests can enjoy air conditioning, terraces, flat-screen televisions, coffee machines, and more.

14. Tholos Resort

Tholos Resort
Photo credit: Tholos Resort

Price range: $$ – $$$

Tholos Resort is more than just one of the Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views; it’s truly an entire experience. It’s a 4-star resort with panoramic views of the volcano and ocean. Each room is upscale and stylish, featuring an atmosphere unlike others in the area.

Every guest at this accommodation can enjoy an American breakfast, a private balcony, a swimming pool, a bar, a cafe, air conditioning, and more. This accommodation is truly a work of art, with unique shapes everywhere you look. It almost feels like a museum that you can stay the night in.

The location of Tholos Resort is excellent. It’s less than a kilometer (0.5 miles) away from Skaros and is also near Megazo Gyzi, the Catholic Cathedral of Santorini, and the Central Bus Station for transportation. 

15. West East Suites

West East Suites
Photo credit: West East Suites

Price range: $$$

The West East Suites is one of the more modern and high-end places to stay in Imerovigli for those who want to experience Caldera views. They don’t feature the traditional style of architecture that the area is known for, making them pretty unique. 

Rooms are neutral with dark wood accents and lots of grey and brown throughout. There are paintings and photographs on the wall, which add to each room’s atmosphere. Guests can also enjoy terraces, private pools or hot tubs, minibars, and more.

It’s only 4 km (2.5 miles) from Fira, where all of the nightclubs and great restaurants are, making it a perfect place to stay for travelers who love to explore. Free Wi-Fi is available for all guests if they want to stream movies or get some work done during their trip.

16. On The Rocks – Small Luxury Hotels of the World

On The Rocks - Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Photo credit: On The Rocks – Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Price range: $$ – $$$

Another of the best Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views is On The Rocks – Small Luxury Hotels of the World. It is only 1.9 km (1.2 miles) from Fira and is right beside the Caldera basin. Each of the rooms here overlooks the Caldera so that they can enjoy the view no matter a guest’s budget.

Each room features bright white walls and decor that increases elegance with black and grey colors. There are also classic Greek arches and other modern yet traditional elements. 

Those staying at the hotel can enjoy a swimming pool, bar with classic drinks and snacks, and shared verandas. Couples or those traveling in pairs absolutely love staying at On The Rocks – Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

17. Divine Cave Experience

Divine Cave Experience
Photo credit: Divine Cave Experience

Price range: $$$

The Divine Cave Experience is truly picture perfect and is only 1.4 km (0.9 miles) from Skaros. The hotel has a restaurant, a garden, a bar, a hot tub, airport transfers, room service, and more. Everything a guest could want is available at the Divine Cave Experience!

As the name suggests, the rooms genuinely do feel like caves. They’re very deep. Though the windows are scarce, there’s tons of lighting with the fun artificial lights on the ceiling, which add to the ambiance of the rooms.

Many of the rooms feature textured walls and minimalistic furniture. Just the necessities are in each room, helping guests to live in the moment and enjoy the incredible view. For a great time, enjoy the pool that overlooks the sea.

18. Absolute Bliss

Absolute Bliss
Photo credit: Absolute Bliss

Price range: $$

With a property name like Absolute Bliss, how could you go wrong? The name is very fitting as it’s one of the best Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views. The accommodation is very classically romantic and is on one of the higher points in the area.

Couples in particular love staying here. In fact, upon arriving at the hotel, those on a honeymoon are greeted with complimentary wine! Rooms come with air conditioning, patios, minibars, a coffee machine, and more.

The property also has quite a few available facilities for all of them staying at the accommodation. There’s a swimming pool, room service, airport shuttle, and even breakfast. The closest beach is Pori beach, 2.7 km (1.7 miles) away.

19. Altana Heritage Suites

Altana Heritage Suites
Photo credit: Altana Heritage Suites

Price range: $$ – $$$

Situated pretty high above the water and offering incredible scenic views, the Altana Heritage Suites are a perfect place to stay. It’s one of the great hotels in Imerovigli with a view that’s incredibly breathtaking.

The hotel is situated in a historic building dating back to the 18th century, so it does have a bit of architectural charm. Many of the rooms feature organic shapes, bright white walls, and high ceilings. 

Amenities in each room are great, so guests can be relieved and have a welcoming stay. There’s air conditioning, a mini bar, bathrooms, and lots of windows. Some rooms also have private pools that overlook the sea.

20. Cresanto Luxury Suites

Cresanto Luxury Suites
Photo credit: Cresanto Luxury Suites

Price range: $$ – $$$

The Cresanto Luxury Suites is a beautiful place to stay when visiting Greece. As one of the top Imerovigli hotels with Caldera views, the accommodation oozes elegance at every corner. Plus, the panoramic views are incredible, too!

Amenities in each room are abundant and feature air conditioning, coffee machines, and even a seating area. Select rooms have private swimming pools (like the Presidential Suites) or hot tubs. American breakfast is also available in the morning for guests!

Each room is unique in its appearance but tends to be all neutrals. There are unique light fixtures that add to the minimalistic atmosphere of the accommodation. The staff here is incredible and will help with every request, even the small ones!

21. The Vasilicos

The Vasilicos
Photo credit: The Vasilicos

Price range: $$ – $$$

The Vasilicos is a great upscale hotel in Imerovigli, perfect for couples traveling! It’s right near the Byzantine Monastery of Agios Nikolaos and is one of the higher accommodations on this list.

The rooms are incredibly bright with white walls, plush beds, and colorful decor. Many of the rooms also feature exposed beam wooden ceilings, which add a touch of warmth to the rooms. There are also tons of windows, offering lots of bright natural light.

Facilities at the hotel are excellent, including an airport shuttle, swimming pool, room service, a bar, breakfast, and free wifi, which are available to guests. The best part of this hotel is also the restaurant open only to guests. The meals are tailor-made to those staying there.

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