Where to See the Best Sunset in Santorini

Watching a sunset in Santorini is a truly magical experience. The view is always incredible from the west side of the island and the colors are just out of this world. Read along to know where to see the best sunset in Santorini, including their exact locations and tips about how to escape the crowds!

If you want to know more about Santorini including how to get there, when is the best time to go, where to stay, and what to do, check out my Santorini Travel Guide!

It is jam-packed with useful information about the island and it’s especially helpful if you are a first-timer. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check my 3 days in Santorini itinerary as well!

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Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Oia

Oia is the first place that comes to mind when talking about the best sunset in Santorini. It’s one of the most prettiest cities in Europe and if you are looking for that postcard-perfect view, that’s the place you need to visit.

Unfortunately, since it is the most popular place it’s always crowded like crazy. I will share the most famous spot but I will also tell you about my favorite secret viewpoint where you can have an amazing sunset view without all the people, so keep reading!

Oia Sunset Spot nr. 1 – Oia Castle

I’ve already told you that Oia is the most popular place for sunset watching and Oia Castle is the most famous sunset spot in town. Based on that I think you can imagine how crowded this place gets around sunset. Now multiply it by three! It is really that crazy!

I would say that you should go early but based on what I saw early won’t help you either. Unless you plan to come like 3-4 hours earlier, go to the castle, secure your spot and not move until the sunset is over. Oh, and expect to share the experience with at least 300 other people. Seriously.

Sunset in Oia, Santorini
The crowds in Oia around sunset

I tried to make my way up there around sunset but it was just impossible to find a spot. Don’t expect a normal castle at this place, unfortunately, it was destroyed in an earthquake.

Only a part of the old watchtower survived so there is no castle, in reality, just the ruins of the castle. I don’t have any sunset pictures from here but you can see the view in the below photos during the daytime.

View from the Oia Castle in Santorini

Yes I know, the view is really beautiful but I think it just doesn’t worth it. Especially since I know another spot where the view is exactly the same and you can have it all to yourself! Let’s continue with that.

Oia Sunset Spot nr. 2 – The Byzantine Castle Ruins

Now that you know how crowded Oia Castle gets around sunset, let me show you another way to experience the sunset in a much calmer place. Most people go to the top of the castle where the old watchtower stood once. Instead of going up, start going down!

If you start to walk from the city center in the direction of the castle you will end up at this spot that you can see on the below photo. If you wanna go up to the castle you should continue to the left side but instead of doing that, continue right!

Roads leading to the best sunset in Santorini

You have to take a few turns on the road and you will pass by this cute orange building called Kastro Oia Houses. (It’s also one of the most instagrammable places in Santoroni, just FYI!)

Soon you will see the old castle walls on the hillside. This is your spot! You can easily climb up there and you will only have to share this place with a handful of people.

Roads leading to the best sunset in Santorini

We were sitting on that road you can see on the left side of the photo. Since there were almost no other tourists we could take so many amazing photos! If you walk all the way to the door at the end of that road you will find a small cave so you can create a perfect frame for your photos.

There is no doubt that Santorini is really one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, just look at this view!

Sunset in Oia, Santorini

Sunset spot nr. 3 – Go on a sunset cruise

Boat tours are one of the most popular things to do in Oia as they offer an incredible view of the caldera and the surrounding towns. There are tons of different options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

The sunset tours are one of the most expensive tours, they usually start from €100-150. Since we had only one night in Oia we didn’t go for a cruise but I’ve heard many positive reviews. If you are staying there for more than one night and you have the budget, definitely go for it!

One great tour to consider is the Santorini Catamaran Red Cruise. It comes with a delicious barbecue dinner and wine. During the cruise, you’ll head past both the Red Beach and White Beach and have the opportunity to jump in and swim a bit!

If the above-mentioned tour is already full or you’re looking for another option for any reason, you could also consider a 5-hour small group Catamaran Cruise that includes a traditional Greek buffet lunch or dinner. 

Where to stay in Oia

If you want to watch a magical sunset in Oia, it’s best to stay at a hotel nearby. Luckily Oia has many options to choose from, you can see all the hotels by clicking here. If you’re not in the mood for searching, check out my recommendations below!

Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Fira

Fira is the capital city of Santorini and it offers a wide selection of hotels. Chances are pretty high that you will stay there at least for a few nights. Fira isn’t known for its sunsets but trust me you can witness some pretty amazing sunsets there too! And it’s less crowded than Oia so that’s definitely a plus point.

Sunset spot nr. 1 – Franco’s Bar

We arrived to Fira in the afternoon and I was searching for a place to have a coffee with a nice view. That’s how we ended up in Franco’s Bar. The bar was practically empty and there were no other people around us on the terrace. As the view was just perfect we decided to stay here for sunset. What a great decision we made!

The only downside of the bar is that it’s quite pricy. Coffees, beers, ciders, and wines cost around €6-10 while cocktails are between €15-20.

I know it’s a lot but I think it’s totally worth watching the sunset from there even with prices that high. This is definitely not the place to get drunk but buying one beer wouldn’t break the bank. And it’s so worth it for the view!

When the sun slowly started to set it gave the whole city a warm golden glow. The view was absolutely fantastic! The staff at the bar changed the music to a beautiful classic song which made the experience even more memorable. Half an hour later the whole city was lit up and the sky turned into a soft purple color. What a magical night it was!

Sunset in Fira, Santorini
The view from the bar during golden hour
Santorini at night
The same view, only half an hour later

Sunset spot nr. 2 – Along the wall

If you wanna experience the same view for totally free – you can do it as well! You can simply stop anywhere along the low walls in Fira (even around Franco’s Bar) and you will get the exact same view.

The downside is that the walls will be crowded so try to be there as early as you can to secure a good spot for yourself! You won’t be able to get good photos of yourself due to the crowds and the lack of space but if your goal is just only sunset-watching you will still get a memorable experience from there as well.

Where to stay in Fira

As I’ve mentioned before, Fira offers a wide selection of hotels so I can absolutely recommend staying there for a few nights. You can check all the accommodations by clicking here or if you’re not in the mood for searching, look at my recommendations below!

Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Akrotiri

Akrotiri lies in the southwest corner of Santorini. Since it is quite far from the main touristy area it’s not so popular amongst visitors and only a handful of people go there. The Akrotiri peninsula is famous for the ruins from the Minoan period so if you’re a fan of archeological sites I can totally recommend checking it out!

What got me really excited is that I accidentally found out that there is a lighthouse on the southwest edge of the island. I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with lighthouses! So I instantly knew I had to go there.

Sunset at the Akrotiri Lighthouse in Santorini

While the view is pretty epic I only recommend going there if you have your own car and you saw the sunsets in Oia and Fira. It takes like a 50-minute drive from Oia or a 25-minute drive from Fira to get there. You can park your car along the road close to the lighthouse and since it’s not so popular it’s easy to find a parking spot.

Most people who go there walk all the way to the lighthouse but there is a hill behind the lighthouse where you can easily climb up (there are even stairs on the hillside).

I think the view from the hill is far better because this way you can have a view of the lighthouse and the sunset as well! You can find some little caves in the hillside that make a perfect framing for the photos but the smell is really awful inside so I only recommend going there if you are truly passionate about photography!

Oh and one more thing: Santorini was really windy almost all the time while we were there in mid-September but this place was the windiest of all! Since you are practically on top of a hill on the edge of the island it’s only natural. I’m only saying this to be prepared for some serious gust of wind!

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  1. Thank you for sharing all the best spots for sunset! I have heard that it can get very busy with tourists, so the day I will visit here I will be happy to get the best views with less people! Looks really beautiful!

    • Aw thank you OphΓ©lie! Yeah, Santorini is quite tricky when it comes to sunsets because it’s SO busy all the time, that’s why we were aiming to find some lesser known spots as well πŸ™‚

  2. What an incredible post this is. And such amazing pictures of the sunsets and you. Santorini has long been on my bucket list. Hope to be able to see it sometime soon after this current situation is over.

  3. Oh all your photos are so beautiful! I loved watching the sunset in Oia, it was one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever seen.

  4. your pictures are magical! I must say I was a bit disappointed at Santorini, I thought it was sooooo touristic. But I must admit the sunset and the views of the caldera were spectacular. <3

    • I totally agree with you, I was a bit disappointed too. But we visited in the middle of September so the tourist crowds were already thinner and yeah all the struggle was so worth it for the sunsets! πŸ™‚

      • We are at Santorini now, in september. Not too crowdy. The caldera and sunset are beautiful, but besides that, I would skip Santorini. The island is quite barren and feels like a tourist trap everywhere. I would recommend Naxos for it’s beaches and the island as a whole.

  5. Thanks for the heads up about Oia Castle at sunset. So many times I follow recommendations for sunset or sunrise spots but no one tells you how overcrowded they are. Now I know to avoid πŸ™‚

    • Ah yeah the Oia Castle is a real nightmare, I’ve never seen so many people in such a small place. But luckily there were basically no one at the other viewpoint so we were lucky with that πŸ™‚

  6. Island hopping in Greece was one of my most memorable experiences! It was a couple of years ago – but your photos really make me want to visit again. Greece has its own charm that truly unmatched.

    • Ahh island hopping in Greece sounds so amazing! I would love to go back to Greece as well and visit more islands.

  7. Some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen were in Greece. I totally need to go back and spend more time in Santorini. Your photos are absolutely beautiful and this is an amazing guide. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Taylor! And yeah I totally agree with you, the sunsets in Greece are totally out of this world πŸ™‚

  8. Wow! Such stunning photos! I got married in Santorini almost 4 years ago in Imerovigli and it still is one of the most beautiful places on Earth! πŸ™‚

    • Wow that could have been such a dream wedding! Imerovigli is really beautiful and luckily it’s not so crowded like Oia or Fira. I would love to go back and spend more time in there πŸ™‚

    • Wow! I just got back from Santorini and we stayed in Imerovigli. The first thing that greeted us was a wedding ceremony at the hotelβ€˜s balcony. I can just imagine yours was so romantic & magical. Btw, Imerovigli is a charming village and a best spot for sunset viewing minus the crowd.

  9. These sunset photos look so magical! I was supposed to be in Greece last week but obviously I couldn’t go. I loved looking at all your photos and felt like I was there in spirit at least!

  10. Loved your tip about The Byzantine Castle Ruins for sunset! That’s such a great tip and your pictures there are stunning!

    • Thank you, I’m so happy to hear that! It was such a great spot and not many people know about it so I thought it’s worth sharing it πŸ™‚


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