Top 8 Most Instagrammable Places in Jordan

Jordan is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. The dramatic landscapes, red sand dunes, and world-famous ruins grant a beautiful backdrop for every Instagram photo.

In this post, I collected all the most instagrammable places in Jordan with their exact locations and a bunch of useful tips about when to visit or how to get there.

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Most Instagrammable Places in Jordan

1. The Treasury, Petra – From the ground

The Treasury is with no doubt the most famous landmark in Jordan. It is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and it was used as a filming location for many famous movies like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Seeing this masterpiece in real life was a huge bucket list experience for me!

Location on Google Maps: The Treasury, Petra

How to get there: After you passed the entrance of Petra you need to walk through the Siq. It’s a 2 km long fairly easy walk and at the end of the trail, you will reach the Treasury. 

Best time to go: Being one of the most visited places in Jordan the Treasury gets crazily crowded during the day. If you want to have the place to yourself the best time to go is right after opening time (at 6 am).

Another great time to shoot is around closing time when everybody starts to leave. Keep in mind though that closing time varies between seasons – it’s 6 pm in summer and 4 pm in winter.

Cost: If you want to visit the Treasury you need to buy an entrance ticket to Petra. You can buy a one, two or three-day ticket to Petra and the price is also different for visitors who are staying in Jordan for the night or visitors who are only visiting on a day trip.

The Jordan Pass can be a good alternative if you are staying at least 3 nights in Jordan and you want to visit Petra for one day.

2. The Treasury, Petra – From above

There are two amazing viewpoints if you want to see the Treasury from above. And believe me, you don’t wanna miss out on that! Finding them requires a little bit of a workout but it’s so worth it for this unique view.

Location on Google Maps: The Treasury from above, Petra

How to get there: The first viewpoint is only accessible with a local guide. Many bedouins will offer to take you up there if you pay a couple of bucks.

But there is another viewpoint which is totally free and gives you exactly the same view! If you want to find this viewpoint on your own check out my detailed guide about how to find the best view of the Treasury!

Best time to go: As the weather can get really hot in Petra during the day and finding the best view of the Treasury requires a lot of climbing, the best is to visit early in the morning. The light conditions are also better in the morning, in the afternoon the Treasury will be covered in shadows.

Cost: If you want to visit the Treasury viewpoint you need to buy an entrance ticket to Petra. Please refer back to my previous section to know more about the ticket conditions!

3. Nabatean ruins, Petra

If I haven’t convinced you already with the above photos to visit the Treasury viewpoint, here comes another reason! I already mentioned that the view is incredible during the climb. Check out the below photos and now you know what I’m talking about! This landscape is so unreal, right?

You won’t meet a lot of people during the hike so no one will photobomb your Instagram shots. Although there will be almost no shade on the way up there it can be challenging if you are visiting in the summer. In this case, I recommend going as early as you can while the weather is not so hot!

Girl in a denim jacket and a white-red keffiyeh looking at the view in Petra, Jordan

Location on Google Maps: Unfortunately I can’t give you an exact Google Maps location for this place but I’m sure you will find them if you follow my instructions!

How to get there: Start following the Al Khubta trail behind the Royal Tombs. It will lead you up to the above Treasury viewpoint and you will get to see the Nabatean ruins from above as well! For a more detailed guide please visit my post about how to find the best view of the Treasury.

Best time to go: The same applies to this place as well: try to go early in the morning! The hiking will be a lot easier if you do it in cooler and more pleasant weather.

Cost: If you want to visit the Nabatean ruins you need to buy an entrance ticket to Petra. Please refer back to my previous section to know more about the ticket conditions!

4. The Siq, Petra

The Siq is a dim, narrow gorge created by natural rock formations. It looks absolutely amazing! The gorge is approximately 1.5 km long and the trail starts after you pass the Visitors’ Centre. At the end of the trail the gorge suddenly opens up and you will be rewarded with the most magnificent view: the Treasury!

Location on Google Maps: The Siq, Petra

How to get there: Right after you start your walk from the Visitors’ Centre you will find yourself on the trail that goes through the Siq. You simply can’t miss it!

Best time to go: Like the Treasury itself, the Siq usually gets really crowded during the day as well. The best time for making instagrammable photos is around opening time and closing time.

Cost: If you want to visit the Siq you need to buy an entrance ticket to Petra. Please refer back to my previous section to know more about the ticket conditions!

5. The Monastery, Petra

Most of the people who are visiting Petra only want to see the Treasury and that’s it. But there are so many other interesting sites around! The Monastery is one of my favorite places and it’s also one of the best places to take photos in Petra.

Girl in a white dress and a white-red keffiyeh standing in front of the Ad Deir Monastery in Petra, Jordan

Location on Google Maps: The Monastery, Petra

How to get there: Let me tell you in advance: you have to work really hard for this view. You need to walk another 2.5km from the Treasury to reach the beginning of the path. After that, you need to climb up 800 stairs to reach the Monastery. I know it sounds a lot but just look at the photos! Totally worth it, right?

Best time to go: I would say early in the morning but since you can’t visit everything in the morning you can leave this place for the afternoon as well. Only a small fraction of the visitors actually make it to the Monastery so it’s not so crowded as the rest of Petra.

Cost: If you want to visit the Monastery you need to buy an entrance ticket to Petra. Please refer back to my previous section to know more about the ticket conditions!

6. Wadi Rum

You can find so many instagrammable places in the Wadi Rum that I can’t even count it! Practically anywhere you go in this huge desert area you will find amazing and unique landscapes that are screaming for a photo. 

Although you are free to explore the desert on your own I strongly suggest booking a tour with a local guide! We choose the Wadi Rum Nomads as according to Tripadvisor they are one of the best. And they really lived up to the expectations!

The best thing about the organized tours is that you don’t have to search for any instagrammable places – they will take you to each of them!

During the daytime, you will visit many famous sites like the Lawrence spring, the Khazali canyon, and the Burdah rock bridge. They give you enough time at each location to explore the area, take a million photographs and enjoy the view.

One of the best times to shoot in the Wadi Rum is around sunset. The last stop on the tour will be dedicated to watching the sunset and trust me, they know the best place for it!

After the sunset, you can choose to spend the night in a traditional Beduin camp which I highly recommend! In this case, you will have the opportunity to shoot some amazing Instagram shots around sunrise as well.

Location on Google Maps: Wadi Rum Desert, Wadi Rum Village

How to get there: For most of the desert tours, you need to go to the Wadi Rum Village where you can meet the organizers 30-60 minutes before the tour. As the exact location depends on which company you choose, you will receive the instructions from them.

Best time to go: I highly recommend spending one full day in the desert! If you can only go for a half-day desert safari, choose the afternoon option so you can witness a magical sunset as well.

Cost: It highly depends on which company you choose for the desert safari. We personally chose Wadi Rum Nomads and can absolutely recommend them! A one day jeep tour with an overnight stay costs 140 JD ($197 US) for 2 people. If you have a bigger budget, you can also go glamping in the Wadi Rum with super Instagrammable bubble tents.

7. King’s Highway

If you plan to drive from Queen Alia Airport to Petra you have two options. Either you can take the Desert Highway (Route 15) which is the quickest road or you can take the more scenic, but definitely longer King’s Highway (Route 35).

If you have time and want to find some awesome instagrammable places in Jordan I definitely recommend taking the King’s Highway!

The photo on the left side was taken at Mujib Dam which is a 1h 15 min drive from the airport. If you continue on the King’s Highway for another 1 hour you will reach Kerak Castle where the photo on the right side was taken. You can enter the castle for free if you have a Jordan Pass.

Location on Google Maps: Mujib Dam Viewpoint, Kerak Castle

How to get there: Take Route 35 after leaving the airport and follow it until you reach Petra. You will find all these places along the road!

Best time to go: The places along the King’s Highway can be visited any time of the day.

Cost: Driving through the King’s Highway is absolutely free!

8. Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea is a true bucket list experience! The best option to try out the floating experience is on the northern side of the Dead Sea where the hotels are located.

All of the hotels have access to the beach and this way you will have immediate access to fresh water and towels as well. Although it’s a really fun activity, there are some important things you need to know before getting into the water. Read my 10 best tips for visiting the Dead Sea for more information!

If you’re planning to stay there for a night you might be interested in my hotel review about the Hilton Dead Sea Resort &Spa. We stayed there for one night and we absolutely loved the hotel!

Although staying at one of the beach hotels is the best option for having a dip in the Dead Sea the water doesn’t look so pretty there. If you wanna find the most instagrammable places around the Dead Sea you have to drive to the southern side!

Location on Google Maps: Coral Reefs, Salt formations at the Dead Sea

How to get there: Park your car at the Coral reefs (2 km south from the Mujib Chalets) and have a walk on the shore. You will find many amazing salt formations along the way and the sparkling blue water is crystal clear. It kinda makes you feel that you are walking on a Caribbean island, except the white beach is made of salt, not sand.

Best time to go: You can go there any time of the day but if you want to create the most epic photos then go there for sunset!

Cost: Visiting this part of the Dead Sea is absolutely free!

Most Instagrammable Places in Jordan on the Map

In the below map, I collected all the best Instagrammable places in Jordan for you. You just have to click on the bracket in the upper right corner and it will open it up on your phone. Super convenient, right?

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