Wadi Rum Glamping: 9 Amazing Luxury Camps to Book in 2024

Wadi Rum is one of the most popular places to visit in the Middle East, and it’s no surprise why! It’s the largest desert in Jordan and offers visitors the chance to explore this extreme type of environment safely and without the crowds. 

Wadi Rum is also known as ‘the Valley of the Moon’ and can be visited on a day trip from Petra or Aqaba.

However, the best way to experience this beautiful place is by staying at one of the many Wadi Rum glamping sites.

Not sure which one to visit? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! This article is going to go through the best luxury camps in Wadi Rum and will arm you with all the useful info you need to know before going on a desert adventure.

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Quick Lockdown of the Best Wadi Rum Glamping Camps

Before we dive into the best Wadi Rum luxury camps, here are our top picks.


Memories Aicha Luxury Camp

If you're looking for the best glamping sites in Wadi Rum, you can't go wrong with Memories Aicha Luxury Camp. They offer four different luxury tent types with breathtaking mountain views.

Keep on reading to know more about each campsite and to find more amazing Wadi Rum glamping camps!

Things to Know Before Going Glamping in Wadi Rum 

Overview of Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is located 320 km (199 miles) from Jordan’s capital Amman and just 70 km (43 miles) from Aqaba.

It’s a protected area that covers an impressive 720 square km (278 sq miles) and is known for its blood-red sands, rocky canyons, and red sandstone. 

This wilderness is one of the most popular attractions in Jordan, and you’ll find plenty of things to do here including rock climbing, 4×4 jeep tours, and hot air balloon rides.

Girl in a white dress looking at the view in the Wadi Rum, Jordan

How to get to Wadi Rum

As Wadi Rum is so far away from the capital, your best option is to hire a car. This gives you complete flexibility!

If you don’t want to hire a car, then you’ll need to catch a public bus to Aqaba. From there buses and mini buses run regularly to the Wadi Rum turnoff, although you’ll then have to walk from here or organize to meet a guide. 

However, there is one bus a day that runs directly to the visitor center and village from Aqaba which will make your journey easier! 

You can also catch a bus from Petra, but again, there is only one bus a day.

The best time to visit Wadi Rum 

Although you can visit Wadi Rum at any time, the weather can get extreme with temperatures ranging from 10°C (50°F) to 40°C (104°F) throughout the year. 

The best time to visit is generally between March-May and September-November. This is when the temperatures are milder, but you also won’t be exposed to the cold winter temperatures – especially at night. 

Although this is the busiest time of year to visit, you’ll never find Wadi Rum to be overcrowded like other popular attractions. 

Spring in the Wadi Rum, Jordan
Spring in Wadi Rum

Top tips for glamping in Wadi Rum

Before we take a look at the best Wadi Rum luxury camps, here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your stay:

  • As Jordon is a predominantly Muslim country, be respectful with your clothing choices. I’d recommend covering your shoulders and knees to be polite and show appreciation for the culture.
  • Wadi Rum is a popular filming location, which also makes it great for photography – especially during golden hour, sunrise, and sunset! Make sure to have your camera with you but leave your drone at home because you are not allowed to bring it to Jordan.
  • The glamping camps in this guide will specialize in specific activities, so take a look at what you want to do first before deciding on your accommodation.
  • You can purchase a local sim in Jordan if you want to, but cell service is spotty in Wadi Rum and most luxury camps have free WiFi anyway.
  • Although many people choose to explore this area for a day and then stay overnight, I’d recommend spending at least 2-3 days here during your Jordan itinerary. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy the area, head out on some excursions, and relax.
Wadi Rum Glamping Site

Best Wadi Rum Luxury Camps for Glamping in Jordan

1. Memories Aicha Luxury Camp

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp
Photo credit: Memories Aicha Luxury Camp

Price range: $$

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp is one of the best places for glamping in Jordan. 

There are four different tents available here: the Junior Luxury Suite, Executive Luxury Tent, Panoramic Luxury Tent, and the Panoramic Luxury Suite. Each one is spacious and comfortable, but the Panoramic tents offer the best views! 

Not only that, but this luxury camp also offers walking tours, horse riding, themed dinner nights, and culture tours so there are plenty of things to do.

If you’re looking for Wadi Rum glamping sites, then make sure you check this one out! With traditional carpets, delicious food, and spacious tents – this place has a lot to offer.

2. Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel 

Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel
Photo credit: Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel

Price range: $$$

When it comes to spending a night under the stars in Wadi Rum, Wadi Rum Bubble Luxotel is a great option! 

There are three different types of bubble suites available here: the King bubble, the Twin bubble, and the Family bubble. 

Each one has a transparent roof which is perfect for stargazing, and what’s even better is that you’ll have a private jacuzzi where you can relax and admire the constellations. 

There are plenty of amenities here too including a restaurant, a terrace area, a 24-hour front desk, and BBQ facilities. 

If you’re planning to go glamping in Wadi Rum – this is a great choice. There’s also free WiFi so you can easily plan out an itinerary for exploring this magical area.

3. Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel 

Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel
Photo credit: Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel

Price range: $$$

If you’re looking for unique Wadi Rum glamping sites, then I’ve found the perfect one for you! Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel has three types of suites available and each one offers stunning views of this unique environment. 

You’ll literally be able to watch the night sky and the sunrise, right from within your duvet covers. 

This glamping camp also offers stargazing experiences where astronomers will be on hand to help you spot constellations and celestial objects. This includes the use of a telescope, so you’ll get the ultimate view.

It doesn’t get much better than that! So, if you’re looking to go glamping in Wadi Rum I’d definitely recommend taking a look at this place! 

4. Palmera Camp Wadi Rum 

Palmera Camp Wadi Rum
Photo credit: Palmera Camp Wadi Rum

Price range: $$$

Palmera Camp Wadi Rum has plenty to offer and is surrounded by dramatic scenery.

Not only are the rooms spacious and offer incredible views, but Palmera Camp also has lots of awesome facilities. This includes a restaurant, a shared lounge area, a terrace, BBQ facilities, and a billiards table. 

However, the highlight of this Wadi Rum glamping camp has to be the outdoor swimming pool! There are sun loungers surrounding the pool, making it the perfect place to relax and admire the beautiful views.

While you’re not exploring the area, there are plenty of other amenities to keep you occupied.

5. Sun City Camp

Sun City Camp
Photo credit: Sun City Camp

Price range: $

Sun City Camp is one of the most affordable Wadi Rum luxury camps. You’ll get plenty of bang for your buck here with on-site facilities, evening entertainment, and plenty of activities available to book.

This ranges from horse riding to guided hikes so there’s something for everyone. You can even book a jeep tour of Wadi Rum to explore the area! 

Not only that but dinner is served outside each night after sunset in a dining area decorated with traditional carpets. During your stay, you’ll also have access to the on-site coffee shop.

So if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced authentic experience, make sure you take a look at Sun City Camp!

6. Zeina Desert Lodge

Zeina Desert Lodge
Photo credit: Zeina Desert Lodge

Price range: $

Many of the luxury camps in Wadi Rum come with a big price tag, but not this place! They also have a lot to offer with a free shuttle service, room service, and a terrace area. 

All of the glamping units at Zeina Desert Lodge offer mountain rooms, but some are more luxurious than others. If you’re looking for a larger room, then it’s best to go for a luxurious dome or suite. 

A continental/ buffet breakfast is included with each stay, and there’s also a restaurant on-site too. You’ll even receive bathrobes and slippers during your stay, so you’ll be extra comfortable! 

With superb mountain views, spacious domes, and an on-site restaurant – what more do you need?

7. Aladdin Camp 

Aladdin Camp
Photo credit: Aladdin Camp

Price range: $

Aladdin Camp is one of the best Wadi Rum glamping sites out there if you’re looking for a cost-effective trip. Not only are the tents reasonably priced, but you also get breakfast and dinner included during your stay. 

This glamping site has based its design on the Aladdin story tale (hence the name) and the Bedouin lifestyle, so expect to see traditional carpets and stunning interiors. 

Aladdin Camp also offers a variety of activities and excursions including local culture tours, guided walks, and horseback riding. There’s also plenty of evening entertainment available to keep you occupied while you’re not out exploring.

There are three types of tent available: the deluxe tent, the family suite, and the panoramic dome which is great for stargazing.

8. Hasan Zawaideh Camp 

Hasan Zawaideh Camp
Photo credit: Hasan Zawaideh Camp

Price range: $

Hasan Zawaideh Camp offers plenty of glamping options ranging from shared tents to private suites.

However, if you’re looking for awesome views then make sure you stay in the Martian Tent. With glass windows, a private balcony area, and outdoor furniture – it’s the perfect place to relax and admire the beauty of this incredible place. 

Hasan Zawaideh Camp also offers a ton of activities including jeep tours, camel tours, mountain climbing, hiking, and hot air balloon rides.

They’ll also show you where the Martian was filmed as it’s just around the corner, and you can sleep out under the stars in the desert if you’d like.

As you can see this place has plenty to offer and has to be one of the best Wadi Rum luxury camps out there!

9. Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp 

Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp
Photo credit: Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp

Price range: $$

If you’re looking for Wadi Rum glamping sites then don’t miss out on this place! Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp offers a variety of glamping tents, delicious food, and plenty of activities. 

You can sleep out under the stars, go on a camel tour of the desert, or head out on a 4×4 to explore the area. 

When it comes to relaxing in the evenings, there’s a large traditional Bedouin tent for dining and listening to traditional music. 

If you decide to stay here, then make sure you spend some time relaxing on the terrace as the views are simply incredible! 

To make things simpler, Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp offers a variety of package deals rather than having to pay for everything separately. 

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