Where to Stay in Paros: 6 Best Areas & Hotels

Are you looking for an idyllic getaway with endless sunshine and stunning beaches? Paros has all that and more!

Located in the lush Cyclades Islands of Greece, the island offers history, culture, and stunning landscapes. With so much to do and explore, it can be difficult to choose exactly where to stay in Paros.

To make your decision easier, we put together this detailed guide about the best areas to stay in Paros, including the pros and cons and specific hotel recommendations for each area.

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Overview of Where to Stay in Paros, Greece

Paros is a small island with many distinct regions that are great for visitors of all kinds. The best areas to stay in Paros include the main town of Parikia, the lively Naoussa, the beach resort areas of Parasporos, Piso Livadi, and Chrissi Akti, and the quiet fishing village of Aliki.

Each town has its own unique charm and is worth exploring. If your schedule allows, we recommend staying in a few different areas so you can get the full experience of Paros.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to read this article right now, then take a look at this table. It shows the best places to stay in Paros and a quick rundown of what each area offers! 

AreaRecommended Hotel
Parikia (sightseeing, transport links, first-time visitors, culture )Paros Agnanti Hotel
Naousa (nightlife, beaches, first-time visitors, sightseeing)Sandaya Luxury Suites
Parasporos (beach, relaxation, budget-friendly, family-friendly)Paros Bay
Piso Livadi (family-friendly, beach, authentic stay, budget-friendly )Summer Senses Luxury Resort
Chrissi Akti (beach, watersports, food, relaxation)Saint George Hotel
Aliki (authentic stay, food, beach, relaxation)Parosland Hotel

Best Areas to Stay in Paros

Here is an in-depth guide on where to stay in Paros if you’re looking for more detailed information. There are plenty of amazing areas on this island, so choosing where to stay isn’t easy.

Luckily, I’ve researched the best places to stay in Paros and used my personal experiences to help you! This guide will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision and choose the perfect base for your trip.

So, let’s dive into each area and decide which one is for you!

1. Parikia

Parikia is the capital of Paros and is where the main port is located. If you’re heading to the island by ferry, this will be your entry point.

It’s the main hub of the island and is full of culture, attractions, dining options, and beautiful architecture.

There are endless things to do in Parikia like visiting the Ancient Cemetery, exploring the Archaeological Museum, and heading up to the Archaic Temple Of Athena. Don’t forget to wander around the harbor too, and visit the old town area of Parikia.

You’ll also find many of the iconic white-washed houses and churches here that made Greece so famous! They’re simply beautiful and are a photographer’s dream, especially during golden hour. 

If you’re wondering where to stay in Paros, then Parikia is a perfect choice as it has great public transport links. Buses run from the capital to all the other major sites on the island so you won’t have any trouble getting around.

Not only that, but you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Paros here including the Little Green Rocket, Brizoladiko Steak House Restaurant, and To Souvlaki Tou Pepe.

With accommodation options for every budget, plenty of restaurants, and great transport links to other parts of the island –  Parikia is definitely one of the best places to stay in Paros.

Pros and cons of staying in Parikia 


  • Plenty of accommodation choices
  • Very family-friendly
  • Great transport links


  • Gets incredibly busy, especially during peak season
  • Not as authentic as some of the other areas in Paros

Best places to stay in Parikia

Paros Agnanti Hotel
Photo credit: Paros Agnanti Hotel via Booking.com

LUXURY – Paros Agnanti Hotel

Paros Agnanti Hotel is a 10-minute drive from the center of Parikia, however, the hotel has a free shuttle service that runs into town. This hotel is located just 100 meters away from one of the island’s beautiful beaches and offers stunning views of the area and the Aegean Sea. There are also plenty of awesome facilities on-site.

Paros Palace
Photo credit: Paros Palace via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Paros Palace

Paros Palace is a 10-minute walk from the beach and is close to plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars. Not only does this hotel offer stunning views of Parikia Bay, but it also has a swimming pool and a bar on-site, and offers an airport shuttle service. 

Argonauta Hotel
Photo credit: Argonauta Hotel via Booking.com

BUDGET – Argonauta Hotel

Argonauta Hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the port of Paros and is in a great location to explore the area. The rooms are decorated beautifully and guests will have access to an array of facilities including the on-site restaurant, free WiFi, and a charming courtyard. It’s the perfect place to meet people on your travels! 

2. Naousa

Naousa is located just 10 km (6.2 miles) from Parikia and is easily accessible by public transport. It’s one of the island’s scenic fishing villages so it’s undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in Paros if you’re looking for authentic charm.

Naousa is built around a small fishing port and is stunning with beautiful white-washed houses, blue doors, and crystal clear waters.

Some of the top attractions within this village include the ruins of a Venetian Castle, the church of Agios Antonios, and the Naousa Byzantine Museum.

However, the highlight of staying in Naousa is the beaches! No matter where you decide to stay in this village, you’ll be surrounded by pristine white sands and turquoise-colored waters. 

This area is home to some of the best beaches in Paros including Agioi Anargyroi Beach, Kolymbithres Beach, and Piperi Beach. So if you’re wondering where to stay in Paros and want to be close to beautiful beaches – this is your place! 

Naousa is also the best place to stay on the island if you’re looking for nightlife. This village truly comes alive in the evening and you’ll have plenty of bars and tavernas to choose from.

Not only that, but this part of Paros has a wide variety of accommodations ranging from budget-friendly stays to luxury suites. Whatever your budget, you’re sure to find something to your liking here! 

Pros and cons of staying in Naousa


  • Authentic charming fishing village
  • Great for nightlife 
  • Surrounded by stunning beaches


  • As it’s the best place for nightlife on the island, it may not be suitable for families with small children
  • Hotels and restaurants start to close towards the end of September

Best places to stay in Naousa

Sandaya Luxury Suites
Photo credit: Sandaya Luxury Suites via Booking.com

LUXURY – Sandaya Luxury Suites

Sandaya Luxury Suites is set just 150 meters from Agioi Anargyroi Beach and less than 1.5 km from Piperi Beach. It offers a variety of rooms and suites, and some of them even have a spa bath and sea views, making it one of the best luxury hotels in Paros. You’ll also find plenty of great on-site facilities including a seasonal swimming pool, a restaurant, and a bar. 

Villa Isabella
Photo credit: Villa Isabella via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Villa Isabella

Villa Isabella offers stunning views of Naousa Bay, and is less than 100 meters away from the beautiful Piperi Beach. They offer a variety of studios and sea-view suites, and each of them comes with a fridge, air conditioning, free WiFi, and a private bathroom. Some even have a private balcony! 

Lorenzo Studios and Suites Paros
Photo credit: Lorenzo Studios and Suites Paros via Booking.com

BUDGET – Lorenzo Studios and Suites Paros

If you’re wondering where to stay in Paros on a budget, then Lorenzo Studios and Suites is a great option. You’ll find plenty of beautiful sea-view rooms and apartments here that are within walking distance to Agioi Anargyroi Beach, Kolymbithres Beach, and Piperi Beach. There is also a car rental service available.

3. Parasporos

If you’re wondering where to stay on Paros island and want easy access to a beach, then Parasporos is a great choice.

It’s located just 3 km (1.8 miles) from Parikia and is easily accessible by public transport, as it has a local bus stop. You can also walk to the capital from here which will take about 25 minutes. 

Although this area is incredibly scenic, you won’t find much to do here other than visiting the beautiful Parasporos Beach.

This beach is known for its golden sands, emerald waters, and beach bars so is a popular spot on the island. So much so that you’ll often find it to be very crowded during the peak summer months.

Parasporos is one of the best areas to stay in Paros if you’re simply looking for a beach getaway. However, if you want to do a lot of sightseeing and would prefer a variety of restaurant choices, you might want to stay elsewhere.

The only thing you’ll need to consider in Parasporos is the accommodation. Choices are more limited here than in other areas of Paros, so if you want to stay here you’ll need to book in advance.

If you can’t manage to find accommodation and don’t mind camping, there is a great campsite at Parasporos. It’s right near the beach and is very popular with budget backpackers. 

Pros and cons of staying in Parasporos


  • Easy access to Parasporos Beach
  • Cheap accommodation and a campsite 


  • Limited choice of accommodation compared to other areas 
  • Parasporos Beach gets very crowded during the summer months

Best places to stay in Parasporos

Yria Island Boutique Hotel & Spa
Photo credit: Yria Island Boutique Hotel & Spa via Booking.com

LUXURY – Yria Island Boutique Hotel & Spa

This hotel is situated just 100 meters from Parasporos Bay and offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea. They have an array of facilities on-site including a spa, swimming pool, a restaurant, and a bar. Yria Island Boutique Hotel & Spa also offers a range of leisure activities and fitness programs.

Paros Bay
Photo credit: Paros Bay via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Paros Bay

Paros Bay is built in a traditional Cycladic style and offers guests stunning sea views and direct access to the beach. Not only that, but this hotel has a large seawater swimming pool, an open-air hot tub, a restaurant, and a bar. The rooms are also stunning, and the hotel is in a great location to explore the island.

Marili Apartments Studios
Photo credit: Marili Apartments Studios via Booking.com

BUDGET – Marili Apartments Studios

Marili Apartment Studios is located within a quiet area of Parasporos, nestled among olive gardens and vineyards. The property is set just 100 meters from Souvlia Beach and offers a range of studios and apartments. It’s a great budget option as each unit comes with a private kitchenette, bathroom, BBQ facilities, and a dining area. 

4. Piso Livadi

Piso Livadi is a newly renovated area of Paros that’s only started to gain popularity in the past couple of years. 

This area used to be a small fishing port until a couple of years ago when it was developed as a holiday destination. Now, you’ll find plenty of amenities to attract tourists including shops, bars, and restaurants. 

One of the things Piso Livadi is most famous for is its delicious Greek cuisine. You’ll find plenty of restaurants here including Ouzeri Halaris, Anna & Giorgos Restaurant, and Markakis Restaurant. 

Even though the area is catered to tourists, it still has an authentic charm. You won’t see as many people here leading to a much more relaxed experience. 

If you’re wondering where to stay in Paros and have small children with you, then Piso Livadi is a great choice. 

The area is relatively quiet compared to the likes of Parikia, and there is a sheltered beach to the side of the village. Here you’ll find a children’s playground and shallow waters for the little ones to play in.

Not only is Piso Livadi beautiful, but it’s one of the best places to stay in Paros if you’re looking for budget-friendly accommodation.

Although the choices are more limited compared to the likes of Parikia, you’ll find beautiful sea-view studios and rooms here for an absolute steal!

Pros and cons of staying in Piso Livadi


  • Plenty of cheap accommodation
  • Very family-friendly 


  • Limited accommodation options compared to other areas 
  • Not much to do

Best places to stay in Piso Livadi

Summer Senses Luxury Resort
Photo credit: Summer Senses Luxury Resort via Booking.com

LUXURY – Summer Senses Luxury Resort

This resort is the definition of luxury with three pools, a spa, a fitness center, and on-site dining options. Not only that, but you’ll find two bars at the resort and a poolside terrace. The rooms here are simply stunning and many of them offer beautiful sea views. You can even go for the luxury suites and have your own private pool! 

Arkas Inn
Photo credit: Arkas Inn via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Arkas Inn

Arkas Inn is located just 150 meters from Logara Beach and Piso Livadi Beach. You’ll also find plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops within walking distance. This Inn offers stunning rooms with either a balcony or a private patio overlooking the Aegean Sea. There is also a pool on-site, and breakfast is available too!

Anna's Studio
Photo credit: Anna’s Studio via Booking.com

BUDGET – Anna’s Studio

Anna’s Studio has to be one of the best budget options in Paros. It’s close to two beautiful beaches and has plenty of great facilities including a BBQ, sun terrace, and garden area. The studios are beautifully decorated with a private kitchenette, bathroom, and air conditioning. Many of them also have a private balcony offering sea views.

5. Chrissi Akti

Chrissi Akti has to be one of the best areas to stay in Paros due to its great transport links, plentiful water sports activities, and stunning beaches.

More commonly known as ‘Golden Beach’, it’s one of the most popular beaches on the island and has even been awarded Blue Flag Status.

With beautiful golden sands, crystal clear waters, and warm winds – it’s the perfect place to relax. 

However, if you’re feeling energetic this is one of the best places on Paros to try windsurfing! There are plenty of windsurfing schools along the beach where you can take a lesson or hire out equipment. 

You can also head further north of Chrissi Akti on foot and you’ll come to the ‘New Golden Beach’. This spot is often quieter so is great for escaping the crowds. 

If you’ve had enough time on the beach, then you can easily visit other parts of the island. There is a regular bus service here that will take you to and from other popular areas including Parikia.

You’ll also find plenty of bars and restaurants in this part of Paros including the Paros Blue Dolphin, the Beach Project, and the Rebel Beach Bar. 

So, if you’re into watersports or simply just love the beach then Chrissi Akti is one of the best places to stay in Paros.

Another bonus to staying here is the accommodation, as there are plenty of cheap studios and suites available.

Pros and cons of staying in Chrissi Akti


  • Home to the famous Golden Beach
  • Great for watersports 


  • Can get very windy so beware if going windsurfing
  • Not much else to do here if you don’t like watersports

Best places to stay in Chrissi Akti

Poseidon of Paros Hotel & Spa
Photo credit: Poseidon of Paros Hotel & Spa via Booking.com

LUXURY – Poseidon of Paros Hotel & Spa

This luxury hotel is situated on Cape Choni and offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea and surrounding scenery. Aside from the beautiful sea-view rooms, the Poseidon of Paros Hotel also has plenty of facilities including a spa, swimming pool, pool bar, and tennis courts. The hotel even arranges Greek nights which are a blast! 

Saint George Hotel
Photo credit: Saint George Hotel via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Saint George Hotel

Saint George Hotel is located right on the beachfront and has a pool and poolside bar that overlook the Aegean Sea. They offer plenty of rooms and suites, and each one is decorated beautifully. Guests will also have access to the poolside restaurant that serves delicious seafood and offers stunning views of Makronisi Island.

Flora & Agelos Studios
Photo credit: Flora & Agelos Studios via Booking.com

BUDGET – Flora & Agelos Studios

Flora & Agelos Studios is located just 50 meters from the beach and is in the center of Chrissi Akti. They offer a variety of studios and apartments – many of them for a great price! Some of the apartments even have a balcony with sea views so you don’t want to miss out on staying here.

6. Aliki

Aliki is another one of Paros’ charming fishing villages and has started to gain traction with travelers.

Deciding where to stay on Paros Island isn’t easy, but if you’re looking for somewhere authentic – this is one of the top choices!

Although it’s getting popular, Aliki still has much of its authentic charm with traditional houses, delicious Greek food, and narrow alleyways.

There are also plenty of great beaches in the area including Piso Aliki, making this area a great place to relax. With crystal clear waters, pristine sands (and pebbles), and several beach bars – you can’t go wrong! 

You won’t find much else to do here other than relaxing on the beaches, but Aliki does have a museum. The Cycladic Folklore Museum is a must-visit if you decide to stay here as it’s home to a wide variety of interesting exhibits.

You can book day trips from Aliki too so take a look at some of the tour operators in the area.

During your stay, make sure you take some time to simply enjoy the food here, as there are plenty of authentic tavernas nearby. Some of the most popular options include Aliki Restaurant Paros, To Balcony Tou Aki, and To MoypaΓio.

You’ll find that many of the tavernas grow their own produce and use fresh seafood, which is why the food is so delicious.

Although Aliki may not have the variety of attractions that other areas do, it’s one of the best places to stay in Paros for a relaxing and authentic getaway.

Pros and cons of staying in Aliki


  • More authentic than many other areas in Paros
  • Great for beaches 


  • Not many attractions
  • Tourist numbers are starting to increase so be prepared for some crowds during the peak months

Best places to stay in Aliki

Parosland Hotel
Photo credit: Parosland Hotel via Booking.com

LUXURY – Parosland Hotel

Parosland Hotel is set just 250 meters from Agios Nikolaos Beach and is only 1 km (0.6 miles) from Paros airport. The hotel even offers free transfer services to and from the airport on request. You’ll also find plenty of facilities here including a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and a fitness center. 

Narges Hotel
Photo credit: Narges Hotel via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Narges Hotel

Narges Hotel is a traditional-style accommodation that boasts a swimming pool, poolside bar, and a restaurant. There is even a buffet-style breakfast available each morning! There are plenty of rooms available at the hotel and they’re kitted out with lots of amenities including free WiFi, air conditioning, and a TV.

Fisheye Rooms
Photo credit: Fisheye Rooms via Booking.com

BUDGET – Fisheye Rooms

Fisheye Rooms is located just 250 meters from Aliki Beach and has plenty of facilities including a garden area, terrace, and room service. They offer a variety of stunning rooms and many of them even come with a balcony. Not only that but some units are fitted with a small kitchenette which is great if you’re looking to cut costs.

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