15 Best Rome Instagram Spots for Stunning Photos

Rome is one of the most photogenic cities in Europe and it feels like every single street is begging for a shoot. Ancient landmarks, bohemian neighborhoods, elegant fountains, and charming alleyways are just some of the best Rome Instagram spots that provide stunning backdrops waiting to spice up your feed.

When you’re heading to the Italian capital to shoot, the last thing you want to do is miss out on one of these magical locations. That’s why my guide to the most Instagrammable places in Rome is here to inspire and help plot out your visit.

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The Best Rome Instagram Spots for Stunning Photos

1. Trevi Fountain 

Millions of locals and tourists flock to this immense fountain every year to swoon over its gorgeous architecture as well as to make a wish while tossing a coin into the water.

Its colossal size, refined sculptures, and photogenic pool of turquoise water make it one of the most popular Rome Instagram spots and you can unleash your creativity with a variety of angles to shoot from.

That being said, the Trevi Fountain is also one of the hardest Instagrammable places in Rome to shoot at due to the crowds. The fountain is almost always crowded so it’s not easy to get a shot without millions of other tourists in it.

The last time we visited Rome during the summer, we wanted to shoot there at 7 am and guess what, the place was already swarming with tourists! So we had to go back the next day at 6 am to be able to shoot a few photos. Long story short, wake up super early if you want to take pictures at the Trevi Fountain!

Location on Google Maps: Trevi Fountain

How to get there: The Trevi Fountain is located right in the heart of the Centro Storico neighborhood within the Municipio I district and is walkable from any hotel in this central area. Barberini Metro is a 5-minute walk away and numerous bus routes serve the Via del Tritone which deposits you even closer.  

Best time to go: As one of the most beautiful landmarks in Rome, prepare for the fact that the fountain gets very crowded. For that reason, I urge you to go as early in the morning as you possibly can! The morning light in the city also lends itself to photography better and you will have fewer people in your shots so it’s worth the early start. 

Cost: There is no admission fee to visit the Trevi Fountain but you might want to toss a coin into the basin and make a wish. 

2. Spanish Steps

Maybe we can thank Audrey Hepburn for establishing the Spanish Steps, one of the classic Instagrammable spots in Rome! Iconic scenes from the movie, Roman Holiday, which propelled her into stardom were filmed here and that feels a pretty good omen for content creation. 

The only thing to note is that it is no longer possible to sit on the stairs and in fact, you might get fined if you do so. Therefore, you’ll need to capture your pictures while in motion or simply standing on the stairs.

Fortunately, the 138 steps that run from the Piazza di Spagna up to the Trinità dei Monti church offer lots of creativity for movement shots.

Location on Google Maps: Spanish Steps

How to get there: The Spanish Steps are a 10-minute walk north of the Trevi Fountain so you could plan to visit both landmarks together and travel between them on foot. They are located a few meters from the Spagna Metro while bus number 119 stops outside the metro station. 

Best time to go: As with the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps are a popular destination for Romans and tourists so you’ll want to get there bright and early. As with the fountain, the light is much softer early in the morning as well. If you want to shoot both locations on the same day, start with Trevi Fountain (plan to spend there around 30 minutes) and come to the Spanish Steps after!

Cost: Free. 

3. Colosseum 

Although it now stands in ruin, the largest amphitheater in the world is undeniably powerful and easily claims its place as one of the most dramatic Rome Instagram spots. While you can enter the arena, my recommended places to shoot from are all outside the walls of the Colosseum so going inside is optional.

To be honest, every side of the Colosseum is super photogenic so you really can’t take a bad photo there. However, during my 3 days in Rome, I found 3 particular spots that are perfect for Instagram photos.

The first one is located right next to the Colosseo metro station, on the northern side of the Colosseum (photo nr. 1 below). There is a stairway going down to the streets and the short walls next to the stairs are easy to climb up on.

The next best spot is facing the entrance on the western side of the Colosseum, located on Via dei Verbiti (photo nr. 2 below). This is probably the hardest place to shoot at because it gets crowded quickly, so it’s worth starting your morning there.

The last one is probably the least popular one, the eastern side of the Colosseum (photo nr. 3 below). You can find another stairway there and it’s quite easy to snap a few photos either on the stairs or right next to it.

Location on Google Maps: Viewpoint 1, the walls near Colosseo Metro; Viewpoint 2, the main entrance; Viewpoint 3, rear of the Colosseum.

How to get there: As Rome’s first and foremost tourist attraction, reaching the Colosseum is a piece of cake. The Colosseo Metro is across the street and is served by a fleet of buses while trams numbers 3 and 8 stop right next to Viewpoint 3 round the back.

Best time to go: The best times to shoot at the Colosseum are either early in the morning or right after sunset. There are fewer crowds in the morning and the closer to sunrise you can arrive the better, as lines will start to form. The Colosseum is particularly atmospheric in the evening when the amphitheater is illuminated by lights.

Cost: If you want to take photos of the exterior then there is nothing to pay. However, if you want to go inside to shoot then you will need to pay the admission fee. As the Forum Romanum is another of the best photo spots in Rome, it’s worth purchasing the combination ticket, which amounts to €18. To save time, I highly recommend paying a small surcharge to buy a priority ticket that grants fast-track entrance at your selected time to the Colosseum. 

4. Arch of Constantine 

Commissioned by the Roman Senate to commemorate the victory of Constantine the Great over Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxentius in AD 312, this triumphal arch marks the end of the Via Sacra, a prestigious procession route back in the days of the Roman Empire.

As it is located right next to the Colosseum, one draw of the arch is that you can have a lot of fun shooting with both Rome Instagram spots in the background. Unfortunately when I visited there was a construction going on at the other side of the arch so I was not able to frame both landmarks, but if you have a chance, don’t miss it!

Girl in a white dress in front of Arch of Constantine in Rome, Italy

Location on Google Maps: Arch of Constantine

How to get there: The arch is adjacent to the Colosseum so you can walk right over and combine the sites. 

Best time to go: Early morning is the best time to shoot at the Arch of Constantine. This way you can get a headstart before crowds and traffic gets in the way. Besides, the morning light is the most delicate.  

Cost: Free. 

5. Forum Romanum 

If you are looking to see the best of Rome then the Forum Romanum is one of my top recommendations and you can enter the complex using the combination ticket you purchased at the Colosseum.

The ruins at the Forum Romanum grant a beautiful backdrop to every photo and what’s even more special about this place is that you can find several viewpoints overlooking the Colosseum, so you can shoot the amphitheater from a few other angles as well!

However, you can also choose to shoot from the off-site viewpoints that feature panoramic backdrops of the site. One of my favorite places to create content is the Punto panoramico del Foro Romano which is situated on the western side of the site and provides a breathtaking panorama. As a bonus, it’s completely free to visit!

Girl in a pink skirt at the Forum Romanum in Rome, Italy

Location on Google Maps: Forum Romanum, Punto panoramico del foro romano

How to get there: You can coincide shooting at the Colosseum with the Forum Romanum. Bus numbers 85 and 87 run along Via dei Fori Imperiali while Cavour and Colosseo are the closest metro stations to the Forum Romanum. 

Best time to go: The Forum Romanum is one of the Instagrammable spots in Rome that you can actually visit at any time of day. If you want to shoot at the viewpoint I recommended, then my tip is to coincide this with sunrise.

Cost: A combination ticket to the Forum Romanum, Colosseum, and Palatine Hill costs €18 or you can upgrade to a priority ticket to save time queuing.

6. Castel Sant’ Angelo 

Now over to one of the most Instagrammable places in Rome that is located on the opposite side of the River Tiber. Castel Sant’ Angelo is a foreboding fort that rests atop the lovely Parco della Mole Adriana.

It occupies a spot right by the water and so you can choose to shoot the awesome panoramas from the top of the castle or head to the St. Angelo Bridge which crosses the river at the foot of the mound.

Emperor Hadrian commissioned the castle to serve as his future mausoleum although it has also served as a prison and execution ground. Nowadays it contains a museum that showcases Renaissance paintings and furnishings so you might want to factor this into your visit.

Location on Google Maps: Castel Sant’ Angelo

How to get there: Castel Sant’ Angelo is located in the Prati neighborhood on the banks of the Tiber. The closest metro stations are Ottaviano and Lepanto although it takes around 20 minutes to walk from either of them. Far closer is the Piazza Pia bus stop which is served by a flock of buses including the numbers 23, 34, 40, 62, 280, and 982.

Best time to go: If you want to shoot from the St. Angelo Bridge then I encourage you to get there early in the morning, as soon after sunrise as you can handle. Meanwhile, the view from the top of the castle lends itself to shoots throughout the day. 

Cost: If you want to go to the top then there is an admission fee of €14. Free if you shoot from the ground.

7. St. Peter’s Basilica

In addition to hosting the largest amphitheater on the planet, Rome is also the home of the largest basilica. Well, to be completely fair the Vatican City is, but many people refer to St. Peter’s Basilica as the largest basilica in Rome.

The interior of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica was painted by Michelangelo and is a treat to see with your own eyes. You can choose to visit the top of the dome for a panoramic view. That being said, just standing in St. Peter’s Square right in front of the basilica offers up one of the best photo spots in Rome.

Panoramic view from the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

Location on Google Maps: St. Peter’s Basilica

How to get there: Vatican City is located to the west of the Prati neighborhood on the left bank of the River Tiber. Ottaviano is the closest metro station and is a 10-minute walk away. Buses stop along Largo di Porta Cavalleggeri, just south of the square.   

Best time to go: As with most of the other Instagrammable places in Rome, you will benefit from a better shooting experience if you visit St. Peter’s Square early in the morning. The top of the dome is perfect regardless of the time of day, just be prepared to share the space with others. 

Cost: If you want to shoot from just the square then there is no cost associated. While you do not pay to enter the basilica you will need to pay to access the viewpoint at the top of the dome. A ticket costs €8 to walk up all 551 steps or €10 to take the elevator up to the terrace, from where you will still need to walk up 320 steps.

8. Pantheon 

Prior to its conversion to a Catholic church, the Pantheon honored all of the pagan deities worshipped in Ancient Rome.

The best place to shoot is right outside the main entrance in the square so that you can get the whole exterior in the frame. Once you head inside, you can experiment with the sole source of light that floods natural light into the space: the Oculus.

Girl in a pink skirt in front of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy

Location on Google Maps: Pantheon

How to get there: The Pantheon is located right in the midst of the Centro Storico and it’s within walking distance of such other Instagrammable places in Rome as the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. The closest metro station, Barberini, is a 20-minute walk away and the ​​Corso del Rinascimento and Via del Corso are dotted with bus stops. 

Best time to go: The best time to shoot at the Pantheon is early in the morning before the city wakes up.

Cost: Free.

9. Altare della Patria 

More commonly known as the Wedding Cake Building, Altare della Patria is an elaborate white marble monument heavily embellished with sculptures, carvings, and reliefs.

You can have a lot of fun shooting it from the ground of one of the most beautiful Rome Instagram spots but I highly recommend taking the time to visit the observation deck on the roof as it grants one of the best views across the city: perfect for photos and memories alike! 

Location on Google Maps: Altare della Patria

How to get there: Altare della Patria forms a triangle with the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain and is also within quick walking distance of the Forum Romanum and Colosseum. The Venezia tram stop is right across the street and this is a hub for buses.

Best time to go: Early morning is the best time to shoot at the altar before it opens. However, if you want to go inside and up to the top, you need to wait until it opens at 9.30 am.

Cost: You can peek inside the building and walk up the steps to the first viewpoint for free. If you want to go up to the top of the building, it costs €7 to ride the elevator. There is a small ticket booth right next to the lifts, where you can purchase your tickets on-site. The 360-degree view is insanely beautiful from the top, so I would 100% recommend going up!

10. Ponte Umberto I 

Ponte Umberto I is one of the many bridges that connect the banks of the Tiber but this 19th-century structure is easily one of the most impressive. It was designed by the architect Angelo Vescovali in honor of Umberto I of Italy.

As it connects the Centro Storico and Prati neighborhoods, it is one of the Rome Instagram spots you are most likely to visit as part of your exploration of the city highlights. You can stand on the right bank and shoot with St. Peter’s Basilica looming in the background.

Although it’s quite challenging to shoot a picture of yourself on the bridge, you can take the stairs down to the banks of the river which is perfect for shooting. Usually, this spot is not at all crowded and if you have a bigger zoom lens, you can create a unique view with St. Peter’s Basilica in the background!

Location on Google Maps: Ponte Umberto I

How to get there: Ponte Umberto I is a short walk from the landmarks of the Centro Storico as well as Castel Sant’ Angelo. The closest metro stations are quite far away but the bridge is well served by buses that will drop you off on Via Giuseppe Zanardelli.

Best time to go: Ponte Umberto I is easily one of the best Instagram spots in Rome for sunset.

Cost: Free.

11. Campidoglio 

Campidoglio is a beautiful public square atop the Capitoline Hill, sandwiched between the neighborhoods of Centro Storico and Monti.

Access to the square is via a grand staircase, the Cordonata Capitolina, which is lined with statues and will rustle up your anticipation for the square itself. Campidoglio was designed by Michelangelo under the commission of Pope Paul III.

If you’re feeling creative and you’re visiting during the summer months, you can experiment with framing your shots with the flowers around the square! Also, the Forum Romanum viewpoint I mentioned is just around the corner, so it’s worth visiting both spots at the same time.

Girl in a red skirt in Piazza Campidoglio in Rome, Italy

Location on Google Maps: Campidoglio

How to get there: Dozens of bus routes serve the Via del Teatro di Marcello which runs along the bottom of the Cordonata Capitolina.

Best time to go: Avoid the crowds and catch the softest light by visiting as early in the morning as possible.

Cost: Free.

12. Terrazza del Pincio

Terrazza del Pincio is one of my favorite Rome Instagram spots for sunset. The elevated terrace forms the entrance to the city’s largest public park, Villa Borgese, and looks out over Piazza del Popolo towards St. Peter’s Basilica at Vatican City.

It’s a little further afield than the other places on this list but it’s totally worth the journey! If you have a telephoto lens, you can create an amazing effect by bringing the St. Peter’s Basilica closer in your photos.

Location on Google Maps: Terrazza del Pincio

How to get there: Flaminio Metro is right outside the terrace and is also a destination for numerous city buses and trams. 

Best time to go: You can shoot at the Terrazza del Pincio at any time of day but my personal tip is to go there for sunset.

Cost: Free.

13. Trastevere

Trastevere isn’t an attraction or moment but rather a neighborhood – in fact, it’s one of the best areas to stay in Rome. It’s located on the left bank of the river and connects to Centro Storico via the Ponte Garibaldi.

This is one of the best Instagram spots in Rome for street photography enthusiasts and you can easily spend a couple of hours exploring the alleys on foot while capturing the terracotta-hued buildings, cute cafes, and billowing laundry.

Although Trastevere looks like a huge neighborhood based on the map, it’s actually not that big and you can easily cover it by walking around. If you’re looking for the prettiest streets, check out the streets around Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere!

Trastevere neighborhood in Rome, Italy

Location on Google Maps: Trastevere

How to get there: There is no metro in the area but Viale di Trastevere is lined with tram stops that connect the neighborhood with Largo di Torre Argentina and Centro Storico.

Best time to go: You can visit Trastevere at any time of day but for photography, you will find morning more pleasant when the streets are quieter.

Cost: Free but you might want to factor in treating yourself to a coffee or scoop of gelato at one of the cafes.

14. Giardino degli Aranci 

This beautiful park is situated south of the Monti neighborhood on the Aventine Hill, one of the Seven Hills of Rome. The gardens are sheltered by slender orange trees and offer stunning views across the city which makes this place one of the most rewarding Instagrammable spots in Rome.

Location on Google Maps: Giardino degli Aranci

How to get there: If you want to coincide your visit to the Giardino degli Aranci with Trastevere then you can just walk over Porta Portese. Trams run along the Lungotevere Aventino and Via Marmorata.

Best time to go: The gardens are perfect for photography at any time of day but it’s especially beautiful at sunset.

Cost: Free. 

15. Via dei Coronari

The final stop on my list of the best photo spots in Rome is this picturesque street that connects Piazza dei Coronari and Piazza di Tor Sanguigna in Centro Storico. The street is named after the rosaries (coronari) that the shops on this street sold to visitors on their way to Vatican City. If you want to capture the energy of Rome from past to present, then this is the place.

The street is lined up with beautiful pastel-colored houses and green plants. It looks a lot like Trastevere – in fact, one of the most popular spots that is often associated with Trastevere is actually located on this street and not in the Trastevere neighborhood (the second photo below).

Location on Google Maps: Via dei Coronari

How to get there: Depending on which area of Rome your hotel is based in you can start walking along the street from the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II side or the Pantheon side. Buses run along Lungotevere Tor di Nona and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. You could combine this site with visiting Castel Sant’ Angelo or the Pantheon. 

Best time to go: It is advisable to visit early in the morning before the street gets too busy. It’s lovely to experience the atmosphere as the cafes and ice cream parlors swing open their doors.

Cost: Free, but as with Trastevere, budget in a cafe break. 

Map of the Most Instagrammable Places in Rome

I made a custom map for you that contains all the best Rome Instagram spots with their exact locations. You can easily open it up on your phone if you click on the bracket in the upper right corner! This way you can always check it during the day to ensure you’re not missing out on anything.

Where to Stay in Rome

If you’re aiming to shoot as many pictures as you can in Rome, you’ll want to stay as central as possible.

Since most of the best Rome Instagram spots are located in Centro Storico (the city center of Rome), it’s definitely one of the best areas to stay in Rome for photography purposes. Other great areas to stay in include Esquilino, Testaccio, or Trastevere.

Another great option is Monti which is home to the Colosseum – you can also find many amazing hotels with views of the Colosseum in this area. Just imagine waking up to the view of the Colosseum and capturing it with your camera! Memories for life, am I right?

If you don’t have too much time (or energy) for comparing different hotels, below you can find my top recommendations for the best places to stay in Rome.

Hotel Palazzo Manfredi
Photo credit: Hotel Palazzo Manfredi via Booking.com

LUXURY – Hotel Palazzo Manfredi

Admire an outstanding view of the Colosseum over breakfast at the rooftop terrace at Hotel Palazzo Manfredi. With such a central location, a 2-minute walk from Colosseo Metro Station, getting around Rome is easy.

Royal Suite Trinità Dei Monti
Photo credit: Royal Suite Trinità Dei Monti via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Royal Suite Trinità Dei Monti

Overlooking the iconic Spanish Steps, Royal Suite Trinità Dei Monti offers elegant accommodation with hand-craft furnishings. Selected units come with a private balcony where you can linger over a morning espresso or evening glass of wine. 

Residenza Palline
Photo credit: Residenza Palline via Booking.com

BUDGET – Residenza Palline

Centrally located in the Prati neighborhood, Residenza Palline offers budget-friendly rooms with private bathrooms and free WiFi. Rooms either come with a city view or a balcony and guests can take advantage of the shared kitchen as well.

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