19 Stunning Vienna Instagram Spots You Can’t Miss

Vienna is one of the most photogenic cities in Europe with its Neo-Gothic, Baroque, and Art Nouveau buildings and its majestic public parks and squares.

If you are heading there with the intention to spruce up your social media feeds or create fresh content for your blog, then you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the top Vienna Instagram spots first. That’s where this blog post is going to help!

My guide to the most Instagrammable places in Vienna reveals where to shoot in the city, what time to visit the places listed, and how to get there. So all you need to do is ensure you have all your gear packed and that your camera is fully charged!

This article also features a number of free Vienna photo spots which I hope will come in handy for travelers on a budget. Let’s get started!

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Best Vienna Instagram Spots

1. Schönbrunn Palace & Gardens

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the top attractions in the city and no Vienna itinerary is ever complete without visiting this gorgeous palace. Schönbrunn served as an imperial hunting lodge in the earlier days but in the 18th century, it was transformed into a palatial imperial residence.

Although it’s possible to tour the inside of the palace (you can check the ticket options here), sadly you can’t take any photos inside. However, this place has made it to the top of the best Vienna Instagram spots because of its exterior and its beautiful gardens!

In the summer, you’ll find many gorgeous tree tunnels and beautiful flowers scattered around the garden that make a perfect backdrop to every Instagram photo. Moreover, you can use the exterior stairs of the Schönbrunn Palace either to take a photo or to admire the panoramic view of the gardens from above.

Location on Google Maps: Schönbrunn Palace

How to get there: Take subway U4 and depart at either Schönbrunn or Hietzing. Alternatively, you can use tram nr. 10 or 60, or bus nr. 10 A, and get off at Schloss Schönbrunn.

Best time to go: The park gates are opened at 6.30 am daily, while the Palace only opens at 9 am. If you want to avoid the crowds and have the park and the palace exteriors all to yourself, it’s best to go early in the morning, before the palace opens.

Cost: Visiting the grounds and the gardens is entirely free. Visiting the palace and some of the special attractions require an entrance ticket though, so plan accordingly. Tickets typically start from €22 per person, you can check the different ticket types here. If you want to learn more about the palace while you’re visiting, check out this top-rated guided tour of the Schönbrunn Palace!

2. Palmenhaus Schönbrunn

If you’re a plant lover, you’ll truly feel like heaven in this place! The Palm House is the largest greenhouse in all of Austria and it’s located inside the Schönbrunn gardens so you can easily visit it while touring the gardens. The house is divided into three pavilions and each of them houses numerous tropical, subtropical, and Mediterranean plants.

The white spiral staircase close to the entrance is definitely one of the most instagrammable places in Vienna! You can also find many cute little corners and benches scattered around the whole greenhouse that scream for an Instagram photo. It’s practically impossible to take a bad photo in a gorgeous scenery like this!

Location on Google Maps: Palmenhaus Schönbrunn

How to get there: Take subway U4 and get off at Hietzing, then walk around 7 minutes to reach the greenhouse.

Best time to visit: The Palm House opens at 10 am every day and if you want to enjoy it without the crowds, go around opening time. I recommend arriving in the Schönbrunn garden around 8 am so you can have time to stroll around the garden first, then visit the Palm House around 10 am or 10.30 am.

Cost: The entrance ticket costs €9 per person.

3. Karlskirche

The first of several churches to feature on my list of the best Vienna Instagram spots, this beautiful Baroque church is distinguishable by its colossal green dome and twin towers that flank the main entrance.

Karlskirche was constructed during the 18th century in dedication to Saint Charles Borromeo for his efforts during the outbreak of the plague and marks the period when the city was finally free of the epidemic.

You can shoot from outside from Ressel Park which looks out at the church across a pond and adds to the scene. It’s also worth heading inside to get a close look at the frescoes.

Location on Google Maps: Karlskirche

How to get there: Karlskirche is located just south of the Innere Stadt. Karlsplatz Metro and Resselgasse and Gußhausstraße tram stops are each a 5-minute walk away. Karlskirche is served by buses that run along Karlsplatz.

Best time to visit: Any time of day. If you want to go inside Karlskirche then the opening hours are 9 am – 6 pm on Monday to Saturday and 12 pm – 7 pm on Sundays.

Cost: If you want to go inside the church and access the viewing platform the admission charge is €9.50.

4. Belvedere Palace

One of the leading tourist attractions in the city also happens to be one of the most Instagrammable places in Vienna! Originally intended as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy, this Baroque palace now contains an expansive art collection known for its pieces from Gustav Klimt. ​

Belvedere Palace is set within its own gardens that are dotted with fountains so there are a wealth of photo opportunities from the grounds without the need of heading indoors.

Location on Google Maps: Belvedere Palace 

How to get there: Schloss Belvedere tram stop is right outside the palace entrance. Located less than 5 minutes away, Wien Quartier Belvedere is a hub of trams and buses. The closest metro stations are Südtiroler Platz and Taubstummengasse. You might want to coincide your visit to the palace with Karlskirche which is sandwiched between Belvedere Palace and the Innere Stadt.

Best time to go: Any time during the day. The palace is open daily, 10 am – 6 pm.

Cost: Free if you only visit the Belvederegarten and Botanical Gardens. An entrance ticket to Upper Belvedere costs €15.90, while it’s €8.90 to Belvedere 21. If you want to visit both galleries, you can purchase a 2 in 1 ticket for €22.90.

5. Palace of Justice

The Palace of Justice in Vienna is the seat of the Austrian Supreme Court (Oberster Gerichtshof). Although the building looks amazing from the outside, you’ll want to make sure to take the time to go inside and shoot some more pictures in the atrium. Trust me, this is where the magic happens!

This is one of the best photography spots in Vienna thanks to its extravagant staircase that leads you up to a statue of Lady Justice and along the elaborate balustrade.

Although the Justizpalast isn’t as well known among tourists, it’s best to arrive early so that you can get the best photos possible. There is also a lovely rooftop cafe you could swing by.

Before visiting this place I’ve heard some bad reviews from other content creators so I was a bit nervous. Mostly they complained about the guards being rude to them, not letting them change outfits or take more photos, etc.

Luckily we haven’t experienced any of this – in fact, the guards were super nice to us! As long as you’re being respectful and don’t drag your whole wardrobe with you, you’ll be fine. Also, if you have a silent mode on your camera, turn it on!

Location on Google Maps: Justizpalast

How to get there: The Palace of Justice is a 5-minute walk from Volkstheater metro, tram, and bus station. It’s close to Maria-Theresien-Platz and Rathausplatz. 

Best time to go: Escape the crowds and coincide your visit with the opening time of the palace. It is open to the public Monday to Friday, 7.30 am – 3.30 pm (closed on the weekends).

Cost: Free.

6. State Hall of the Austrian National Library

The State Hall of the Austrian National Library is a Baroque masterpiece brimming with statues, antique Venetian globes, frescoes, and over 200,000 books.

As with the Palace of Justice, this is one of the hidden gems in the city so you can create some truly unique content here. The State Hall is one of the best Vienna Instagram spots for capturing the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment – with a modern twist of course!

Make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before the official opening time to be the first one entering the hall – this will grant you a few minutes to have the whole library all to yourself. This is your time to shine if you want some amazing pictures without no one else in the background!

Also, the library is quite dark and if you want to capture the whole hall, you need to be mindful with your lenses. Wide-angle lenses with wide aperture work best, but even with low f-stops like f/2.8 you’ll need to bump up your ISO a lot. If you want to read more about photography tips, check out what’s in our camera bag or the best cameras for blogging!

Location on Google Maps: State Hall of the Austrian National Library

How to get there: Stephansplatz and Herrengasse metro stations are each a 10-minute walk away. It’s also within walking distance of Burggarten, the Vienna State Opera, and the Palace of Justice. 

Best time to go: Arrive early in the morning, right when the State Hall opens at 10 am. The full opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm, and 10 am – 9 pm on Thursdays. 

Cost: €10. There is an additional fee to visit the other five museums at the complex. 

7. Vienna State Opera

One of the greatest icons of the city of music and performance art is one of the classic Vienna photo spots that you will not want to miss. The Renaissance Revival venue of the Vienna State Opera was completed in 1869 and now hosts seasonal performances from September until June every year.

The best position to shoot the exterior of the Vienna State Opera is actually across the road in front of the Albertina Museum but don’t miss the chance to have a closer look at the building too.

Girl in a white dress in front of the Vienna State Opera, one of the most instagrammable places in Vienna

Location on Google Maps: Vienna State Opera, Albertina Museum

How to get there: Karlsplatz Metro Station is less than 5 minutes away on foot. Dozens of buses and trams stop right outside on the Ringstrasse. 

Best time to go: Any time of day. 

Cost: Free. If you want to go inside the theater then you can join a 40-minute guided tour for a fee of €13.

8. Albrechtsbrunnen

Located right in front of the Albertina Museum, Albrechtsbrunnen is a fountain that comprises a series of statues that represent the relationship between the city of Vienna (Vindobona) and the River Danube (Danubius). Other rivers are depicted and aim to highlight the strength of Austria-Hungary.

When the sky is blue and the fountain is gushing, this is one of the loveliest outdoor Instagrammable places in Vienna and it is a contender for the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Girl in front of Albrechtsbrunnen in Vienna

Location on Google Maps: Albrechtsbrunnen

How to get there: Stephansplatz Metro Station is a 5-minute walk away while the nearby Ringstrasse is well served by buses and trams. The fountain is within walking distance of the Burggarten and the Vienna State Opera.

Best time to go: Any time during the day.

Cost: Free.

9. Michaelerplatz

In keeping with European cities, Vienna is home to a range of beautiful public squares but Michaelerplatz is one of my recommendations for photographers.

Centrally located within the Innere Stadt, Michaelerplatz forms the main entrance to The Hofburg, the former imperial palace of the Habsburgs. Within the square, you will also find the historic Michaelskirche which dates back to the 13th century as well as the excavated site of the Roman settlement, Vindobona.

Essentially the square offers up a plethora of some of the best photography spots in Vienna all within a few yards of one another. If your visit to Vienna coincides with the festive season you can also visit one of the best Christmas markets in Europe.

Location on Google Maps: Michaelerplatz

How to get there: Stephansplatz and Herrengasse metro stations are both less than 5 minutes away on foot. 

Best time to go: Early in the morning before it gets busy. 

Cost: Free.

10. Burggarten

Burggarten is a sweeping formal garden that backs onto The Hofburg and you can choose to visit it in conjunction with the palace or as an individual entity.

As you meander your way around the space, you’ll encounter statues of the likes of Mozart and Franz Josef and eventually reach the Art Nouveau conservatory, Schmetterlinghaus, which houses hundreds of butterflies and makes this one of the best Instagram spots in Vienna for fans of the colorful creatures! There’s plenty of space to experiment with your captures in Burggarten. 

Location on Google Maps: Burggarten

How to get there: A number of trams and buses stop on the Ringstrasse right outside the Burggarten, with Burgring being the closest option. Volkstheater and Karlsplatz metro stations are a 10-minute walk away while Stephansplatz is a 15-minute alternative. 

Best time to go: Any time during the day. The gardens are open daily, 7 am – 5.30 pm.

Cost: Visiting the gardens is free, however, it costs €9 to enter the Schmetterlinghaus (open daily, 10 am – 4 pm).

11. Café Sacher

Take a break from the historic monuments and lush green spaces and visit one of the best Instagram spots in Vienna where you can sit down and nibble on a slab of the city’s famous dessert.

Café Sacher is the home of the Original Sacher-Torte, a delectable chocolate sponge cake served with a dollop of whipped cream and a coffee of your choosing. Besides the cake itself, the cafe setting is highly photogenic with its red velvet booths, vintage chandeliers, and old-world charm. 

Location on Google Maps: Café Sacher Wien (it’s located on the ground floor of the Hotel Sacher Wien).

How to get there: The cafe is less than 10 minutes on foot from Stephansplatz Metro Station or you can take a bus to the Vienna State Opera and walk a couple of minutes from there. 

Best time to go: The cafe is open for non-hotel guests but this is generally the setting for breakfast for hotel guests as well so you can imagine how busy it gets. Try to visit early as possible, ideally right when the cafe opens at 8 am!

Cost: Budget €15-20 for a slice of cake, a coffee, and the service charge.

12. Hundertwasserhaus

In stark contrast to anything else that you will see in the city, Hundertwasserhaus is one of the most eclectic Vienna Instagram spots to make my list and offers a change of scenery from the imperial architecture. Hundertwasserhaus, or the Hundertwasser House, is the creation of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and architect Joseph Krawina.

This higgledy-piggledy apartment features colorful tiles, wrought-iron balconies, geometric shapes, and vegetation creeping up over the walls before culminating in an urban roof forest. It’s a huge building so make sure to have your wide-angle lens with you!

Girl in a red skirt in front of Hundertwasserhaus, a great Instagram spot in Vienna

Location on Google Maps: Hundertwasser House

How to get there: Located to the east of the Innere Stadt close to the Didube, Landstraße is the nearest metro station, sitting a 10-minute walk away. The closest tram stations are Hetzgasse and Löwengasse which are both a few minutes walk away. Buses drop you off at the nearby Marxergasse. 

Best time to go: Visit early in the morning to catch the best light and before others arrive to photograph the building. 

Cost: Free, or €12 to enter the museum.

13. Maria-Theresien-Platz

Another public square that I can recommend to photographers and content creators is the beautiful Maria-Theresien-Platz.

This piazza is adjacent to The Hofburg and is the setting of prominent museums such as Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and the Museum of Natural History Vienna. At the heart of the square, you will spot a huge statue of Empress Maria Theresa with four fountains marking each corner.

Location on Google Maps: Maria-Theresien-Platz 

How to get there: Volkstheater Metro Station is a 5-minute walk away and is a hub for bus and tram routes as well. You can coincide your shoot here with visiting Burggarten.

Best time to go: Any time of day works for Maria-Theresien-Platz, however, my recommendation is to arrive early in the morning preferably.

Cost: Free but you might want to extend your visit by visiting one of the museums.

14. Rathausplatz

Rathausplatz is another public square within the Innere Stadt and is where you will find the Rathaus, the seat of local government. This massive Neo-Gothic hall dominates the square and providing that you arrive early enough you should find a variety of angles to get creative with your images.

The square connects to the Rathauspark where you will find landscaped gardens and leafy avenues further adding to one of the most Instagrammable places in Vienna.

Location on Google Maps: Rathausplatz

How to get there: Rathaus tram stop (Line 2) is the closest option or you can walk from Schottentor Metro Station in 10 minutes. 

Best time to go: As early as possible to avoid the crowds. During winter the square is occupied by a Christmas market. 

Cost: Free. 

15. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Located in the very heart of the Innere Stadt and ruling over the cityscape of Vienna, the medieval St. Stephen’s Cathedral has the tallest church spire in the country. You can shoot outside the cathedral and capture its towers and jazzy tiled roof in the background and head inside to explore the interiors.

It is also possible to climb either of the two towers from where you will get incredible views across the city, making this one of the best Vienna Instagram spots for panoramas. There are two towers to choose from: North and South. It’s worth visiting both but for those iconic Vienna views, I recommend the North Tower!

Location on Google Maps: St. Stephen’s Cathedral

How to get there: St. Stephen’s Cathedral is located a 2-minute walk from Stephansplatz Metro Station. 

Best time to go: The exterior of the church is best photographed during the early morning hours but you can visit the exterior at any time of the day. The towers are open daily between 9 am – 5.30 pm.

Cost: Visiting the church itself is free, however, the towers require an entrance ticket. It costs €6 for the North Tower and €5.50 for the South Tower. 

16. Ferstel Passage

Running beneath Palais Ferstel, the Ferstel Passage is one of the best Instagram spots in Vienna if you want to tap on a spot of shopping alongside your shoot! This covered 19th-century arcade was modeled on the shopping passages found in Paris and is buzzing with high-end shops, fresh produce, and chic eateries.

You can choose to capture the arches, fountains, and moldings or take a seat in one of the cafes for some lifestyle shots. It’s a great destination for a glass of wine in the evening after a day on your feet.

Location on Google Maps: Ferstel Passage

How to get there: Schottentor Metro Station is a few minutes away on foot while a fleet of trams stops outside the nearby Burgtheater.

Best time to go: Any time during the day. The arcade is open from Monday to Saturday, 10 am – 8 pm. 

Cost: Free but factor in cash for a coffee or a souvenir.

17. St. Francis of Assisi Church

The St. Francis of Assisi Church is further afield compared to the other Vienna Instagram spots on my list but it’s worth riding the metro out to pay it a visit. It follows the architectural style of a Catholic Basilica and was built at the turn of the 20th century and consecrated in 1913.

With its russet-colored turrets and towers and Rhenish-Romanesque elements, it resembles the fairytale castles of Europe. You can shoot with the church in the background from the gardens that surround the building or capture the spires from the nearby bridge.

Location on Google Maps: St. Francis of Assisi Church

How to get there: Vorgartenstraße Metro Station is a 5-minute walk from the church. 

Best time to go: Any time during the day. 

Cost: Free.

18. Votivkirche

Votivkirche, or the Votive Church, is the second-tallest church in Vienna and follows Neo-Gothic architecture. The house of worship was erected in gratitude following the unsuccessful assassination of Emperor Franz Joseph.

Set within the green Votivpark, you can plan your photoshoot from either the park or walk across the street to Sigmund-Freud Park for an entirely different perspective. Shooting from the end of Frankgasse (first photo below) gives you another cool perspective on the church!

Location on Google Maps: Votivkirche

How to get there: Schottentor Metro Station and Landesgerichtsstraße bus and tram stops are each a 5-minute walk away. You can coincide your visit to Votivkirche with a trip to Rathausplatz. 

Best time to go: Early morning is ideal to capture the best lighting conditions but you can visit any time during the day. If you want to go inside the church, then you will need to visit between 11 am – 6 pm (Tuesday to Friday), on Saturdays, 11 am – 7 pm, and on Sundays, 9 am – 1 pm. There is no access on Mondays. 

Cost: Free. 

19. Maria am Gestade Church

The final of my Vienna photo spots is one of the oldest churches in the city. Maria am Gestade Church (Mary at the Shore) is Gothic in its design and architecture and was built in the late 14th century.

It’s far more humble in comparison with the other churches featured in my guide but is nonetheless one of the most beautiful monuments in the city which will appeal to devotees of ancient buildings.

Location on Google Maps: Maria am Gestade Church

How to get there: Stephansplatz Metro Station is a 10-minute walk away and the Salztorbrücke bus and tram stop is only 5 minutes away. 

Best time to go: Any time during the day. The church is open daily, 7 am – 6 pm. 

Cost: Free.

Map of the Most Instagrammable Places in Vienna

I created a custom map for you that contains all the best Vienna Instagram spots with their exact location. You can even open it up on your phone if you click on the bracket in the upper right corner! This way you can easily check it during the day to ensure you’re not missing out on anything. Super convenient, right?

Where to Stay in Vienna

If this is your first time visiting Vienna then I recommend staying in the Innere Stadt. This is where most of the best Vienna Instagram spots are located and you can easily get around by using public transportation or just by walking around.

Below you can find my suggestions for the best places to stay in Vienna.

Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna
Photo credit: Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna via Booking.com

LUXURY – Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna

Built as a hotel for the World Exhibition in Vienna in 1873, the luxurious Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna can be found right on the famous Ringstraße boulevard in the heart of the city. The hotel features 2 restaurants, a bar, and an exclusive spa and fitness center.

Hilton Vienna Plaza
Photo credit: Hilton Vienna Plaza via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Hilton Vienna Plaza

Located on the historic Ringstraße in the Innere Stand, the city center of Vienna, Hilton Vienna Plaza combines modern and Art Déco design elements. The elegantly decorated rooms come with marble bathrooms and offer amazing views of the city from their large windows.

K+K Palais Hotel
Photo credit: K+K Palais Hotel via Booking.com

BUDGET – K+K Palais Hotel

Centrally located in the quiet part of Vienna’s city center, K+K Palais Hotel is a total steal. Boasting fully air-conditioned rooms and state-of-the-art amenities, the property is in close proximity to many major sights, such as the St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

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