7 Best Areas to Stay in Mexico City for Every Budget

The Mexican capital is a whopping big place and if you are planning your first visit to the metropolis, you are likely feeling daunted at having to choose where to stay in Mexico City. Covering ​​1,485 square kilometers (573 square miles) and 16 different districts with over 300 neighborhoods, that’s a lot of land and hotels to ponder over. 

When choosing the best neighborhood in Mexico City you need to think cunningly as, naturally, you want to be within easy access to the main tourist sites and the best places to eat. But you also need to factor in your budget requirements and the logistics of being close to public transport options in this immense city. 

This is where my guide to the best areas to stay in Mexico City is going to save you a lot of hassle! I have curated the following article that breaks up the most attractive parts of the city to help you find your perfect match. 

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Overview of Where to Stay in Mexico City  

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world and is home to around 20% of the nation’s population. The high-altitude capital is located in the Valley of Mexico (Valle de México) at an elevation of 2,240 meters (7,350 feet).

It’s fairly common for tourists to experience some altitude sickness upon arrival so you might want to pack some medication in case this affects you. 

Constructed atop the site of the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, Mexico City is steeped in history and provides a wonderful introduction to the country’s past as well as the modern-day culture.

In terms of where to stay in Mexico City, the city is organized into 16 districts (delegaciones) which are then further divided into around 300 smaller neighborhoods (colonias or barrios). The districts belong to a series of municipalities (alcaldías).

Named after a former Aztec leader, Cuauhtémoc is the most central of these municipalities and is where most of the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City are located. 

On the whole, Mexico City is a budget-friendly destination although there are some 5-star hotels and boutique lodgings thrown into the mix. As the traffic in Mexico City can be heavy, it is worth booking accommodation as central as possible or choosing a hotel within walking distance of a metro station.

A lot of travelers worry about safety in Mexico City. For the most part, the city is safe but there are some areas that you should avoid choosing accommodation in.

Stick to my carefully vetted recommendations for the best areas to stay in Mexico City and exercise additional caution when wandering around the city at night and you’re unlikely to encounter any problems. 

If you are in a hurry to choose the best area to stay in Mexico City, then you can consult my quick guide as below. 

AreaRecommended Hotel
Centro Histórico (budget-friendly, first-time visitors, sightseeing, history)Domingo Santo Hotel Boutique
La Condesa (first-timer visitors, nightlife, family-friendly, photographers)FlowSuites Condesa
Roma Norte (first-time visitors, food, nightlife, local life)Brick Hotel
Roma Sur (local life, long-term stays, food)Tryp WTC Mexico
Juárez/Zona Rosa (LGBTQ+ friendly, nightlife, budget-friendly, shopping)Galeria Plaza Reforma
Polanco (luxury stays, shopping, fine dining, honeymooner)JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City
Del Carmen (family-friendly, shopping, atmosphere)Agata Hotel Boutique & Spa

Best Areas to Stay in Mexico City 

For those of you seeking a more in-depth guide, the following information is going to equip you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

I have carefully researched and selected the best neighborhoods to stay in Mexico City based on whether you’re traveling on a budget, seeking a luxury stay, looking to experience local life, or exploring the city with a young family. 

1. Centro Histórico – Best area to stay in Mexico City for budget-friendly accommodation 

View of Palacio de Bellas Artes from Finca Don Porfirio

As you can probably gather from the name, the Centro Histórico is the heart of Mexico City, spanning the Plaza del Zócalo and the surrounding area.

Among the Centro Histórico you will find such attractions as the Templo Mayor Museum, National Palace, Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

If you’re planning your first trip to the city and want to hit up all the major tourist spots then Centro Histórico is one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City, especially if you have only one day in Mexico City. Much of the area is walkable and there are several metro stations within the region.

Besides being one of the best neighborhoods in Mexico City for first-time visitors, this is also one of the best places to scoop budget-friendly accommodation. Accommodation is surprisingly low-cost for the city’s most central area.

Hotels are humble for the most part but you can find some boutique and luxury options at a fraction of the cost you might pay elsewhere.

Pros and cons of staying in Centro Histórico


  • If it’s your first time in the city you will find all the major attractions within walking distance of your hotel
  • Accommodation is affordable for such a central area


  • The area is crowded and may be noisy at night depending on where your room is located
  • Be cautious of pickpocketing and petty theft in this part of town, especially during the evenings or at events in Zócalo

Best places to stay in Centro Histórico

Mumedi Design Hotel
Photo credit: Mumedi Design Hotel via Booking.com

LUXURY – Mumedi Design Hotel

Ideally set in the Centro Historico of Mexico City, Mumedi Design Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms, a bar, and a shared lounge. Popular points of interest near the accommodation include the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City, Tenochtitlan Ceremonial Center, and National Palace Mexico.

Domingo Santo Hotel Boutique
Photo credit: Domingo Santo Hotel Boutique via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Domingo Santo Hotel Boutique

Domingo Santo Hotel Boutique in Mexico City provides adults-only accommodation with a restaurant, a bar, and a shared lounge. Popular points of interest near Domingo Santo Hotel Boutique include Palacio de Correos, The Museum of Fine Arts, and Zocalo Square.

Hotel Principal
Photo credit: Hotel Principal via Booking.com

BUDGET – Hotel Principal

The Principal Hotel is located in the heart of Mexico City, just 1,000 feet from San Juan de Letrán Metro Station. The National Art Museum and Palacio de Bellas Artes Museum are less than 5 minutes walk away. Constitution Square is 1,650 feet away.

2. La Condesa – Best area to stay in Mexico City for first-time visitors 

Mexico City skyline view from Chapultepec Castle

La Condesa is a handsome region in the western part of the city center that covers three smaller neighborhoods of Condesa, Condesa-Hipodrómo, and Hipódromo.

The area is characterized by its art nouveau architecture, colorful facades, and tree-lined avenues that lead you into beautiful parks. If you love photography, then you can have a lot of fun getting creative in this attractive neighborhood. 

La Condesa backs onto the green expanse of Chatultelpec Park, which contains a boating lake, European-style castle, botanical garden, and a zoo that is free to visit. This makes La Condesa one of the best neighborhoods in Mexico City for families or travelers who fancy going for a run in the mornings.

At the other end of the scale, La Condesa also offers excellent dining options and a laid-back nightlife scene that lasts deep into the night. You’ll just need to ensure that you choose a hotel that suits you. 

As La Condesa is conveniently located in between Chatultelpec Park and the Centro Histórico, it also comes out top of the list where to stay in Mexico City for your first visit. 

Pros and cons of staying in La Condesa


  • Excellent nightlife that is on the mellow side and an ample selection of places to eat. 
  • The accommodation in La Condesa is an attractive prospect for couples seeking something boutique or unique.


  • Although La Condesa is one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City for families, accommodation is somewhat limited so you will need to book well in advance if you’re traveling with children.

Best places to stay in La Condesa

Casa Malí by Dominion Boutique Hotel
Photo credit: Casa Malí by Dominion Boutique Hotel via Booking.com

LUXURY – Casa Malí by Dominion Boutique Hotel

Located in Mexico City, 1.4 miles from Chapultepec Castle, Casa Malí by Dominion Boutique Hotel features a fitness center, a shared lounge, and barbecue facilities. Featuring family rooms, this property also provides guests with a terrace. 

FlowSuites Condesa
Photo credit: FlowSuites Condesa via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – FlowSuites Condesa

Located in La Condesa district, a popular area close to the city’s financial district that offers a wide variety of restaurants and shops. The rooms have an elegant, minimalist, and modern decoration which includes original works of modern art. The hotel has a rooftop terrace with a small lounge bar where you can enjoy a delicious mezcal cocktail.

Casa Decu
Photo credit: Casa Decu via Booking.com

BUDGET – Casa Decu

Conveniently located in the Condesa district of Mexico City, Casa Decu is set 1.7 miles from Chapultepec Castle, 1.9 miles from The Angel of Independence, and 2.4 miles from the National Museum of Anthropology. Casa Decu offers a terrace. A gym and laundry facilities are available at the accommodation.

3. Roma Norte – Best area to stay in Mexico City for food

Roma Norte neighborhood in Mexico City

The Roma district is broken down into two areas: Roma Norte and Roma Sur. Roma Norte backs onto the northwest corner of La Condesa. It is possible to walk from Roma Norte to the Zócalo area in around one hour and the neighborhood is well-served by local metro stations.

Food-motivated travelers will have a whale of a time in Roma Norte! In fact, you might struggle to leave the neighborhood as there are so many options and everything is high-quality. 

Roma Norte is known for its bohemian spirit and youthful energy, being a popular place for young Mexicans to call home.

Due to its convenient location for accessing the Centro Histórico and the wide variety of places to eat in the vicinity, Roma Norte follows La Condesa as one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City for first-time visitors. 

Pros and cons of staying in Roma Norte 


  • Excellent food options and a pleasant nightlife scene
  • Conveniently located for connecting to the Centro Histórico as well as attractions beyond the main center


  • Hotels are pricier due to the popularity of the area

Best places to stay in Roma Norte 

Brick Hotel
Photo credit: Brick Hotel via Booking.com

LUXURY – Brick Hotel

Located on Orizaba Street in Mexico City’s vibrant La Roma district, the stylish Brick Hotel features a restaurant and modern rooms with balconies. The hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the OMR Gallery and subway access, while the National Museum of Anthropology is a 10-minute drive away. The city’s main avenues, Los Insurgentes and Reforma, are within 0.6 miles of the hotel.

ULIV - Roma Norte
Photo credit: ULIV – Roma Norte via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – ULIV – Roma Norte

Located in Mexico City in the Mexico DF Region, with The Angel of Independence and the United States Embassy nearby. Chapultepec Castle is 1.2 miles from the accommodation, while Museo de Arte Popular is 1.4 miles away.

Hotel MX roma
Photo credit: Hotel MX roma via Booking.com

BUDGET– Hotel MX roma

Attractively set in the Roma district of Mexico City, Hotel MX roma is situated 1.2 miles from The Angel of Independence, 1.4 miles from the United States Embassy, and 1.7 miles from Chapultepec Castle. Boasting family rooms, this property also provides guests with a terrace.

4. Roma Sur – Best area to stay in Mexico City for local life

Dissected by Coahuila Street, Roma Norte melts away into Roma Sur. Originally the area was known simply as Roma but as the district expanded it was officially broken into two neighborhoods. 

Roma Sur is the best neighborhood in Mexico City if you want to experience local life. Gentrification is sweeping its way across Roma but Roma Sur has a little further to go. The food scene in Roma Sur is epic, with low-key taquerias, cozy cafes, and humble restaurants.

As there isn’t a huge amount to see or do in the area and it is a little further afield, I recommend Roma Sur to those returning to the city for a repeat visitor as a contender for expats and digital nomads. 

Pros and cons of staying in Roma Sur


  • Roma Sur is one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City for food options that offer a more local vibe
  • If you’re looking to spend a long time in Mexico City or are traveling for medical tourism, Roma Sur is convenient for the local hospitals and clinics


  • A limited supply of accommodation and most of it is concentrated in the southwestern part of the area
  • There isn’t very much to see or do in the area from a touristic perspective

Best places to stay in Roma Sur

Fiesta Inn Insurgentes Viaducto
Photo credit: Fiesta Inn Insurgentes Viaducto via Booking.com

LUXURY – Fiesta Inn Insurgentes Viaducto

Fiesta Inn Insurgentes Viaducto is within walking distance of the Condesa district, an area known for a variety of restaurants and cultural attractions. Avenida Insurgentes is one of the city’s most well-known streets with theaters, nightlife, and more.

Tryp WTC Mexico
Photo credit: Tryp WTC Mexico via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Tryp WTC Mexico

Located in one of the busiest commercial areas of Mexico City, Tryp WTC Mexico is less than 350 feet from Insurgentes Avenue and a 10-minute walk from the WTC, the Poliforum Siqueiros, and the Pepsi Centre. Guests will also be able to explore various restaurants and night entertainment venues less than 15 minutes walk from the hotel.

Hotel Martí
Photo credit: Hotel Martí via Booking.com

BUDGET – Hotel Martí

Well located in the Escandon district of Mexico City, Hotel Martí is located 2.3 miles from The Angel of Independence, 2.5 miles from Chapultepec Castle, and 3.1 miles from Chapultepec Forest. The property is situated 3.1 miles from the National Museum of Anthropology, 3.7 miles from the United States Embassy, and 3.7 miles from Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia.

5. Juárez/Zona Rosa – Best LGBTQ+ friendly area to stay in Mexico City

Juarez neighborhood in Mexico City

Juárez is an artistic and energetic district located west of the Centro Histórico. The smaller neighborhood of Zona Rosa sits within the Juárez district and is known for its gay-friendly bars, clubs, and karaoke joints.

This is the setting for the annual Gay Pride but it is also the setting for a burgeoning Korean community, which makes Juárez the best neighborhood in Mexico City if you’re a fan of Korean food or fancy a change from Mexican restaurants! 

Although the wonderful nightlife is one of the main draws of Juárez, the majority of the bars are concentrated in the Zona Rosa area. Outside this cluster of streets and towards Chapultepec Park, Juárez has hotels on quiet that make this one of the best areas to stay in Mexico City for families.

It’s also a fantastic shopping destination and you will spot a number of artists and antique vendors selling their wares on the streets. Be sure to take a stroll down Avenida Paseo de la Reforma which is studded with such monuments as the Angel of Independence, Fuente de La Diana Cazadora, Estela de Luz. 

Pros and cons of staying in Juárez


  • A fantastic offering of nightlife, shopping, dining, and transport links make this one of the best options overall for where to stay in Mexico City
  • Accommodation in Juárez is happily affordable


  • Avoid booking a hotel in Zona Rosa unless you want to be in the heart of the party as the noise may be bothersome

Best places to stay in Juárez

Hotel Geneve CD de Mexico
Photo credit: Hotel Geneve CD de Mexico via Booking.com

LUXURY – Hotel Geneve CD de Mexico

This historic hotel is conveniently placed in Juarez, Mexico’s Pink Zone, moments from shops, restaurants, and attractions, and combines historic charm with modern amenities and facilities, including an on-site spa. Originally built in 1907, Hotel Geneve features a variety of modern conveniences, including wireless internet access, a business center, and state-of-the-art fitness facilities.

Galeria Plaza Reforma
Photo credit: Galeria Plaza Reforma via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Galeria Plaza Reforma

Located in Zona Rosa one block from Paseo de la Reforma’s office buildings. This distinguished 434 room hotel is surrounded by the capital city’s financial and commercial district where one can find exclusive restaurants, shops, and boutiques.

Posada Viena Hotel
Photo credit: Soy Local CDMX via Booking.com


Soy Local CDMX is located in the heart of Mexico City, only 1,300 feet from the Cuauhtémoc Metro Station and 350 feet from Chapultepec Avenue. Soy Local CDMX features a characteristic colorful Mexican style and has an on-site restaurant that serves Argentinian cuisine.

6. Polanco – Best area to stay in Mexico City for luxury stays 

Polanco neighborhood in Mexico City

If you have a weakness for fine food, fancy hotels, and high-end boutiques then you will be in your element in Polanco! This is where you find a selection of Mexico City’s Michelin star restaurants such as Pujol and Quintonil alongside a mix of boutique hotels and prestigious hotel chains.

The nightlife is in keeping with the overall vibe, you can expect to find elegant cocktail lounges and wine bars.

Bear in mind that this neighborhood is located in western Mexico City and is not as central as some of the other places in this guide. If you are only spending one or two days in the city then Polanco is probably not the best neighborhood in Mexico City for your trip.

However, if you are staying for three days or more or are returning for a second trip, it’s an excellent contender as it lets you experience the city from a different perspective.

Due to the luxurious vibe of Polanco, I also recommend this district to honeymooners or travelers celebrating a special occasion. You will feel like royalty while staying in Polanco!

Pros and cons of staying in Polanco


  • Polanco is the best area in Mexico City to stay in if you want to live it up and aren’t restricted by budget
  • A broad selection of upscale restaurants, bars, and hotels will appeal to honeymooners or anyone looking to wine and dine with their loved one


  • Public transportation is somewhat sparse with only one metro station located in the area
  • As there are not very many tourist attractions to see in the immediate area, Polanco is more of a lifestyle destination

Best places to stay in Polanco

The Wild Oscar
Photo credit: The Wild Oscar via Booking.com

LUXURY – The Wild Oscar

Set in Mexico City, In the Polanco neighborhood, The Wild Oscar offers private residential-style accommodation. Guest can enjoy the on-site Restaurant Bar, social and work areas. The private residence houses multipurpose rooms, private terraces, and a fitness center. It offers personalized concierge services, second home services, and business services.

JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City
Photo credit: JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City

This luxury hotel is 5 miles from central Mexico City and a 10-minute walk from Auditorio Metro Station. It features an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, and a Health Club with exclusive spa services such as a gym and hot tub. The hotel’s Xanat restaurant serves Mexican cuisine and the Lobby Bar offers 100 varieties of tequila, along with a full bar menu.

Grand Polanco Residencial
Photo credit: Grand Polanco Residencial via Booking.com

BUDGET – Grand Polanco Residencial

Located in Mexico City, Grand Polanco Residencial features a garden and terrace. National Museum of Anthropology is 800 metres from the property. Free WiFi is featured throughout the property. It also includes a fitness centre.

7. Del Carmen – Best area to stay in Mexico City for family-friendly accommodation 

Del Carmen is a small neighborhood that sits within the Coyoacán municipality located south of the city. The Coyoacán area used to be a village and retains a sense of its rustic charm, with an abundance of leafy parks, cute cafes, and bookstores.

Meanwhile, artistic types will relish the opportunity to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum, and film buffs will be drawn to the film archive at the Cineteca Nacional de México. 

​​Viveros de Coyoacán is one of the highlights of the area. Containing a tree nursery and pathways sheltered by canopies, this national park is a lovely place to find some shade in the summer months.

Further south, Coyoacán Park (Centro de Coyoacán) contains fountains and statues of coyotes, in honor of the many animals who used to dwell here during the Aztec period. Del Carmen takes the top spot for the best area in Mexico City to stay for families. 

Pros and cons of staying in Del Carmen


  • This peaceful area is perfect if you want to stay away from the bustle of the central areas
  • Blessed with a plethora of green spaces, Del Carmen is an appealing option for travelers with young children


  • If you are traveling to Mexico City and want to feel the rush of the Zócalo and central barrios, then Del Carmen is not the best area to stay in Mexico City
  • Accommodation is limited but you can consider staying further south within the Coyoacán district

Best places to stay in Del Carmen

Suites Los Camilos
Photo credit: Suites Los Camilos via Booking.com

LUXURY – Suites Los Camilos

Set in Mexico City, 0.9 miles from Frida Kahlo House Museum, Suites Los Camilos offers accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a bar, and a garden. At the hotel, all rooms include a wardrobe and a private bathroom. Suites Los Camilos also offers a terrace.

Agata Hotel Boutique & Spa
Photo credit: Agata Hotel Boutique & Spa via Booking.com

MID-RANGE – Agata Hotel Boutique & Spa

Set in Mexico City, 1,300 feet from Frida Kahlo House Museum, Agata Hotel Boutique & Spa offers accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a bar, and a terrace. All guest rooms come with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a fridge, a kettle, a shower, a hairdryer, and a wardrobe. At the hotel, all rooms have a private bathroom with free toiletries.

La Casita de Coyoacán
Photo credit: La Casita de Coyoacán via Booking.com

BUDGET – La Casita de Coyoacán

La Casita de Coyoacán offers accommodation with a shared lounge, free private parking, a garden, and a terrace. The accommodation provides a 24-hour front desk, a shuttle service, a shared kitchen, and free WiFi throughout the property.

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