Breakfast in Chiang Mai: 17 Amazing Cafes You Need to Try

Looking to start your day with a delicious breakfast in Chiang Mai? With its vibrant food scene and abundance of specialty cafes, you won’t be disappointed.

We spent one month in Chiang Mai during our big Southeast Asia trip and also recently visited again to witness the majestic lantern festival. During our time there, we made it a mission to try as many cafes for breakfast as possible.

In this post, we’ll share our absolute favorite breakfast spots in Chiang Mai. Word of warning: you’ll probably get hungry after seeing these mouthwatering dishes we got to try!

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Best Chiang Mai Breakfast Places You’ll Need to Try

1. Kati Breakfast and Brunch

Location on Google Maps: Kati Breakfast and Brunch
Instagram: @kati_breakfastandbrunch

Kati Breakfast and Brunch became a favorite of mine during my most recent visit to Chiang Mai. Between the kind staff and the quality of the food, this spot really does have it all.

Set within the Burirattana Hotel in Chiang Mai’s Old Town, Katie Breakfast and Brunch is in a super convenient location and is close to many of the city’s top attractions.

They have plenty of delicious Thai food to sample if you’d prefer to stick to some local bites, but their international breakfast options were to die for. You’ll be able to take your pick from a line-up of Full English breakfasts, triple cheese toasties, and berry pancakes.

The portions here are huge, so lighter options, like a smoothie bowl or overnight oats, might be best if you don’t have a huge appetite!

Pair your brekkie with one of their freshly pressed juices, smoothies, or coffees. When the heat becomes too much, I’d definitely recommend picking up some of their fresh coconuts.

2. Sun Rays Cafe

Location on Google Maps: Sun Rays Cafe

If it’s a sweet breakfast you’re craving, it’s hard to find anywhere that tops Sun Rays Cafe in the Old Town.

Their fruit-topped French toast is their signature dish, so of course, I had to order it to see what all the fuss was about.

Let me tell you that the presentation is as perfect as it is in the pictures I’d previously seen. There was so much fruit on the plate that I could barely see the bread underneath, so I didn’t feel too guilty about all the French toast I’d devoured!

Although this is what many people come here for, their menu is pretty extensive and features plenty of other options, including club sandwiches, yogurt bowls, and filled croissants.

Sun Rays is among the busiest breakfast places in Chiang Mai, so getting here early is a must. They don’t take reservations, so if you arrive and it’s full, you need to leave your name and wait, which might be for quite some time.

3. SS1254372 Cafe

Location on Google Maps: SS1254372 Cafe
Instagram: @ss1254372cafe

Start your day right with a plate of fresh avocado on the most perfect Eggs Benedict at one of my favorite breakfast places in Chiang Mai.

Besides the food, what makes SS1254372 Cafe so unique is that it’s located within the Gallery Seescape which sells some of the coolest arts and crafts in town and is worthy of a rummage around.

All the food is artistically presented using fresh ingredients and a kaleidoscope of colors. If you want to branch out you can order a ‘blue’ latte – it’s butterfly pea with a sprig of lavender!

4. Artisan Cafe

Location on Google Maps: Artisan Café
Instagram: @artisancafe_cnx

First and foremost a coffee shop, Artisan Cafe serves some of the best coffee in Chiang Mai.

Their food menu is a tad limited compared to other breakfast places on my list but what they do serve, they do extremely well and they continue to expand with new dishes.

You will find melt-in-your-mouth pastries, waffles blanketed with exotic fruits, and perfectly poached eggs. They also have a couple of breakfast sets that dish up a combination of fluffy pastries with eggs, greens, and a hot drink.

Artisan Cafe is only a 5-minute walk from Wat Sri Suphan, one of the most beautiful temples you definitely have to include in your Chiang Mai itinerary!

Try to schedule your visit early in the morning so that you can pop into Artisan Cafe afterward and have a delicious breakfast in Chiang Mai.

Interior at Artisan Cafe in Chiang Mai

5. Baan Buri Café & Restaurant

Location on Google Maps: Baan Buri Café & Restaurant
Instagram: @baanburicafe

Baan Buri Café & Restaurant is a stylish and modern Thai restaurant serving up a blend of local classics and brunch fare.

Both the indoor and outdoor seating areas are super cute and beautifully decorated, as is the immaculate presentation of each dish.

It was our last morning in Chiang Mai and as a French toast lover, I knew I had to try their version too and it definitely did not disappoint! That being said, the American-style breakfast was also amazing and very filling. 

One thing that really stood out about this place was their selection of drinks. They had such a wide assortment of specialty teas, coffee varieties, and healthy juices to pick from. Picking a drink was as challenging as deciding what food to order.

Despite the fact that Baan Buri is typically known as one of the top Chiang Mai breakfast places, I’d be keen on sampling their Thai food for lunch or dinner. Hopefully next time!

6. The Larder Cafe & Bar

Location on Google Maps: The Larder Cafe & Bar
Instagram: @lardercafecnx

Another much-loved spot for breakfast in Chiang Mai is The Larder Cafe & Bar. This little restaurant is situated in Nimman, a vibrant, upmarket neighborhood to the northwest of the Old Town.

For starters, I have to tell you that I can’t wrap my head around why this cafe only has a 3.0 rating on Google because our experience was phenomenal. To think that we almost missed out on it due to the rating still bugs me today!

The Larder Cafe & Bar offers a variety of breakfast dishes, from classic avocado toasts to hearty open sandwiches and smoothie bowls.

The prices are slightly on the expensive side for Chiang Mai, but I can promise you that you’ll be satisfied for hours afterward as the potions are very generous.

Another thing I loved about this spot was all the extras you could add, with everything from hummus to halloumi available as a side.

This place ended up being one of our top picks for the best breakfast in Chiang Mai so make sure to add it to your list!

7. Chiang Mai Breakfast World

Location on Google Maps: Chiang Mai Breakfast World
Instagram: @cmbreakfast

Chiang Mai Breakfast World is one of the veterans of the city’s breakfast scene.

The team here serves up some of the best breakfasts in Chiang Mai, and the pretty garden setting is one of my favorite parts of this cafe. Though the seating is mostly outside, the fans and the shade from the trees will keep you cool.

They offer a ton of breakfast sets, many of which come with sides like fruit or toast and a steaming cup of tea or coffee.

The portions are quite generous, but if you somehow have any space left in your stomach after your morning feast, pick up some of their smoothies, ice creams, or homemade treats to go!

8. Bella Goose Cafe at the Hill

Location on Google Maps: Bella Goose Cafe at the Hill
Instagram: @bellagooseth

Located between the Ping River and the Old Town, Bella Goose Cafe at the Hill is somewhere that I wish I’d found sooner, as it turned out to be among the best cafes in Chiang Mai we’d visited.

Before I get into the food, which is incredible, I have to give their amazing coffee a special mention. The coffee here is roasted in-house, and they have some gorgeous and unique specialties I’m sure you’ll love, such as lavender mint lattes and espresso milkshakes.

For breakfast, we went for the BG burrito and the BG smoothie bowl, both of which were fantastic and so filling.

Even the fussiest of eaters will have plenty to choose from here, and some other menu highlights include chicken and waffles, the chocolate and peanut butter bowl, and the veggie wraps.

Bella Goose has two other locations, which look just as good but have some menu variations. If this branch is anything to go by, you won’t go wrong with either of the other spots.

9. My Secret Cafe in Town

Location on Google Maps: My Secret Cafe in Town
Instagram: @mysecretcafeintown

As My Secret Cafe in Town is a short walk from Wat Phra Singh and Wet Chedi Luang, which makes it one of the best cafes in Chiang Mai for a central breakfast while seeing the best sights in the city. They serve a mix of light granola, waffles, fresh fruit salads, and pastries.

Alternatively, you can always grab something more substantial like a tasty sandwich or a steaming bowl of noodles. If you have a sweet tooth you should definitely make a pitstop here for a slice of cake!

This is a handy spot to know about for breakfast in Chiang Mai in between temple hopping.

Interior at My Secret Cafe in Town in Chiang Mai

10. See You Soon Cafe

Location on Google Maps: See You Soon Cafe
Instagram: @seeyousooncnx

See You Soon Cafe is another option that is right in the center of the Old Town. The menu is loaded with fruit and veggies; think waffles and pancakes drenched in mangoes and dragonfruit and avocado-stuffed croissants.

If you’re after an adventurous breakfast in Chiang Mai you can also dive into a dish of Tom Yum.

See You Soon Cafe is connected to a lovely boutique hotel if you need inspiration for where to stay in Chiang Mai.

The seating area is the perfect place to take a break while you sip on a chilled frappe or smoothie with a view of Wat Chedi Luang.

Beautiful green terrace at See You Soon Cafe in Chiang Mai
Waffles for breakfast in Chiang Mai at See You Soon Cafe

11. Free Bird Cafe

Location on Google Maps: Free Bird Cafe
Instagram: @freebirdcafe

The menu at the Free Bird Cafe is half Western classics and half traditional Shan (Burmese) food. Everything on the menu is 100% plant-based making this one of the best places to eat in Chiang Mai if you’re vegan.

They have an appetizing selection of nutrient-rich smoothie bowls, tempeh bagels, and pancakes. For those of you with a sweet tooth, Free Bird Cafe recently unveiled its lemon cheesecake bowl – but don’t worry, it’s healthy!

12. Ombra Caffe no.3

Location on Google Maps: Ombra Caffe no.3
Instagram: @ombracaffe.pyur.otel

With its abundance of plugs, slick Wi-Fi, and strong coffee, Ombra Caffe is one of the best coffee shops in Chiang Mai if you need to catch up on work. But you don’t have to be a digital nomad to gorge on their incredible breakfast bagels, pastries, and granola bowls!

You can either lounge in the cozy interiors or perch on a stool in the garden surrounded by foliage. The cafe is tucked away down a peaceful street and attached to a boutique hostel.

A great place for either a productive breakfast in Chiang Mai or if you want somewhere quiet to read before you start your day.

Interior at Ombra Caffe in Chiang Mai
Breakfast in Chiang Mai at Ombra Caffe

13. Smoothie Blues

Location on Google Maps: Smoothie Blues

Right in the heart of the lively Nimman Road district, Smoothie Blues is one of the most popular breakfast places in Chiang Mai. They have an ample menu spanning muesli and granola bowls to eggs, wraps, and sandwiches.

As you can probably guess, they also have a stellar smoothie menu which will help you get your 5 a day while on the move! With such a broad menu, Smoothie Blues is a great option if you’re in a group and all fancy different things.

French toast for breakfast at Smoothie Blues in Chiang Mai

14. The Hideout

Location on Google Maps: The Hideout

This cute cafe serves a simple yet effective breakfast in Chiang Mai giving you the choice of cereals, French Toast, omelet, or a spread.

If you want something more substantial around lunchtime, The Hideout is famous for its sandwiches. The portions are on the generous side so you will never leave this place hungry.

You can choose from a mix of coffee and Thai teas and treat yourself to a slice of home-baked cake if you’re not too full!

15. .fresh Cafe

Location on Google Maps: .fresh Cafe

This cute little cafe makes some of the most nourishing and energizing breakfast bowls in town. Located in the trendy Nimman neighborhood, .fresh Cafe is a must-visit for health-conscious foodies.

The food menu here is very limited so if you’re after a hearty breakfast, this might not be the best spot for you. But if you’re looking for a light and refreshing start to your day, then .fresh Cafe has got you covered.

Their smoothies are the star of the show, with a variety of flavors to choose and if you want something more filling, you can top it with low-fat yogurt, granola, and fresh fruits. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

16. Graph One Nimman

Location on Google Maps: Graph One Nimman

Technically Graph One Nimman isn’t a breakfast place but they do have some desserts and sweets. And as they do some of the best coffee in Chiang Mai, I couldn’t skip it!

Their menu is wildly creative, with charcoal-activated coffees, nitrogen infusions, and pumpkin blends.

Graph One Nimman is legendary for its cold brew menu – basically, if you’re a fanatic about coffee then you need to come here. In addition to its innovative coffees, Graph One Nimman has a fantastic array of cakes!

You can actually find Graph in many different locations, so if you can’t make it to Graph One Nimman, you can also try Graph Ground or Graph Quarter!

Sweets and special coffees at Graph One Nimman
Interior at Graph One Nimman

17. Ristr8to Original

Location on Google Maps: Ristr8to Original

To wrap up my list, I’m tapping on a plus one because if you love coffee you can’t come to Chiang Mai without sampling the goods at one of the best coffee shops in Chiang Mai.

The award-winning Ristr8o is a cult among locals and tourists and serves the most experimental coffee in Chiang Mai. Try their signature Satan Latte which uses a blend of three different coffee beans and shows off coffee art at its finest.

Map for Finding the Best Cafes in Chiang Mai

To help you navigate your way to the best breakfast spots in Chiang Mai, we’ve created a map with all of our recommended cafes with their retrospective number.

Just for clarification, the numbers don’t reflect any ranking order, they are just simply there to make it easier for you to find the best Chiang Mai breakfast places on the map!

How to use this map: This map is fully interactive, so you can move around, zoom in/zoom out, and click on the icons. If you want to see a larger map, click on the bracket in the upper right corner. To see more details and the different layers, click on the tab in the upper left corner. If you want to save it for later, click on the star icon next to the name of the map. Then simply open Google Maps either on your desktop or phone, go to ‘Saved’/’Maps’, and open the map whenever you need it.

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai

This popular city is teeming with hotels, hostels, and guest houses for you to choose between. Because Chiang Mai attracts backpackers, honeymooners, and families, there’s loads of variety in terms of accommodation.

For your Chiang Mai trip, I recommend that you stay either within the Old Town or in the popular Nimmanhaemin Road area. This way you’ll be close to all the best cafes where you can get the best breakfast in Chiang Mai!

If you’re in a rush, here are my top recommendations for different budgets.

The beautiful pool at El Barrio Lanna

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