13 Best Cafes in Ubud You Have To Try

Ubud has long been Bali’s hippie hideout, attracting free spirits and digital nomads with its lush green rice terraces, endless rolling hills, and, most importantly, trendy cafes.

Since the hillside town has seen a massive influx of expats and digital nomads relocate there over the years, lots of chic cafes have been popping up to cater to their needs. With so many options, choosing where to have your next brew is no easy feat!

To put your mind at ease, we have put together a list of the best cafes in Ubud with a variety of options, from cute coffeehouses with fantastic workstations and high-speed WiFi to local haunts where the arabica is the main focus.

Keep reading to discover our top picks of the best breakfast places and trendy cafes in Ubud!

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Best Cafes in Ubud You Can’t Miss

1. Lazy Cats Cafe

Location on Google Maps: Lazy Cats Cafe
Instagram: @lazycatscafe

Starting off my list of cafes in Ubud strong with the adorable Lazy Cats Cafe. Out of sight in the town’s center, this java house acts not only as a cafe but also as a restaurant, bar, and gallery. 

Modeled by the great German architect Alexis Dornier, Lazy Cats Cafe’s interior blends antique-style furnishings with modern touches such as hanging bulbs and colorful, cozy seating.

The coffee at Lazy Cats Cafe is absolutely delicious; they serve a nice selection, including strong Americanos, milky lattes, and cold brews in case you need to cool down from the humidity. 

Every dish offered at Lazy Cats Cafe is vegetarian and made with local ingredients, so if you’re a bit of a carnivore, maybe you should hold off until the next option unless you’re sticking to coffee. You have to order something from their tapas menu; you get to choose three items, and they taste sensational.

2. Milk & Madu Ubud

Location on Google Maps: Milk & Madu Ubud
Website: https://www.milkandmadu.com/
Instagram: @milkandmadu

A list of the best Ubud cafes wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Milk & Madu. Located in the center of town around the corner from Ubud Palace, this spot is devoted to keeping the people of Ubud caffeinated and their hunger satisfied.

Milk & Madu is notorious for serving the best breakfast in Ubud; you’ll have a chance to try their Big Brekky with eight different bites, including hashbrowns, bacon, sourdough, and more. Or if you’d prefer to stick to fruit, the Super Brekky Bowl comes with tropical fruits, quinoa granola, and a few other surprises.

Set the tone for the day with one of Milk & Madu’s aromatic coffee options. The Standard Coffee List features all the classics like espressos, flat whites, and decafs.

In comparison, the Fun Flavored Coffee Section gravitates towards those with a sweet tooth, from caramel frappuccinos to iced vanilla macchiatos.

The building Milk & Madu is set in replicates a huge greenhouse, split up into two sections inside and outside. While the cafe does have a decent amount of seating, it can get busy there, especially on the weekend, so if you arrive during the busy hours, you might have to wait for a seat to become available.

3. Watercress Ubud

Location on Google Maps: Watercress Ubud
Website: https://www.watercressbali.com/
Instagram: @watercressbali

A long-standing brunch spot located alongside the famous Ubud Monkey Forest, Watercress was ahead of its time and became a much-loved eatery long before Ubud’s buzzing cafe culture really took off. In business since 2012, I can assure you that you won’t be let down with a stop at Watercress.

Though Watercress boasts an impressive menu filled with toasted sandwiches, superfood bowls, and nourishing soups, the cafe is especially known for its Benny Brunch, consisting of eggs benedict with your choice of side, fresh juice, coffee, and a chia pudding to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You can even upgrade your Benny Brunch to include a refreshing cocktail or glass of prosecco. Trust me, it’s worth it!

The drinks menu is just as desirable, with everything from protein smoothies and fresh-pressed juices to tasty coffee with your preferred milk and hot or iced teas available.

What sets Watercress apart from other cafes is their eveningtime offerings. Not only do they serve up craft cocktails during happy hour each day from 5 pm to 7 pm, they also have live music every Wednesday and Friday between 6 pm and 9 pm.

4. Seniman Coffee

Location on Google Maps: Seniman Coffee
Website: https://www.senimancoffee.com/
Instagram: @senimancoffee

Ubud’s go-to destination for specialty coffee, Seniman Cafe, is conveniently located just a five-minute walk from Ubud Palace.

It’s quickly establishing itself as one of Indonesia’s top boutique coffee producers, and its beans are sourced less than an hour away at the Tabanan and Kintamani plantations. 

Featuring retro decor and unique plastic seating refurbished into rocking chairs, Seniman Cafe is a laid-back spot for locals, travelers, and digital nomads to hang out and sample the famous coffee. It’s the kind of place you’ll find yourself spending hours in.

While all the classic coffees are available as single or double servings, you’ll find a revolving selection of single-origin espressos and brews on the board in-store.

Specialty drinks are also available for curious coffee drinkers looking for something a little more unique. The cold brew with orange juice was hands down our favorite!

Naturally, the coffee here steals the show, but don’t skip out on their appetizing food, a tasty mix of sweet and savory breakfast options, fresh pastries, and local fare. Come hungry, as they don’t hold back on portion size!

5. Anomali Coffee Ubud

Location on Google Maps: Anomali Coffee Ubud
Instagram: @anomali.bali

Sitting along the main thoroughfare that runs through the center of Ubud, Anomali Cafe is always packed with passers-by who are searching for a solid cup of joe.

Anomali Cafe differs from your typical Ubud cafe thanks to its grey-bricked exterior and modest decor. Think rustic wooden furniture, cool grey walls, and barrels repurposed as tables and chairs. 

Despite the low-key decoration, in true Balinese fashion, the food is always delectable and beautifully presented, with a menu consisting of favorites like avocado toast, fluffy pancakes, and truffle scrambled eggs. It wouldn’t be Bali if your food didn’t warrant a photo for your social media accounts, right?

Many patrons will be here for their caffeine fixes and to taste some locally-produced brews. Some of the menu highlights include the pistachio coconut latte and piccolo. If you like what you’ve tried, you can purchase beans in-store and even partake in a coffee-making class.

6. Simply Social

Location on Google Maps: Simply Social
Instagram: @simplysocial.bali

Simply Social regularly tops the list of the best Ubud cafes and has become a popular haunt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find Simply Social in the heart of town, and it dishes out some of the finest fusion meals in the area. 

With its open-plan design and lantern-filled trees, this popular cafe is easy to spot, although it’s also recognizable due to the large crowds of people eating there every day.

Inside, Simply Social is filled with pale wooden furniture that complements the pastel upholstery and brick walls. If you’re lucky, you can even have a seat on their cozy egg chairs!

The extensive menu will leave you struggling to decide what to order, with Asian classics like sushi, Vietnamese spring rolls, poke bowls, and Pad Thai alongside smoothie bowls, tacos, and pizzas. Not to mention their incredible baked treats, which I can personally attest to!

For anyone who still has space in their stomach after polishing their plates, you can pick from their range of hot and iced coffees, including matcha lattes and affogato. Simply Social has a pretty enviable cocktail menu too, with unique craft drinks on offer alongside the timeless reliable.

7. Baba Bistro Ubud

Location on Google Maps: Baba Bistro Ubud
Instagram: @bababistroubud

Another cafe in Ubud to add to your Bali itinerary is Baba Bistro (formerly known as Union Restaurant). A must for travelers craving Mediterranean cuisine with a Middle Eastern touch, Baba Bistro is located in the center of Ubud.

The Mediterranean theme is present in the cafe’s interior, a warm, relaxed space with archways, Roman shades, and wicker chairs. I’m sure you’ll love the upstairs area for watching the world go by while sipping on your coffee (or Bintang!).

Baba Bistro is best known for its hummus, falafel salads, and chicken parmesan, though the menu is also filled with brunch staples, burgers, fresh fish, and, of course, tacos.

Swing by on a Tuesday and munch on some tasty tacos for just 20,000 Rp ($1.3 US) a piece, but be sure to arrive early enough, as Taco Tuesdays here are no secret, and it can get pretty busy.

Go all-out and order one of their classic cocktails, like a pina colada or mojito, or get your energy boost from one of their coffees, smoothies, or kombucha.

8. Zest Ubud

Location on Google Maps: Zest Ubud
Website: https://www.zestubud.com/
Instagram: @zestubud

I’m not kidding when I say that Zest is a haven for veggies and vegans! In fact, the wide-ranging menu here is sure to satisfy meat-eaters too.

Not far from the iconic Campuhan Ridge Walk, Zest is a great place to fuel up before a hike or unwind after all those steps. Either way, be sure to stop by and enjoy some of the best food in Ubud. 

This cafe has an enviable location, with sprawling views over the nearby rice fields that contribute to the tranquil ambiance you’ll notice as soon as you sit down. The interior is as gorgeous as the landscape, with dark wood, muted lighting, and comfy couches in abundance.

Zest’s menu is possibly best described as long-time favorites with a twist, including seaweed waffles and chickpea omelets for breakfast and shiitake BBQ ribs and plant-based Vietnamese pho for lunch. They also have created unique takes on burgers, pizza, and sushi, all handmade from fresh produce.

If you’re just stopping by for a quick refreshment, you’ll love browsing through the drink selection. Personal recommendations include the gingerbread latte and the matchogato, where matcha meets affogato. You’ve got to try it!

9. Acai Queen

Location on Google Maps: Acai Queen
Website: https://acaiqueenbar.com/
Instagram: @acaiqueenbar

If you have yet to notice by now, cafes in Ubud and smoothie bowls go hand-in-hand. Countless cafes in town dish out oodles of this colorful, nutritious dish that has become synonymous with the island, but few places specialize in them. Acai Queen just does that!

Right by the Ubud Art Market, Acai Queen is a small cafe characterized by its purple decor and hanging swings. From the street, you might notice customers enjoying their fresh smoothie bowls in adorable wooden pineapple bowls or ordering their acai cups to go.

The acai bowls are the main attraction here, with a range of flavor combinations, including chocolate brownies and tropical variations, but they also have bowls without acai if you prefer to go for different fruits. Alternatively, you can entirely create your own bowl and pick your toppings. 

If dessert is what you’re after, you’ll definitely be tempted by their ice cream bowls, with salted caramel and cookies ‘n cream being just some of the mouthwatering choices.

Get your acai fix in smoothie form if you prefer, and there’s a make-your-own option here too. Also on the menu is their acai-based energy drink, organic coffee, and even fresh coconuts. 

10. Ubud Coffee Roastery

Location on Google Maps: Ubud Coffee Roastery
Instagram: @ubudcoffeeroastery

Calling all coffee enthusiasts! Tucked away not far from the Monkey Forest is Ubud Coffee Roastery, one of the top cafes in Ubud for premium coffee. You’ll not often find this place empty, and as soon as you indulge in their coffee, you’ll see why.

Six single-origin offerings are available here, all of which are sourced from Indonesian plantations. Take your pick from hot, iced, and drip varieties, with a range of teas available if coffee isn’t your thing. If it is your thing, it’s worth asking the staff for their recommendations, as they are experts on all things coffee.

While Ubud Coffee Roastery is a no-frills setup selling straight-up brews, they also serve baked treats, donuts, and pastries if you’re feeling peckish. 

The vibe here is very chill and provides an escape from the often crowded streets of Ubud, where you’ll find people working on their laptops, thanks to the reliable WiFi, or taking a break from the Balinese sunshine.

11. Clear Cafe

Location on Google Maps: Clear Cafe Ubud
Website: https://clearcafebali.com/
Instagram: @clearcafeubud

A short walk from Ubud Palace, Clear Cafe is an oasis in the middle of Ubud. Though we all know Ubud as a place of healing and reconnecting with our surroundings, sometimes the bustling streets don’t feel so relaxing! Take a break from it all at Clear Cafe and tuck into some of the hearty dishes on the menu.

You’ll get a sense of this peaceful cafe as soon as you walk inside, where you’ll be asked to remove your shoes and place them in one of the reusable bags provided. The twisted bamboo pillars, fish-filled ponds, and low-rise tables make this cafe stand out.

Clear Cafe focuses on ensuring they get the best local ingredients, and their menu even features a map that shows the different regions on the island where they get their supplies.

The dizzying menu will have your mouth watering; choosing between the breakfast burrito, old-school pancakes, and the Californian omelet is no easy feat! That’s before looking at their massive array of dinner options, which includes everything from Indian curries and shrimp pasta to traditional nasi campur. 

Some of the favorites from the drinks menu are the mint lattes and the rejuvenating, infused waters. However, they also offer an unmatched selection of elixirs, healthy juices, nutrient-packed concoctions, and thick milkshakes. 

12. Mudra Cafe

Location on Google Maps: Mudra Cafe
Website: https://mudracafe.com/
Instagram: @mudracafe

The pretty Mudra Cafe is a perfect example of what springs to mind when you think of the best cafes in Ubud. Quaint surroundings, laid-back vibes, and colorful plates of food make for a quintessential Ubud eatery. Mudra Cafe lies just a short walk from the main street and is easy to reach.

Having recently moved to a new location just 20 meters from the original restaurant, Mudra’s contemporary decor combines the iconic Balinese bamboo architecture with modern finishings. The large windows and partially open seating area give it a light, relaxed vibe. 

Mudra prepares a fabulous mix of dishes for all diets and preferences. Expect meticulously decorated smoothie bowls that look too good to eat, multicolored poke bowls, drool-worthy banana leaf curries, and must-try seaweed tacos.  

We can’t forget about their dreamy drinks, which are equally as tasty and Instagram-worthy as the food. Salted caramel latte bombs or ube lattes are the order of the day here, while boba, juices, and sparking drinks are all also available.

13. Monsieur Spoon Ubud

Location on Google Maps: Monsieur Spoon Ubud
Website: https://www.monsieurspoon.com/
Instagram: @monsieurspoon

One of the best-known cafe chains in Bali, Monsieur Spoon, was actually founded by two cousins from Paris, so it’s no wonder why this French bakery has become one of the steadfast spots in Ubud’s cafe scene for some time now.

Despite the French influence, Monsieur Spoon manages to blend into the Balinese way of life. 

A stone’s throw from the Monkey Forest, Monsieur Spoon keeps the interior classic, with vivid green plants in every corner, minimalistic stone tables and benches, and dainty fairy lights that come alight after dark. 

No prizes for guessing that Monsieur Spoon serves up a plethora of flaky, delicious pastries, but they also put their own spin on traditional French classics, such as the pistachio black croissant and the black chocolatine.

In addition to this, they also bake a variety of cakes, tarts, eclairs, and fresh bread. The Parisian delights don’t stop there, as steak frites and quiche Lorraine hold a firm spot on the menu. 

High-quality coffee, fresh juices, nutrient-dense smoothies, and even babyccinos feature on the drinks list. It’s easy to see why many consider it the best cafe in Ubud!

Map of the Best Cafes in Ubud

On the below map, you can see all the best cafes in Ubud mentioned in this article with their retrospective number.

Just for clarification, the numbers don’t reflect any ranking order, they are just simply there to make it easier for you to find all the best Ubud cafes on the map!

You can also save this map to your Google Maps app on your phone if you click on the bracket in the upper right corner. Super convenient, right?

Where to Stay in Ubud

Since Ubud is one of the most popular places to visit in Bali, you can find many accommodation options for every budget.

You’ll find a lot of accommodation options situated along Jalan Raya Ubud which is the town’s main street. However, the more luxurious options tend to be located out of Ubud, so keep this in mind. 

Below you can find some of the best hotels to stay in Ubud. If you’re looking for something more special, check out these private pool villas in Ubud, and you can also find some of the best bamboo houses in Bali around the town.

Kamandalu Ubud
Photo credit: Kamandalu Ubud

LUXURY – Kamandalu Ubud

Kamandalu Ubud is one of the most luxurious hotels on the island. Offering stunning views of the Petanu River and the surrounding forest, this place is the best luxury stay in Ubud. The rooms are inspired by traditional Balinese decor and most units feature a daybed and a private pool.

The Udaya Resorts and Spa
Photo credit: The Udaya Resorts and Spa

MID-RANGE – The Udaya Resorts and Spa

This place has a lot to offer with striking views, spacious suites, and fantastic facilities. Guests will benefit from a swimming pool, a spa & wellness center, and a restaurant that serves delicious Indonesian dishes.

Gita Maha Ubud Hotel by Mahaputra
Photo credit: Gita Maha Ubud Hotel by Mahaputra

BUDGET – Gita Maha Ubud Hotel by Mahaputra

Ubud is full of budget-friendly accommodation options but not many are as beautiful as this place! Gita Maha Ubud Hotel is situated just a 5-minute drive from the Royal Palace and offers an outdoor swimming pool and an on-site restaurant. Each room at this hotel is incredibly spacious too, and many of them feature a private balcony.

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